Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Special Gift for My Followers :)

Dear Lovelifecompletely followers,

I have special gifts waiting for you, all thanks to Sunway Pyramid shopping mall. :)

Excited tak? Excited tak?


Ok, you are entitled to get a goodie bag each (while stocks last), just by flashing this visual below at the LG1, Blue Zone Concierge of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Ain't it easy peasy? So, wait no more! hurry up before they ran out of goodies!!

p.s: goodie bag dia best tau! :D


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Largest Mouthwash Rinsing Event 2015!

"A healthy smile can improves your confidence, help you make friends and help you to succeed in your career"

-Nigel Carter-

Totally agree with him. To smile, and to give a healthy smile especially is important in our daily life. Even our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that a smile is a "sadaqah" (voluntary charity), so smile always peeps! :)

It is not difficult to get a healthy smile. It simply begins with oral care, which includes brushing your teeth and rinse your mouth regularly!

Talking about rinsing your mouth, Malaysia’s No. 1 mouthwash brand; LISTERINE®, in partnership with Malaysian Dental Association will organize the Largest Mouthwash Rinsing Event as an attempt to set a record for Malaysia Book of Records. This event is aimed to spread the awareness on the importance of complete daily oral care routines.

This event is in conjunction with the World Oral Health Day 2015, which is celebrated on 20th March every year :)

The Largest Mouthwash Rinsing Event details are as follows:


Date: Saturday, 21 March 2015
Time: Anytime between 10am to 10pm  
Venue: 1Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing), Highstreet Concourse (Ground Level)


All you have to do is to register and rinse to get a bottle of Listerine, a discount voucher and an exclusive certificate, plus stand a chance to win Johnson & Johnson hampers given throughout the day! 

Be a part of this record-setting attempt and make a stand for good oral health! The World Oral Health Day 2015 roadshow will showcase educational activities for all ages and free dental check-ups, alongside the day-long rinsing event.

Find out more about World Oral Health Day 2015 from the LISTERINE® Malaysia Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ListerineMalaysia and RSVP for the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/745909945517042/

See you there! 



Friday, February 27, 2015

Food For Soul : Rasulullah's (PBUH) Favourite Food


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

From Cyberjaya to Sunway

2015 is a year full of changes for me work-wise, and personal-wise. The two most significant changes would be moving out to our own house that we bought 5 years ago and shifting the office from Cyberjaya to Sunway (for me). :)

We have been informed about the office relocation during our Q3 All Employee Meeting (AEM) last July, if I am not mistaken. Since that, the management has communicated to us about the relocation update monthly via our newsletter on the progress, time to time. By early December 2014, we have started packing and moving from one level to another, until all the levels were completely closed for shifting.

Being located at the highest level in the office (level 3, Wing B), we were the first level to start the packing and moving activities..

The morning of our CD RAN gotong-royong day:
 I got my box, sticker and checklist for packing..

The toughest task during this packing time would be to sort out my documents, which mainly consist of my technical training materials from the GSM technology up to LTE. From my Maxis days till E/// days. A LOT ok! In the end, I had to sit, cross-legged on the floor and started sorting. No way all those documents can fit inside the box provided by the re-locator. T_T

My previous cubicle. Looks empty but actually the 2nd and 3rd compartments were filled with documents!

Finally, after an hour sorting...I was done!
Guess how many kg my box weighing?


By the end of the day, all of us finally settled with packing our personal stuff and we were relocated to Wing A the very next day. Quite sad actually, to leave my workstation which I was comfortable with with a privacy, secluded and having a nice view...

Having my last photo at my workstation...*sobs*

After a week of closure, this was how my floor looks like; the workstation has started being disassembled, and clutters were everywhere. Since most of the things will get rid of, people started to take whatever useful to them too..hihi

Hoarders alert, hoarders alert...

Finally, 16th January 2015 came, and it was our last day of occupant in the Cyberjaya office. It was indeed a sad day for all of E/// staff, to leave the building which has captured all the bittersweet memories, the joy, the laugh, the tears...the failures, the success..

Among our last photo in the office, before they took out the signage..

The last view that I am currently missing...
From my last workstation before we left this building 

On Monday, 19th January 2015 we officially moved to a new building; The Sunway Pinnacle.

Although it is very nearby to my crib (which is approximately 6.3km away), it took me an hour in the morning just to reach the office. The bottleneck would be the traffic and traffic lights in USJ plus the U-turn near Sunway Pyramid. Frankly speaking, I was stressed out at first because previously I have never met any traffic jam on my way to the Cyberjaya and it took me only 30 minutes to reach the office although the distance was 35km! >.<

However, a month has passed and slowly I have adapt with this situation and I took it as a challenge...The good thing was, since all of us are granted the season parking at Sunway Pyramid, I had a good 10 to 15mins walk in the morning, evening and sometimes during lunchtime. Most of the time,  I do power walk, as my work out routine. The Sunway management however did provide us with buggy service, in case we are too lazy to walk or need to rush.

The best thing is, the buildings in Sunway are interconnected with each other either via tunnel or basement park so there's no issue of walking in the hot sun/raining day. I just love to stare at  the beautiful view of Sunway Lagoon each time I passed by the Sunway Tower Hotel...

The following day, we have a simple ceremony to officiate the new office space during our first Fika session of the year. If you are not aware, "Fika session" derives from a concept in Swedish culture with the basic meaning "to drink coffee", often accompanied with pastries or sandwiches. It's like the English is well known for its afternoon English tea, the Swedish is known for it's Fika session...haaaa, gitu. :)

Anyway, first thing first, before we enjoyed our breakfast, we came to registration counter to collect our goodies (yay! :D).

We got Ikea Kussiner storage box personalized with our company logo. Nice!! and that's not all...ok!

The goodies inside the storage box ;)

Actually, it was my first visit to level 22, where the receptionist and the main area are located. Quite impressive I must say. The main platform itself will change it's color from time to time..

Pinkish at first...

Tiffany blue when I stood there..

...and lime green during the official launch of our new office by the Board of Directors and our Country Manager :)

The Fika session was held in our multi-purpose room, which is situated near the pantry..

 I just love the deco at this corner near the multi-purpose room especially the fusion concept. Nice :)

Me and the girls after the makan2 session
"Gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut, senang hati"



Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Final Annual Dinner in the Office

**This is a backdated entry**

Before the office relocated to a new location, we had our last annual dinner in the Cyberjaya office. Since it was THE last party, the committees have put up a huge effort in transforming the office from a workplace into a ballroom. 

That Friday morning (the dinner started in the evening), many of us were shocked and amazed as the lift from the parking lot stopped and opened as it reached the ground floor...some of us did said, "are we in the wrong office??"....cause the office has begun transforming that morning itself...

The first view from the lift as you entered the ground floor...

The transformation of the ground floor on that Friday morning.
For the first time, the whole floor was "wrapped" (berkelubung).. :D

The theme for the annual dinner was "Bling bling Party" so I already foresee that everyone will be wearing anything with bling bling that night. As for me, I just mixed and matched anything related to bling bling from my closet so basically I did not spent any cent that night. 

I wore Jovian Mandagie sequin top with a metallic colored scarf; which both I wore during cousin Fouziah's wedding two years ago and paired it up with a pair of jeans (since the theme is party, to give it a casual look) and a bling bling heels that my hubby bought for me for cousin Nina's wedding :)

With my colleagues and their bling bling outfit ;)

The annual dinner started with the opening speech followed by the official launched of our Big Bash Party by our Country Manager... 

Shortly after that, the first performance started with "Michael Jackson" and a group of "robocop" singing and dancing to the superstar's hit songs.

The HR and Finance team also performed that night with a flash mob performance..

It was fun to see my colleagues showing off their hidden talent, and they looked so happy and enjoyed themselves on the dance floor.. nice! :)

But the highlight of the night for me is none other than winning my first ever lucky draw in my entire working life.....

and to make it sweeter, I won what I've been wishing for that night; the smart tv (thinking it would be a nice housewarming gift for our home)! Only Allah knows how I shivered I was when the announcer announced my lucky number as the 3rd grand prize lucky draw winner. Thank you Todd Ashton for picking up my number!! :)

Alhamdulillah, a nite to remember...definitely ;)