Monday, May 25, 2009

Wedding: Kak Erni's

Last Sunday we attended Kak Erni's wedding @ Putrajaya. The theme was blue and the pelamin reminded us on ours, somehow got some the way, me and Kak Erni shares the same favourite colour... :)

Kak Erni's pelamin...


Got this chance to meet Noreen & Kak Sally (last time I met her I was 4months preggy). Kak Sally's kids, as usual were so quite. Aleeya, Noreen's eldest daughter as usual was cheerful and jovial. Baby Zahra was quite too but so fond of Faaz. Suka baby :)
Faaz was not as cheerful as always that afternoon as he was sleepy. Luckily he didn't "hek hek"...just being quite and made himself busy with his toys or looking around. Good boy, Faaz ! :)

Faaz busy playing with his bouncy bee with Daddy :)

Faaz was trying to be friendly to Johan...but Johan pandang lain...malu! :)

Us with the lovely bride :)

The weather was so hot that on the way back home (it was really a Sun-Day ;p) so we decided to stop by at Taipan and have my favorite ice-blended @ Starbucks to quench our thirst. Thanks Sayang for the treat...*smooch* :) Faaz on the other hand was still sleeping safe n sound...he must be too tired to bother on the hot weather...hihi.

To the bride and groom, may u live a wonderful, blessed life together...and may your love remains till eternity...amin. :)


Anonymous said...

sweetnya awak, mcm dokong adik je tuh. tak mcm dokong anak...hehehe

HalfBlood Princess said...

Congrats to the bride n groom! mmg lbh krg sama pelamin u all, but i think urs are sweeter!;)

Guwam tgk bby faaz! Alalala..:D

Nadine said...

:) thanks izu (on behalf..hihi)
hihi..iye ke. thanks lg :D

hihi..dia tak senyum pun izu guwam? camne agaknye progress rumah baru izu tu kn. tgh tunggu update nieh.. ;)

Nadine said...


:) thanks. so sweet of u.
tak mcm dokong anak ke? kena show more sifat keibuan la mcm nie..hihi.
BTW, siapa gerangan empunya diri ye?

HalfBlood Princess said...

hihihi xsmpt lg nk update pon dpt bloghopping kjp2 je. jap lg nk gi mlk, lori dtg kul 2pm angkat brg.:)

xkira, faaz xsenyum pon guwam jgkk. sbb dia chubby n cute..pp dia tuu..guwamm:D

sis ernie said...

thanks 4 coming nadia.... a'ah la kiter punye pelamin & bj kawen lwbih2 kurang jerk.... hehehehehe....

Nadine said...


ic..takpe2 nadia sedia menanti :)
hihi, tp Faaz xleh melawan ke-chubby-an Iris..nadia guwam je tgk pipi, tgn n peha dia tu! :D

sis erni~

:) thanks jugak sbb sudi ajak nadia walau kita lebih kenal dlm email. kita kan geng, sama2 suka biru...tu yg pelamin ngan baju pun geng...hihi. BTW, sedapla suara hero akak...hubby saya kata mcm suara Mawi! :D

p/s: akak saya link akak eh.. :)