Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baby Faaz n A Swing (Hammock actually :p)

Last Monday we went to Aunty Fauziah's place for a simple makan-makan (oh, my...the food was superb!). It was the 1st time for Faaz to be there and when we arrived, all the aunties were pretty excited to let Faaz try the hammock at the balcony. Actually, since birth my baby has never been into a swing (mommy and daddy afraid Faaz will like it so much that it will be a hassle when we want to travel :p), so he was quite "cuak" at 1st...hihihi.

p/s: mind the quality of the pixies, daddy Faaz forgot to charge the camera's battery...

He was quite scared at 1st when his Nani (grandmother) put him into the hammock...poor my baby.. :)

Was trying his best to get up...still "cuak"... :)

After being convinced and cheered up by mommy...he started to enjoy himself...hihi..cute! :)



Owh! sangat suka baju and socks Faaz!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

emcem la ur son :)

Nadine said...

owh, tp tak boleh lawan collection oman yg supercool itu! :) oman dh pakai jeans dh...faaz still menghabiskn stock2 rompersnye. hihi..

hello..thanks for d compliment. so sweet of u :)

amirah aqilah said...

faaz sangat la comel.geram nye!!hehe me..:)

Nadine said...

Hi Amirah,
Hihi..thanks! :)
ok, akak dh link ;)