Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Riddle For You

I'm currently attending a 2 days soft-skill training entitled : Leading Self Performance for Effective Performance. It is a very interesting training and the consultant, Mr Thangaraj has done a good job in delivered the course effectively. I loved the way he explains things by telling us inspiring stories of people then made us think about the underlying message that he wants to deliver to us. Basically, in order to lead self performance for effectiveness we have to apply the famous Stephen R. Covey's 7 habits into our daily life. :)

Anyway, I would like to share a riddle from my class...

There's a small wooden house with one bedroom and a window. The new owner was not happy with the window as there was not enough light coming in the house through the window. He decided to cut the window. Before that, he measured the window, its 2ft height and 2ft width. After cutting the window, he was satisfied that more lights coming in the house. However, when he measured again the window, the dimension are still the same, 2ft height and 2ft width. How can this happened?

Anyone knows the answer? :)

p/s: a clue...check your assumption. Good luck peeps! ;)


HalfBlood Princess said...

Nadia, nk try jwb...bcozzz dia juz cut the 'daun' tgkp only. btul ke x? hihihi

Nadine said...

Good try izu...but unfortunately wrong. He really cuts the window :)

cuba lg k ;)

uja said...

uja pun dok pk lg smlm, cut the daun or really the window.nadia tunggu jgn post jwpn lagiii..

uja said...

nadia, i dont know the answer. but fz also want to try > He cut another window (which is as big as the 1st one). Is that correct?

Nadine said... uja :)
that house only has 1 window. He did cut that only window to enable the lights coming in peliknya the window size still the same.

again nadia bg clue...check ur assumption! :D

Nadine said...

good luck!! ;)

uja said...

ok nadia,tak tahu!

Nadine said...

hihi...dh give up ek?
nnti sok nadia reveal the answer :)
uja tau, semalaman nadia dok pk the answer sbb nk jawab this riddle on the 2nd day of training..bila finally dpt je jwpn, excited giler sampai bergegar la gak katil tu...terkejut fadzil...ahaha!