Friday, May 29, 2009

I wish...

I wished I can have one of those...

Kate Spade's


Ralph Lauren Polo's

Tommy Hilfiger's


perhaps in my dreams i will! hihihi.... ;))

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Incident This Morning

This morning, when I switched on my secondary phone (for my part time business purposes), I received an sms from a customer whom I posted her items yesterday. I thought it was a normal sms saying that the item has been received...but it was NOT. I'm so shocked when I read her sms that Pos Malaysia has called her and informed that her parcel was being torn and all the things inside was scattered in the post bag! OMG, how can that be?! All these while I've been sending almost 30 parcels but nothing had happened...The thing is, I already wrapped all her items inside a box, then I put the box inside a big envelope (just a precautions so that the box will not be wet if it's rain) tp lain pula jadinya :(

I was so worried that I called her instantly. She calmly said that nothing to be worried as the postman has just delivered her the items. I asked her what about the conditions? are they being broken? did the VS paper bag been torn? She said all are in good condition and I need not to be worried. She added that it was not my mistake, even thanked me for the fast delivery and would love to order more item...*sigh*...I'm so lucky to meet a very calmed and understanding customer as Hana (I yg panik n geram lelebih..huhu). Thank you so much dear for being so understanding and considerate, I'm truly sorry of what has happened.

It was my 1st visit to this particular post office to post my parcels and look what damaged they made :( I'm sure something went wrong's either they throw my parcel instead put it nicely into the postage bag or maybe curiosity leads to opening my parcel. me, it's kinda weird considering the fact that:
1. I have put the things inside a BOX , + wrapped it with an envelope but still it was easily torn...where was the box then???!
2. Pos Laju did not called me at all to inform this incident!

Well, the damaged has been done and lesson more going to ****** Post Office to post my parcel! :( will go to either Cyberjaya's or SS15 only...
My dear customers, I also promise that I will be extra careful in doing the packaging next time...just to be on the safe side....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What I Miss the Most...

This is what I miss the most when I go to work everyday.....

playing with my lil angel... :)

That is why I am soooooo looking forward to 2nd,3rd & 4th of June. Papa will be away for outstation and will bring Mama along...which means, I will be a housewife for 3 days!! yay! (not really a housewife actually as I will be working from home on that 3 days :p). Owh, I've already thinking of what games should I play with my baby, what will I cook for Mr Hubby...and "try" my best to schedule/organize the 3 important things; the house chores + the baby + the GSM RAN initial tuning report.

I know, I know...the execution is not as easy as the planning, but hey we Capricornian are very determine and ambitious ok! :) insyaAllah...with God's will, I can do it...

Tick tock, tick tock... I can't wait! :)

Words to Ponder

Sorrow keeps you human
Failures keeps you humble
Success keeps you glowing

Only God keeps you going...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Wedding: Kak Erni's

Last Sunday we attended Kak Erni's wedding @ Putrajaya. The theme was blue and the pelamin reminded us on ours, somehow got some the way, me and Kak Erni shares the same favourite colour... :)

Kak Erni's pelamin...


Got this chance to meet Noreen & Kak Sally (last time I met her I was 4months preggy). Kak Sally's kids, as usual were so quite. Aleeya, Noreen's eldest daughter as usual was cheerful and jovial. Baby Zahra was quite too but so fond of Faaz. Suka baby :)
Faaz was not as cheerful as always that afternoon as he was sleepy. Luckily he didn't "hek hek"...just being quite and made himself busy with his toys or looking around. Good boy, Faaz ! :)

Faaz busy playing with his bouncy bee with Daddy :)

Faaz was trying to be friendly to Johan...but Johan pandang lain...malu! :)

Us with the lovely bride :)

The weather was so hot that on the way back home (it was really a Sun-Day ;p) so we decided to stop by at Taipan and have my favorite ice-blended @ Starbucks to quench our thirst. Thanks Sayang for the treat...*smooch* :) Faaz on the other hand was still sleeping safe n sound...he must be too tired to bother on the hot weather...hihi.

To the bride and groom, may u live a wonderful, blessed life together...and may your love remains till eternity...amin. :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Answer to My Riddle :)

Hi All, Here is the answer to my riddle from my previous 2 post... :) Actually, it took me a nite to solve this riddle before I went to the 2nd session of the training (the next day) and presented the answer to the rest of the class (thank God I got it right...if not sure tebal muka :p)

Remember the clue that I gave? (check your assumption). From there I found the answer. I think most of you (and me, at 1st...) made assumption that the window is in square shape. :) Its wrong! The window was actually in the shape of robust. That's why minimum light entered the house...but when the new owner cut each corner of the window (the one highlighted in chocolate in the pic), max lights goes into the house. However, the dimension maintained the same as the radius of both robust and square are the same! :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby Neck Float

I wanna get this for my baby...

so far I can find it only @ online anyone knows any baby store that sell this?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Riddle For You

I'm currently attending a 2 days soft-skill training entitled : Leading Self Performance for Effective Performance. It is a very interesting training and the consultant, Mr Thangaraj has done a good job in delivered the course effectively. I loved the way he explains things by telling us inspiring stories of people then made us think about the underlying message that he wants to deliver to us. Basically, in order to lead self performance for effectiveness we have to apply the famous Stephen R. Covey's 7 habits into our daily life. :)

Anyway, I would like to share a riddle from my class...

There's a small wooden house with one bedroom and a window. The new owner was not happy with the window as there was not enough light coming in the house through the window. He decided to cut the window. Before that, he measured the window, its 2ft height and 2ft width. After cutting the window, he was satisfied that more lights coming in the house. However, when he measured again the window, the dimension are still the same, 2ft height and 2ft width. How can this happened?

Anyone knows the answer? :)

p/s: a clue...check your assumption. Good luck peeps! ;)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Faaz's swimming lesson

While we were in Penang, we took the chance to bring Faaz for swimming lessons at the pool. The coach was no other than Daddy Faaz himself :) Mommy Faaz? Berendam bolehla...hihihi. During the 1st session on the 1st day, Nana, Nani, Daddy n Mommy were so excited to see Faaz in action with the Float until we forgot to take it easy on Faaz who has never been into cold water. As a result, the minute Daddy bring Faaz inside float in the swimming pool, Faaz started to "mencebik" followed by "uwaaaa!" poor my baby..

As fast as the lightning, Daddy took Faaz out of the float. The funny part is, the minute he was out of the float, he smiled widely...and so relaxed in the water. Hihi..kelakar la Faaz nie, bikin kami gabra jer :p After a while playing with him in the water, my hubby tried to put him inside the float; 2nd attempt... Faaz was quite "cuak", but managed to sit inside the float..the minute he started to "hek" "hek", all of us became panicked again. Nana n Nani bz calling2 his name, trying their best to make him laugh...and when Mommy offered the pacifier, terus dia ok balik...hihi...

"funnyla u Faaz, how come want to swim while sucking the pacifier??" I said to him but he kept on sucking the pacifier while looking at me innocently...hihi, cute! :) I think somehow it made him calmed and confident. After a minute, I managed to take off the pacifier...alhamdulillah, he started to enjoy himself...then, tak sampai 5 minutes came in a boy (aroud 7-8years old) into the pool and splashing water, terkena plak my lil hero's face.

Ape lg, "uwaaaaa!" lg la Muhammad Faaz Naqi..hihihi..poor my baby, tp kelakar pun ade, see la the pic! (Daddy Faaz x sempat nk happened soo fast) :D
We then decided to call it a day for Faaz before he ended up being phobia with water...kasi chance Daddy Faaz lak swim ;)

During the 2nd session on the next day, it was Mommy's turned to pursuade Faaz and build his confidence inside the pool. Learned from the previous mistake, I slowly carried Faaz inside the pool while talking to him..starting with the feet, in and out..followed by the body. Faaz seems scared at 1st, one hand held my hijab firmly and the other held my shoulder firmly (mencengkam sbnarnye, ok...) so I had to slow talked to him, convinced and comforting him that it's ok, he's safe, mommy's here..etc. It is quite important for babies to be calm in water so that it's easier for their body to adapt and balance with the cold water's temperature.

When I saw that he's confident enough, slowly I put him inside the float...but this time, with my hand still held him...he was a bit scared, but didn't cry (yay!). I then continued convincing him while his grandparents cheered him up from the pool side...slowly, i removed my hand from his float. He begun to enjoy himself. His feet begun to paddle...(owh, those cute lil feet, guwam Mommy! :)

aaaaand, finally smiled away...bravo Faaz! Mommy so proud of u! :) The training shall be continued again on weekends at the club house. InsyaAllah, hopefully he can be a good swimmer one day...just like his Daddy :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Gataway - Penang

We went to Penang Island for 3days 2 nite last weekend. It was an unplanned vacation for us. My FIL told us that he wanted to have a short vacation in Penang and invited us to join them few days before departure. Since me and hubby didn't have any plans for the weekend, and our baby never been to the beach before, we finally decided to tag along 2 days before going. Lucky our bosses approved our leave within short notices..hihihi.

We left Subang Jaya 7am in the morning and managed to arrive @ Penang Bridge at 11.30am. The weather was nice...sunny and windy. We went to the hotel for check-in, put our things and have some rest before going out for lunch @ town. Baby Faaz, as usual...smiled widely the minute we put him onto the bed (suka sgt duk hotel budak kecik ini :) ). The hotel room is quite spacious, consist of a living room, dining area, a small kitchen and of course, a bedroom. The scenary from the balcony was it! :)

After filling our tummy with the nyummylicious Nasi Kandar, we went to Gurney Plaza. Faaz's Nana n Nani (grandpa n grandma) wanted to do some shopping for their grandson. They bought some toys, a pair of jeans, pyjamas and a nice float for our baby at Parkson. Meanwhile, mommy and daddy bought a cute full piece baby swimwear for Faaz :) (Not many choices for babies compared in KL but what to do, its an unplanned vacation...x sempat nk shopping before we went to Penang). We also grabbed some snacks and drinks @ Cold Storage before heading back to the hotel.

We spent the evening "lepaking" and relaxing at the beach (n of course snapping some pixies...hihi) before we brought Faaz to the swimming pool for swimming lesson with his daddy. Owh, it was really fun to see my baby's reaction in the pool! Takut ade, cuak ade, suka ade, confuse pun ade....hihihihi. Will tell u more bout it in the next entry :)

That night, we had our dinner at a very cozy place, just opposite our hotel. I had garlic naan with tandoori chicken...nyum! Then, we headed to Batu Feringhi for night shopping...weeee! hihi...There were a long stretch of small shops along the road at the night market...reminded me of Petaling Street. It's a famous spot for tourist to shop for souvenirs. Various things can be found here such as the decorative items, beach clothing (parios, sarong, t-shirt, swimwear, hats, etc.), jewelleries, the cheapest-pirated-dvds (rm4 only!) and not to forget faked designer handbags. Lucky I couldn't find my precious Coachs being displayed there...phewwww. If they have, sure rase geram. What mr hubby said was true...better get the special/limited edition when buying designer's handbag than go for the common designs...senang ditiru! While busy shopping, we bumped into the MOKA (aunty Monik & uncle Kamal) and Aunty Fauziah's family...Apparently, they also went to Penang for a vacation, what a coincidence! :) Since they decided to have a drink and chit-chatting at a nearby restaurant (bringing along our baby), mommy and daddy Faaz took the chance to shop n shop! hihi...hubby bought some DVDs (we missed a lot of movies since we dont get a chance to watch them at cinemas...(have to wait lil Faaz grow bigger) while I got some scarfs (for myself, my sis n my mom), Greenday latest CD (for my brother) and a cute bouncy bee for lil Faaz.

We started the next day with breakfast at the hotel's Delifrance Cafe while waiting for Aunty Fauziah's family to come by. We then "lepak2" by the pool, and at the beach until lunchtime. Too lazy to go out to town for food, we had our lunch at the restaurant opposite the hotel. Later that evening, we went to Padang Kota Baru..."hunting" for Penang food :) We had the famous Char Kuey Tiaw, Pasembor, Assam Laksa, Ais Kacang n Cendol...(I'm sure I've gained at least 1kg...:p). Here, we bumped into the MOKA again! What a small Penang :)

On the last day, hubby and me took Faaz to the swimming pool for another swimming lesson. He was more confident when mommy tag along (he was with daddy only on the 1st day), and slowly he begun to enjoy it. Good job Faaz! ;). We had Nasi Kandar for lunch at town before heading back to KL...thanks to Papa & Mama for inviting and sponsor our short trip. It was really vacation is on us, k...insyaAllah :)

p/s: more pixies will be uploaded in my FB soon... ;)