Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Nadine Little Garden

Gardening has been my passion since we moved in to our own house few years ago. I've started a mini garden at the backyard previously but often it's being vandalized either by stray cats, snails (i hate them the most!) and bugs.

I've tried to re-plant 5- 6 times afterwards and tried hard to maintain the mini garden but it was tiring and sometimes, frustrating. Also, I was caught in one of the toughest project (work-wise) for 1.5 years which I spent sleepless night and weekends at the office that I don't have time at all to maintain the garden.

So at last, I decided to plant the easiest plants at the backyard and started micro-planting few plants in the small pots and see first if I managed to grow them well before transporting it to bigger pots or on the ground. FYI, I love to grow plants from scratch i.e from the seeds instead of  "anak pokok" as it trains me to be patience, to be perseverance  and appreciative. The satisfaction of successfully harvesting the flowers/leaves/fruits from these plants are priceless!!

Just like what I am currently feeling about our lettuce plants; the latest edition of my little garden. Falisya helped me to plants the seeds last December, and now we already started to harvest the 2nd batch of the lettuce leaves. #majorlove

The butterfly blue-pea plants at the backyard also started to bloom it's flowers, about 15-20 per day. It was lovely, and a friend even told me it looks like the secret flower garden of Wakanda (if you watched Black Panther, you'll understand :D). I took the opportunity to dried it and keep it in a container so that I can use it as tea/juice/food coloring :)


Friday, February 23, 2018

My Childhood Girlfriends

I am a KL-born, and during my early childhood I grew up in Selayang, Selangor before we moved to Gombak, Selangor when I was 4 years old. I always addressed myself as "Gombak girl". (Paling bangga masa zaman iklan "Kasut Gombak" tu, u olls! LOL!)

I attended a Chinese Kindergarten when I was 5-6 years old, and my first best friend was Chinese girl named Ti Cai Ling (I wonder where she is now...). It was during primary 1 that I have a group of girlfriends and it started with the 3 of us; Zarina (Ina), Zahirah (Ira) and myself (yeah, I'm the odd one! :P). I am not sure what made us closer in the first place, but one common thing that we have was that the three of us lives in the same phase of our housing area. "Budak Fasa 2" they called us :)

Eventually, we learnt that our houses also is not very far to each other. Ina's parents and my parents are neighbors and we also have the same hometown (how cool is that?!) and eventually we got to know Ira's parents as well. After school, with these two I often spent my time at the playground or playdates at our houses. We attended the same Quran class with Ustaz Hassan and me and Ina would cycled to an Indian teacher's house in Phase 2 itself for tuition classes. It was fun but sometimes it was scary whenever we bumped into stray dogs which sometimes do chased us!! >.<

It was in Primary 2 that Wan Mardiana (Wan), a new girl from East Coast joined our class (Standard 2M) and Wan's mother happened to work in the same office as my mom. Although Wan lives in another phase of our housing area, but as our mom car-pooling to work everyday, we became close. Automatically, there were 4 us; the girlfriends. Ecewah! :D

We maintained to be in the same class until Primary 5. In Primary 6, I was transferred to a special class, which consist of top 3 students from all primary 5 classes. Sort of "kelas harapan" for UPSR. Being someone who was introvert and shy, I found myself being awkward with these new sets of friends. Whenever I have the chances, I will hang out with the next door class instead, where my Primary 1 to Primary 5 friends were in. At times, I also planned my duty roster to take care of Standard 6G just to be close to my friends; the perks of being the Assistant Head Student of my primary school..hihi! Me and my 3 girls here were un-separable :)

Although we went to different directions came secondary school, we did catch-up once a while, especially during school holidays. Playground and night markets were our meeting places. Time flew, from secondary to university years, from singlehood to marriage life and eventually motherhood. Alhamdulillah, we still keep in touch till today although only my parents were the ones who still lives in the same house all these years; all thanks to social medias, smartphones and internet!.

and this year, we celebrated 30 years of friendship. 30 YEARS!! :)

Love all of you ladies to bits, Ina, Ira & Wan! 

 From left: Wan, Ina, myself and Ira (2018)

 *will post our childhood photo here once I found them..hehe*

p/s: There you go, Ira! A special post about you all. Ada orang complaint that I never blogged about them before. Oh yes, she's one of my avid reader :)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

[Recipe] : Daging Goreng Berlado - Fried Chili Beef


- Beef Sirloin, thinly sliced.
- Turmeric powder
- Salt

(Marinate the beef slices with turmeric powder and salt. Set aside).

- 3-4 red chili
- 3cloves of garlic
- 3-4 shallots
- 1 tb spoon of calamansi juice (limau kasturi) 
- salt
- cooking oil

Method : 

Heat the oil and stir fry the marinated beef slices until crispy. Set aside.
Red chili, garlic, and shallots are mashed (tumbuk kasar) to make a sambal paste. Avoid to blend as the texture and taste wont be the same. 

In a pan, heat the oil, fry the sambal paste. Add in salt and calamansi juice. Once the chili is crispy add in the beef. Stir a little bit and it's ready to be served!


Sunday, January 28, 2018

10 years in E///

28th January

Today, 10 years ago I made a big decision in my life, career-wise when I decided to move from working in a telco provider to the vendor instead. For those who works in this line understand how tough to work as a vendor as compared to being the customer (Remember the phrase, "customer always right? hehe..)

Tough, as instead of having the same role for a year or maybe longer, I willl be having different roles in a year, depending on the projects assigned to me. Tough, as I also need to keep updating myself with the latest technology every now and then. Tough, as I have to learn to handle and please the demanding customers. Tough, as an overall as I am in nature is an introvert.

Alhamdulillah, 10 years have passed and I am still surviving till this very moment. I have not regretted the decision I made when I decided to left M*****. Looking back to the past, I am quite surprised how I have evolved personally, especially on the introvert part. I still remembered, when I first started working in M*****, my ex-boss was satisfied with my work as he said I was hardworking and cached up things very fast (I got a departmental award in less than a year after I joined the company for my contributions to the Eastern team), but he was not happy that I was "very quiet". He even asked me to prepare a daily journal of what did I do and to whom I liaise with, until he satisfied that I have been socializing enough in the office. To that extend ok..ahahaha. I think he would be quite surprised if he ever bumped into me these days... :P When I handed him the resignation letter and told him I will join the vendor, he told me that he has no confidence that I will survive long in that environment. Well, I am happy that proved him wrong :)

Working in E/// has given me more opportunities to learn, involved in multiple work scenarios and working together with people from around the world. I also was able to travel for oversea assignments if I wanted to (but I choose not to with my personal reason). I only travel domestically, being back and forth to Sarawak, as I took care the network in this region since 2015. Personality-wise, I have become less introvert in the office as I need to communicate a lot, internally and externally, managing and coordinating a group of team from different races and technology background. In fact, my current team mates called me "the fierce and assertive Nadia". Haha! Oh well, that is what a lady gotta do when you were the only female working in a group of men, especially  to demand their respect and equality #fliptudung. LOL! #takgarangcumategas :P

Some says, when you stay at an organization too long, it means that you are already in your comfort zone and that's why you chose not to move on to others. Well, I do agree partially with this statement, but I also believe that everyone has their own objectives in life, and their own reason either to stay loyal or to move from an organization. I have known some friends who tend to change the company he worked with, every 2-3 years. I am sure he has a good reason for this :).

As for me, I pray that The Almighty direct me to the path that is best for me. After all, Allah SWT is the Greatest Planner of all. In the meantime, I am enjoying my career here in E/// and I am waiting patiently for the days when I get to be the domestic housewife...the dream job of almost all working mommies out there..hehehe :)

Here's me and my big boss, the country manager of E/// Malaysia & MOAI during the January babies birthday celebration recently 


Friday, January 26, 2018

Breakfast Day @ The Office

Our Social and Sports Club (ESSC) has organized Breakfast Day this morning as the first activity for 2018.

There were variety of foods being served such as nasi lemak, local kuihs (seri muka, lapis, curry puffs and doughnuts), cereals, fresh fruits and sandwiches.

I had nasi lemak, which happened to be my first nasi lemak in 2018. It was nice, although the sambal was a bit spicy for me.

The highlight of this event, would be the freshly ground coffees from Drinka.my. It was my first time of having their ice latte and I love it. FYI, Drinka is available at Tapak Urban Street, Ampang. If you want to taste it... (no, this is not a paid review ya :D)

with my colleagues, while queuing for our coffees!

Thanks ESSC! What a nice get together event to kick start 2018. Looking forward for more events! :)