Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Faaz's swimming lesson

While we were in Penang, we took the chance to bring Faaz for swimming lessons at the pool. The coach was no other than Daddy Faaz himself :) Mommy Faaz? Berendam bolehla...hihihi. During the 1st session on the 1st day, Nana, Nani, Daddy n Mommy were so excited to see Faaz in action with the Float until we forgot to take it easy on Faaz who has never been into cold water. As a result, the minute Daddy bring Faaz inside float in the swimming pool, Faaz started to "mencebik" followed by "uwaaaa!" poor my baby..

As fast as the lightning, Daddy took Faaz out of the float. The funny part is, the minute he was out of the float, he smiled widely...and so relaxed in the water. Hihi..kelakar la Faaz nie, bikin kami gabra jer :p After a while playing with him in the water, my hubby tried to put him inside the float; 2nd attempt... Faaz was quite "cuak", but managed to sit inside the float..the minute he started to "hek" "hek", all of us became panicked again. Nana n Nani bz calling2 his name, trying their best to make him laugh...and when Mommy offered the pacifier, terus dia ok balik...hihi...

"funnyla u Faaz, how come want to swim while sucking the pacifier??" I said to him but he kept on sucking the pacifier while looking at me innocently...hihi, cute! :) I think somehow it made him calmed and confident. After a minute, I managed to take off the pacifier...alhamdulillah, he started to enjoy himself...then, tak sampai 5 minutes came in a boy (aroud 7-8years old) into the pool and splashing water, terkena plak my lil hero's face.

Ape lg, "uwaaaaa!" lg la Muhammad Faaz Naqi..hihihi..poor my baby, tp kelakar pun ade, see la the pic! (Daddy Faaz x sempat nk cover..it happened soo fast) :D
We then decided to call it a day for Faaz before he ended up being phobia with water...kasi chance Daddy Faaz lak swim ;)

During the 2nd session on the next day, it was Mommy's turned to pursuade Faaz and build his confidence inside the pool. Learned from the previous mistake, I slowly carried Faaz inside the pool while talking to him..starting with the feet, in and out..followed by the body. Faaz seems scared at 1st, one hand held my hijab firmly and the other held my shoulder firmly (mencengkam sbnarnye, ok...) so I had to slow talked to him, convinced and comforting him that it's ok, he's safe, mommy's here..etc. It is quite important for babies to be calm in water so that it's easier for their body to adapt and balance with the cold water's temperature.

When I saw that he's confident enough, slowly I put him inside the float...but this time, with my hand still held him...he was a bit scared, but didn't cry (yay!). I then continued convincing him while his grandparents cheered him up from the pool side...slowly, i removed my hand from his float. He begun to enjoy himself. His feet begun to paddle...(owh, those cute lil feet, guwam Mommy! :)

aaaaand, finally smiled away...bravo Faaz! Mommy so proud of u! :) The training shall be continued again on weekends at the club house. InsyaAllah, hopefully he can be a good swimmer one day...just like his Daddy :)


aunty diyana said...

cerita yang comel!!! faaz is so cute with his swimming suit. hehe.

Nadine said...

thanks mommy to be ;)
hihihi..itula, kitaorg sume guwam je tgk dia dlm swimsuit tu..bulat je. :D

uja said...

haha so cute la faaz! kalo pair ngn zayd mesti best!dia suka air.abg dia takut hehe.

uja said...

gambar faaz nangis terpercik air memang cute!!

Nadine said...

owh, good idea uja! nnti korang balik sini kita rendam budak2 comel itu dlm baby's pool kt garden mama k ;)
i'm sure hayy yg takut akan teruja tgk diaorg..hihihi.

kan? :) sbnarnya b4 kena tu nadia br nk snap Faaz tgh senyum pandang camera. Elok je snap benda tu jadi..instead of dia smile nangis la pulak..hihihi.

HalfBlood Princess said...

amboi amboi...sukanya dia..hehehe..hmm nmpknye setahun dh pndi swimming faaz ni...mommy xmsk kelas swimming?;p nti bley join swimm satu family..

btw, he is cute...;D

Nadine said...

hihihi...amin! :)

oh mommy Faaz xdpt dibantu lg la izu. dr kecik arwah abah ajar x pandai2, dh dewasa Fadzil ajar pun fail gak..ahahaha!
tu yg start Faaz dr awal, dgn harapan dia tak ikut mcm mommy dia nie :p

:) thanks izu...