Friday, November 7, 2014

Food For Soul: The Power of Bismillah

Once, long, long ago, there lived a pious man who often spoke about Islam to the people. One day, he was speaking about Bismillah (In the Name of Allah). He told the people that they would get a lot of reward for reading Bismillah before doing anything. 

There was a non-Muslim girl in the crowd. She loved what she was hearing so much, that she became a Muslim. Now, she also had a very good habit. She would say Bismillah before doing anything. It so happened that her father; who was not a Muslim found out that she now believed in one Allah. Oh! You can just imagine how very upset he was! 

You see, he was the King’s Minister and was afraid that people wouldn’t be too happy when they heard about this. In utter despair, her father tried to get rid of her. He went up to his daughter and gave her a ring. Now, this ring was a stamp that was used to seal all the King’s letters. Her father told her to keep the ring until he asked for it. She said Bismillah, took it and put it into her pocket. Later that night her father crept into her room and stole the ring. You’d never believe what he did next! He threw it into a nearby river! He was a very cunning man and his plan was to see what the King would do to his daughter.

Early the next morning, a fisherman arrived at the Minister’s house. He had brought him some fish as a gift. The Minister thanked the fisherman and told his daughter to prepare the fish. So, she read Bismillah and began to clean the fish. Imagine how surprised she was when she saw a ring inside the fish. At supper time, she served the fish to her father. 

Afterwards, he asked her to bring the ring. What did this girl do? Why, of course, she read Bismillah and took it right out of her pocket. It just didn’t make any sense to him at all. He sat down with his head in his hands and told her what he had done with the ring. He anxiously asked her where she had found it. She replied that while preparing the meal, she had found it in the fish’s stomach. Mentioning The name of Allah in your life will protect you from the doings of the Shaitan.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Food For Soul : The Man & The Necklace

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

From today onwards, I would like to share with you inspiring stories from @ponderingmuslim on every Friday, on my "Food For Soul" section. Hope it awaken and incite you to be a better Muslim/Muslimah as much as I hope it will for me, insyaAllah... :)

JazakAllahu Khair to @ponderingmuslim for her kindness. I really appreciate it. May Allah reward your kindness my dear sister. You can also follow her intagram account here.

Ibn Aqeel Rahmatullah alayh was really poor, one day he was doing tawaaf around the kaaba and he spotted a necklace. Being a poor man, he was tempted to take it thinking that he'd be able to provide for himself and no one would even realise it's been taken, but fear of Allah stopped him. But now that he lifted the necklace he felt like he had to find out whom it belonged to. 

After announcing it to the people, a blind man approached saying it belonged to him.. He stopped for a moment and thought, 'the man's blind, i could easily walk away from him with the necklace and he wouldn't realise, he can't even see me so i wouldn't get caught' - But again the fear of Allah stopped him and he returned the necklace and made du'aa that Allah Ta'aala provides for Him.

He then reached a little village called hallaah, the people of the village noticed that a pious man has entered and so approached him saying their Imaam passed away and asked him to lead salaah, so He did, after salaah they asked him if he could be their new Imaam, he had nothing to lose, he'd be getting a place to stay as well as lots of thawaab, so he agreed. 

He settled down in the village and after some time, the people of the village asked him if he was willing to marry the previous Imaams daughter as the Imaam had written it in his will that His daughter be given to a pious man, he accepted and  soon noticed that his wife had on the same necklace that he found during tawaaf, he was really puzzled so questioned her and told her about the situation, she said the necklace was a gift given to her by her father.

Allah accepted both their duaa's, the poor man made du'aa Allah provides for him, and he was provided for in many ways and the father made du'aa at that point that "Oh Allah give my daughter a trustworthy husband like this man, and he was the one who married her"

Do good and good will come to you. -ponderingmuslim-


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Model Wannabe


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Celebrate Your Child Talent with Dugrostar™



Dear readers,

Still remember my blogpost entitled, "Dugrostar™ - The Child Star Search"? If for adults we have the "Akademi Fantasia", Dugrostar™  is the platform for your child to showcase their talent which includes singing, dancing or playing musical instruments and win themselves attractive prizes while boasting up their self-confidence. Who knows it might be a platform for them to polish their talent to become a professional one day!

My dynamic duo who loves to sing and dance.
Errr... Spice Girls who???  Pinkie Pies in da house, yo!! :D
Well, with Dugrostar™ your child can be so much more! 
Parents, lets celebrate his/her talent, shall we?? :)

The last date for participation is this coming 12th October 2014; which means you have another 4 days to submit your entry/entries! So if you are a parent with child aged between three to six years AND six plus to 10 years, wait no more and submit your child's video in either these 3 simple steps!  

i. by uploading a video of your child’s performance at

ii. by visiting select nationwide roadshows where live recordings can be made at the Dugrostar™ Recording Booth; or 

iii. by submitting the completed registration form with a recording of your child’s performance and mailing it to the address found on the registration form. 

If you ask me, within these 4 days the most convenient and fastest way to submit your entry/entries is via step 1.

Let me guide you how k... :)

Firstly, log in to

Click on “Pendaftaran” and then “Borang” as per below:

Fill in form below:

For readers,  key in YOUR Unique Code given in the space highlighted below BEFORE submitting the video under “Fail Video” and press “Hantar".
(the code is: HH0008   so don't forget k!!)

You  will be notified via SMS or email if you or they have successfully uploaded the video submission, within one (1) week.

If you don’t hear from the organizer, please call the Dumex CareLine at 1-800-38-1038.

You can also view or share your/their child’s video on the Dugro website as well once it’s uploaded. Simply click on the Video Gallery tab and share! :) simple!

The best part is,  participation in Dugrostar™ is absolutely free, with no proof of purchase requirement! 

So what are you waiting for mommies/daddies, enrolled your child today and let him/her be a Dugrostar™!!

Oh, by the way....Faiqa & Falisya has been practising. Ehem!

Here's a sneak peak of their performance  :)


Amacam, boleh challenge tak? Hehe :D

Happy submitting your child video, k. All the best!

(and don't forget the special code ya!!)


Friday, October 3, 2014

The Everly Hotel, Putrajaya

We've been invited to spend a 2 days 1 night stay at The Everly Hotel, Putrajaya in early August. This hotel is quite new and it is situated at Precint 1, Putrajaya and it is interconnected with Putrajaya's famous shopping mall; The Alamanda Shopping Centre.

The check-in time was at 3pm and since the hotel is only 30 minutes away from home, we made a move after Zuhr prayers and after having our lunch at home. After a smooth check-in, we went up to the 3rd floor. We stayed in Deluxe room, with king bed and free breakfast for 2. If I am not mistaken, during the promotion period, Deluxe room with breakfast for 2 person only cost you RM206 (including taxes!). Quite cheap, aite? 

Falisya went straight to the daybed as soon as we went into our room. Hihi

Twinnies checking the view at the balcony while Faaz has just tested the king size bed. :P

The Deluxe room is quite spacious. We have a king size bed, a daybed, and a balcony with the view of the Putrajaya lake (and a bit of swimming pool view). The wardrobe is equipped with iron & ironing board, safety box and sajadah for prayer. Well equipped I must say. ;)

The bathroom is decent and equipped with toiletries and standing shower. Please ignore the reflection on the mirror :P

Since we did not have any special itinerary or plan, the 2 days 1 nite stay was spent well at the hotel area, especially in the swimming pool and at the shopping mall. It was a total relaxation in this short excursion. Blessed! :) The kids especially enjoyed their swimming activity and during the 2 days stay, hubby managed to brush up again Faaz's floating and swimming skills. Hurray! Really look forward for the day Faaz Naqi able to swim on his own, without any support. Insyaallah, soon k sayang? :)

Faaz and his swimming instructor :D

The adult swimming pool in Everly Hotel is a long pool with infinity concept. From the pool, we can see the Putrajaya lake view which is quite nice especially during sunset. Since the children pool is quite small, twinnies refused to go there. They too swam inside the adult pool, with the help of the floats of course! Hihi..

Hubby enjoying his long stroke...

Falisya too, practising her swimming skill. So eager this young lady to learn to swim. Good baby! :)

Haaa, yang ini ikut mommy. Agak malas dan lebih suka terapung saja. 
Keh Keh Keh...

That night, we went to Alamanda Shopping Centre for dinner. Since the buildings are interconnected, we decided to walk. We dine in at Manhattan Fish Market that night before bringing the kids to Toys R Us for window shopping and later made a short visit to Aeon supermarket to buy some snacks.


As we entered the hotel's lobby, we decided to spend some time at the lounge. That night, we were entertained by Mr. Kenny Tay who was famous in 70's & 80's with the group Kenny, Remy, Martin (with the hit song "Suratan atau Kebetulan). 

It was a nice show, and when he sang the current hit song "Say Something" by A Great Big World, Falisya jumped in excitement! Haha! Look at her reaction below which I managed to snap! :D

FYI, it's one of Falisya's favourite song and she addressed it as "Kakak Tasya's song" because our niece Tasya has performed this song few times with cousin Faris during our family events. Hihi, cute! :D

The very next morning, we went to the buffet breakfast downstairs. The buffet spread is quite good but the food finished quite fast and they took sometime to replenish it back. Well, people hate to wait you know, especially when it comes to food. Remember, "a hungry man is an angry man" :P

My breakfast... (the first round) :D

Budak tak mandi pegi breakfast. Ahaks! :D

The rest of the day was spent at the swimming pool again before we went up, refreshed ourselves and packed to check out. Saja let the kids enjoyed the swimming activity as much as they can since it was quite sometime we haven't do this activity.

This young lady refused to leave the pool until she shivered in coldness. FYI it was quite windy and gloomy that morning. Pukul 11.30 pun air masih sejuks! Hihi.

Overall, it was a nice stay at the Everly and I would recommend this hotel if you just want to get away from your normal routine and have a time-out/spend some quality time with your loved ones within the Klang Valley area. The price is affordable, the hotel is quite new and complete with facilities (they also have free wifi) and sooo near to a mall (less than 5 mins walk!). If you are bored with malls, you can always go sight-seeing around Putrajaya area itself. 

Sounds quite perfect for a short family getaway, yes? no? :)