Thursday, December 31, 2009

Five Exciting Days

Alhamdulillah, we have safely landed at LCCT last Tuesday after a five-day trip to Langkawi Island, a gift from Papa & Mama for our wedding anniversary...mucho gracias! :) .There were 5 of us. Except for the extreme sunny weather (man, it was extremely hot!), the trip was fantastic.

Langkawi was actually the first honeymoon destination for me and Fadzil right after we got married. We went there the day after my reception and went back two days before his reception. This year, we went to the same destination, but this time we brought along the precious token of our love, Muhammad Faaz Naqi :)

2007: just the two of us :)

2009: the three of us! :)

It was Faaz's first time flying, and alhamdulillah it went well..thanks to dear friends for the traveling tips. It does helped us to be prepared. However, we noticed slight changes in Faaz's behavior. He is now very, very active, and and can be loud at times, usually when he demanded attention from us. We had to really entertained him in order to make him sit still during the 1 hour journey back home. He was a bit restless, and demanded for mobility which was impossible...mencabar jugaklah :P

seafood galore at Restoran Nelayan

our scrumptious meal at Wan Thai...highly recommended ;)

During our stay there, we had fun enjoying the spectacular views of the island, indulging ourselves with the nice white sandy beaches with aqua blue sea water, visiting some of the historical places, enjoying scrumptious seafood (fish only for me, of course :), rejuvenating spa trip and not to forget, a series of shopping. While my in-laws were crazy about kitchenware; dinner sets and cutleries, their daughter in-laws was crazy with the baby doll dresses and maxi dresses! hihi...oh ya, the grandchild also joined the clan. Look what he chose when we were at the chocolate shop. Haha!

part of our shopping spree :D

Faaz did his shopping too! :P

The highlight of this holiday was of course, our baby. We were very happy too see Faaz enjoying himself with outdoor activities and got in touch with mother nature, which we rarely have the chance to do it in KL. (although we have to limit the activities due to the weather...x sampai hati tengok anak teruna saya kepanasan). We also managed to bring Faaz to some places where we visited during our honeymoon. Here are some photos we've taken during the holiday...

Day 1: Upon arriving, pekena Laksa Utara...Mommy's favourite

Langkawi was really sunny. Pinjam sunglasses k Mommy!

Faaz playing with the ball at Pantai Cenang
while his Daddy and Mommy dating..hihihi.

Day 2: touring the historical places + shopping spree at Kuah town

He enjoyed walking

and enjoyed nice scenery while Nana & Nani shopping sakan :D

Day 3: Visiting the Seven Well Waterfall and Telaga Harbour

Faaz dating with Mommy...sibukla Daddy nieh :P

Me, few days after getting my "wifey" tittle..
can't believe after two years...there standing my cute baby at the same spot!!

We were reminiscing the memory we have here...
love, love, love :)

Day 4: Free and easy :)

Faaz was doing his yoga routine :P

Budak bulat yg comot!!

Faaz dah pandai mamam sendiri :)

Day 5: Departed back to KL via Air Asia

Was busy modelling for Uncle Chiang :)

Inside the plane..before landed back in KL

More photos will be uploaded into FB later. Right now, before the 12:00 midnight struck, I must fulfill my resolution of the day..and the last resolution of 2009....which finish up doing the laundry of our dirty clothes!! Huhuuuu...wish me luck!! :P

To friends and dear readers,
Happy New Year 2010! :)

p.s: Mas, as you requested your fridge magnet is with me. Sila datang USJ utk ambil yer :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Last Saturday, my husband celebrated his 28th birthday. 5 years ago on the very same day, I gave him a small blue box wrapped with a ribbon on top and inside, there was a small but fat wooden heart shape in blood red color. I gave my heart to him as a birthday present, a symbolic way of me saying "YES" to be his girlfriend. :)

Usually, we will have a family dinner either at TGIF or Chilli's on his birthday followed by a simple cake cutting ceremony at home. However, this year my in-laws went to Penang for a wedding that weekend, thus leaving only us and my SIL, Reen at home. Sian I decided to do a simple surprise party for him. At first, I was thinking of inviting all his best friends but it ain't easy as two of his best friends are doctors. As you know, doctor's schedule is tight and unpredictable...takut last minute on call, cancel. Finally, after some discussion with Reen, we decided to call all his close cousins instead. The preparation started two weeks prior to his born day from deciding on the menu, surveying for the perfect cake, the guest list and some decorations.

There were some obstacles that I went through just to organize the simple party, and at one time, I felt like quitting...huhu. Few days before the day, Reen told me that she decided to go to Penang as well, with her friend instead...which means, there will be only 3 of us left for the weekend and only me alone to get everything done for the party...huwaaaa! Then,...two of his close cousins went to Penang as well for the wedding and another cousin got some plan on that day..*sigh* But then, my love to him keep it going...peduliks ape nak jadi..the plan has to go on! Lucky Fadzil's eldest cousin Kak Abri and her lovely daughter, Tasya came to the rescue. With their assistance, I managed to make my plan a reality, thanks you guys, mmmmuahs!! :)

his pre-birthday celebration..

from me to him :)

The first celebration actually begins on 17th December. Papa and Mama bought a cake and surprise him that night, two days earlier as they were going to Penang the next day. On his birthday, I woke up early and so did Faaz. I fed him breakfast, played with him for a while and then bathe him before putting him to sleep beside his Daddy who was still sleeping. Excellent. I went to the kitchen and started boiling the spaghetti, made the bolognese gravy and cook Faaz's porridge. As I just finished preparing the tofu for frying later, both of my men woke up. Quickly I hid the food inside the oven and microwave..

I went upstairs and brought English breakfast for the birthday man although it was already at 12 noon..hihi. We then entertained our little angel for almost an hour. As there were not much stuff left inside the fridge, I took it as a reason for not cooking lunch. The actual reason behind it, I need to go out as I already promised Baskin Robin that I pick up the cake at 1.30pm. Hihi..As it was raining, plus Fadzil have not taken his bath yet he said yes when I volunteered to buy food for lunch. Yes!! plan worked! hihi.

Happily I went to Taipan to "tapau" his favourite double cheeseburger from McD before headed to BR, to pick up the cake. When I came back, both of them were playing football at the hall..I was cracking my head on how to bring the cake inside the house fast (as I worried it might melted if I delay) without him noticed...An idea came into my mind. A pail! hihi...yep, I went inside, headed to the back of the house to find an empty pail and went outside again. When he asked me where was I going, I simply said I want to throw the rubbish outside and walked as fast as I can hoping we wouldn't notice that it was not rubbish but empty pail. Quickly, I put the cake inside it and went inside few minutes later...phewww. settled! :)

The precious cake :P

Then, came the second part; an hour before the party was supposed to start. Fadzil was watching Godfather the movie at the hall. Faaz was sleeping. I was upstairs, trying my best to blow the balloon in Reen's room. I totally forgot that my handphone was downstairs. Suddenly, while I was busy filling air inside the third balloon, my hubby came looking for me as my phone rang. I was shocked, but managed to hide the balloon behind my back. I was pretty sure he saw the balloon but he didn't say anything. After giving me the phone, he ran downstairs to continue watching the movie. Pura-pura kah? I asked myself...hmmm. Apparently it was Tasya who called. According to our plan, her brother was supposed to text Fadzil and ask for his assistance with his router and PC. Rafique had sent the sms but there was no reply by Fadzil. I told Fadzil about it and asked him to drop by their house and assist them. He refused, saying he was still in the middle of the movie, plus it was raining so he kinda lazy to go out. I panicked, cracking my head again...macam mana nak halau dia ni..??? huhuhu. After the rain stopped, I asked him to go again. This time, I insisted. Finally he agreed...*phewww*, I was so relieved.

Right after he went out, I heated up the speghetti, fried the tofu and nuggets and cut the fruits. Faaz was awake at this time so I let him sit on a small stool in front of the kitchen's door facing the cat outside. Faaz loves cat and he was so occupied that I was able to do my tasks without interruption...lega :) It was when I wanted to set up the table that Faaz started to "help" me...He was so into the balloons that I was having a tough time to tie them at the edge of the table. I tried to tie but he kept on kicking it...hahaha, it was funny! :) When I placed the food on top of the coffee table, his mouth non-stop saying "mammam" pointing to the food, while standing in front of the sofa...hihi, terliuq ke Faaz? :P At one time, I was busy arranging the plates..and realized Faaz has been so quiet. When I looked, OMG...he was licking the cream from the cake! Nasib kemek sikit je...Faaz, Faaz...I was laughing non stop when I saw him and he did the same thing too! :)) Sabar je la..When everything was settled, I quickly rang Kak Abri so that they can come to our house right away.

My baby licked his finger after touching the icing of the cake..

guilty baby :P

Mommy's little "helper" :)

As soon as Kak Abri, Camelia and Tasya were at our house, I called Fadzil and asked him to come home...

Me: "Assalamualaikum.."
Him: "Wa'alaikumsalam..ha, wassap?"
Me: "Sayang still troubleshooting ke? any luck so far?"
Him:" Yeap..not yet. I dah set..bla,bla,bla...but so far his PS3 still cannot detect the signal."
Me: "Yang, balik kejap boleh?"
Faaz: "Memmey"...hek hek...(wanna grab the phone)
Him: " Nape? I tak settle lagi ni..."
Me: (Thinking...thinking) "Tak, I made something for tea. Pastu I masak terbanyak. Jomla balik makan. Ajakla diaorg skali..kak Abri, Tasya, Rafique. I made speghetti.."
Him: Silence. "Sayang eat first cannot??"
Faaz: "Memmey"...hek hek...(wanna grab the phone)
Me: " Ala...macam mana nak makan sorang2, Faaz is cranky (alasan :P). I dah lapar ni, come la..then you go back there la. Bkn jauh pun"
Him:" Kak Abri & Tasya went out oredi. Tinggal me and Rafique jer."
Me: "Oh ye ke...takpela, then you bawak him lah. Rafique sure lapar hujan2 nie. Balik eh?"
Him: "Hmmm, klah. CU"
"Me: (grinning) "!"

I told the girls to get into the position and bring out the cake from the freezer. After few minutes, still no sign of them. I called my hub again, he said, he's coming. We waited again. The cake started to melt...aiseh! Finally we decided to put the cake back inside the freezer before the whole thing melted. As I was just closing the freezer door, they came back. Rushingly, we took our positions and as the doors open,


as he entered the main hall...

can't believe his wife was the culprit :P

He's excited, me happy..Faaz monyok sbb tak dapat2 mamam cake! :))

A loud scream by the girls and a puzzled baby. Haha! My hubby was stunned,and then smiled. Happy. I was happy too that I managed to surprised him...mission accomplished! yay! :)

Post-birthday celebration..
although it was plain choc cake, it's still nyummy tau!

Anyway, En. Fadzil is very lucky this year. When we came back to my mom's place, mak surprised him with a chocolate cake. Actually, it was a surprised for her too. She was just about to decorate the cake when we arrived..haha, tak, Fadzil cut a plain chocolate cake instead :)

p.s: credit to tasya for some of the photos here :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Celebration of Love

Last Tuesday was our wedding anniversary. I didn't plan anything special for my other half...just planned to give him a wakeup kiss in the morning + wish him, and later followed by a card + some cuppies when I come back from work. I didn't expect much from him either, just a wish and a kiss will do since we will be enjoying our anniversary holiday, a gift from my PIL soon.

I've done the wishing and kissing part, and so did him. Sangat-sangat happy!! :) He left a reminder on my dressing table to be back home as early as I can. Hmm, sounds fishy...(dalam hati: "yay!":). With confidence, I ironed 2 sets of clothing before I went to work that day, just in case I was late if he wants to take me out for dinner (perasan sungguh :P). That day, I was doing my work as fast as I can and ensured that there was no backlog after 3.30pm..I even have the nerve to turn down my bos' request to update my CV by the end of the day (for an upcoming project). Luckily, he was so understanding when I told him I have to go back early that day cause it's my wedding anniversary...phewww. But things didn't go that well. By 5pm, when I was just about to shut down my lappie, I received an email from our Vietnamese customer, request for some assistance...urghhh! I was stuck in the office until 6pm. Felt so bad when Fadzil called me from home and asking me when I will be able to come home..huhu, sedey :(

It was raining heavily that evening so the traffic was bad. I ended up reaching home at 7pm. As anticipated, he wanna take me out for dinner. Rushingly, I dressed up Faaz before getting ready as fast as I can. Mama did offer to take care of little Faaz so that we can spend the night just the two of us but my motherly instict just not ready for it yet...perhaps one day, when he is big enough I guess. We went out right after Maghrib prayer. It was still raining heavily and apparently some major roads in KL were closed due to an event that night, a marching band competition or something like that, I was not sure. Lucky too Fadzil said he made the reservation at 9pm so that we would have 1 hour time to reach the destination. Bijak, bijak..hihi.

At first, I was puzzled of where we will be having our dinner because we were heading towards Cheras and then Hulu Langat. Even at one time, we passed a bit rural area, and I was thinking where will be this place that this guy is taking me and our baby to. He kept on being secretive about the location everytime I asked so finally I surrendered. Ok, fine! :P. It was then when we passed by a junction that lead us to a pretty high
hilly road where I saw mist everywhere that I finally have a clue. It reminded me somehow of Menara Tinjau Ampang-Hulu Langat and my heart jumped with excitement! I was pretty sure it's Bread & Olives!! ;)

I knew about B&O from a food review blog that I read 2 months ago and told him it will be romantic if both of us can dine in there one day with our table facing the spectacular night view of KL city. I was pretty jelous of him a week ago when his office organised the year end dinner at B&O, the place I dreamt to go with him. Felt so unfair when he went there first instead :P Luckily, that night was my turn. :)

When we arrived, it was still raining. But the view from our table was still spectacular as I've seen in the photos. Nicer actually. Subhanallah, I was amazed :)

night view from our table...isn't it beautiful?

We decided to have mushroom soups as the appetizer as it was kinda cold there. It was so-so. Somehow the mushroom taste weird to me. We were supposed to have a candle light dinner that night but the candles didn't last long. We have to blow it as Faaz was trying to grab it few times. Hihihi..

As B&O are serving Mediterranean cuisine, I tried their Shish Tawook while hubby was playing safe when he ordered their Chicken Baryani. Both were delicious and recommended by us..nyum, nyum. As for the dessert, we ordered the banana split, Fadzil's favourite.

Faaz was behaving quite well that night and the crowd was small, probably due to the weather plus it was a working day. A quiet dinner with loved ones, eating delicious meals and a spectacular view. It was romantic...

We went back home via Ampang so we saw nice night scenary as we went down the hill towards KL city. When we reached home, we continued with a movie date (at home jer :P), just the two of us as Faaz was already sleeping. Oh ya, I managed to gave him the card n we both enjoyed the cuppies while watching the movie. Thank you, made my day. *smooch* :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

When Faaz Visited Dina

Remember this post back then in June? That was the first time Faaz meet his friend Dina. Recently, Dina fell ill and was admitted to the hospital for a week (you can read about it more from Ibu Dina's blog). Poor lil baby...

As Mommy and Daddy Faaz was so busy throughout the whole week, we decided to pay them a visit last Saturday. At first, we wanted to go to the hospital later that afternoon. However, they were discharged by noon so we decided to go to their house instead.

Before that, we went to our favourite hangout place, SP for lunch. After filling our stomach with Daddy's favourite food (pizza), we went to Toys R Us...Faaz favourite store..hihi. Faaz wanted to get something for little Dina. Funny when we asked him what to get for Dina, he choose a toy for himself, instead...a car! :P

Later, I took him to the soft toys section and asked him to pick one for Dina. This was what Faaz got for her. Cute tak? Hopefully little Dina likes it :)

When we arrived, Dina was sleeping. She finally woke up few minutes later..maybe due to our noise..huhu sorry Dina. She was scared at first, probably trauma after a week being injected, etc. Auntie can understand Dina, (sebab auntie takut masuk hospital sebenarnya..huhu) cian dia..After a series of warming up, Dina started to be friendly to me and Faaz, but not with Daddy Faaz...hihi. Maybe because Mr. hubby was so busy chatting with Faisal, thus less warmed up made her a bit awkward. Hihi..

While waiting for Uncle Faisal to open the door :)

Dina was scared at first..poor baby

But then can laugh with auntie! So glad you are recovering very well :)

and played with Faaz :)

Why I said that she was not friendly with my hubby? Look at this video, which was taken by Fadzil. At first, she stared at him sharply...and towards the end, when she saw him filming this, she cried. Hihihi...

On the other note, I was impressed with Nurul for her perseverance and being strong in taking care of Dina in the hospital alone for the first two days...good job. I am sure Dina & and her ayah are so proud of you :) FYI, Faisal was away in Manila during that time and quickly rushed back home upon receiving the news. To Dina, Auntie pray for your healthiness..always. Amin :)

p.s: After what has happened, I was thinking of Rotavirus vaccine for Faaz, maybe I should consider it, just to be on the safe side...