Sunday, May 24, 2009

Answer to My Riddle :)

Hi All, Here is the answer to my riddle from my previous 2 post... :) Actually, it took me a nite to solve this riddle before I went to the 2nd session of the training (the next day) and presented the answer to the rest of the class (thank God I got it right...if not sure tebal muka :p)

Remember the clue that I gave? (check your assumption). From there I found the answer. I think most of you (and me, at 1st...) made assumption that the window is in square shape. :) Its wrong! The window was actually in the shape of robust. That's why minimum light entered the house...but when the new owner cut each corner of the window (the one highlighted in chocolate in the pic), max lights goes into the house. However, the dimension maintained the same as the radius of both robust and square are the same! :)


HalfBlood Princess said...

hahaha tak tpk la plakk window yg shape mcm tuh.hehehe...

terel la nadia dpt jwb btul!;)

Nadine said...

hihi...bkn tere mana pun izu. kebetulan tgh duk pk2 tu dpt plak. it took me the whole nite gakla...spnjg class tu, mmg bnyk latihan2 menajamkan otak nie. tu yg teruja nk solve. nadia ni plak satu peelnye, pantang kena cabar. :)