Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Gataway - Penang

We went to Penang Island for 3days 2 nite last weekend. It was an unplanned vacation for us. My FIL told us that he wanted to have a short vacation in Penang and invited us to join them few days before departure. Since me and hubby didn't have any plans for the weekend, and our baby never been to the beach before, we finally decided to tag along 2 days before going. Lucky our bosses approved our leave within short notices..hihihi.

We left Subang Jaya 7am in the morning and managed to arrive @ Penang Bridge at 11.30am. The weather was nice...sunny and windy. We went to the hotel for check-in, put our things and have some rest before going out for lunch @ town. Baby Faaz, as usual...smiled widely the minute we put him onto the bed (suka sgt duk hotel budak kecik ini :) ). The hotel room is quite spacious, consist of a living room, dining area, a small kitchen and of course, a bedroom. The scenary from the balcony was it! :)

After filling our tummy with the nyummylicious Nasi Kandar, we went to Gurney Plaza. Faaz's Nana n Nani (grandpa n grandma) wanted to do some shopping for their grandson. They bought some toys, a pair of jeans, pyjamas and a nice float for our baby at Parkson. Meanwhile, mommy and daddy bought a cute full piece baby swimwear for Faaz :) (Not many choices for babies compared in KL but what to do, its an unplanned vacation...x sempat nk shopping before we went to Penang). We also grabbed some snacks and drinks @ Cold Storage before heading back to the hotel.

We spent the evening "lepaking" and relaxing at the beach (n of course snapping some pixies...hihi) before we brought Faaz to the swimming pool for swimming lesson with his daddy. Owh, it was really fun to see my baby's reaction in the pool! Takut ade, cuak ade, suka ade, confuse pun ade....hihihihi. Will tell u more bout it in the next entry :)

That night, we had our dinner at a very cozy place, just opposite our hotel. I had garlic naan with tandoori chicken...nyum! Then, we headed to Batu Feringhi for night shopping...weeee! hihi...There were a long stretch of small shops along the road at the night market...reminded me of Petaling Street. It's a famous spot for tourist to shop for souvenirs. Various things can be found here such as the decorative items, beach clothing (parios, sarong, t-shirt, swimwear, hats, etc.), jewelleries, the cheapest-pirated-dvds (rm4 only!) and not to forget faked designer handbags. Lucky I couldn't find my precious Coachs being displayed there...phewwww. If they have, sure rase geram. What mr hubby said was true...better get the special/limited edition when buying designer's handbag than go for the common designs...senang ditiru! While busy shopping, we bumped into the MOKA (aunty Monik & uncle Kamal) and Aunty Fauziah's family...Apparently, they also went to Penang for a vacation, what a coincidence! :) Since they decided to have a drink and chit-chatting at a nearby restaurant (bringing along our baby), mommy and daddy Faaz took the chance to shop n shop! hihi...hubby bought some DVDs (we missed a lot of movies since we dont get a chance to watch them at cinemas...(have to wait lil Faaz grow bigger) while I got some scarfs (for myself, my sis n my mom), Greenday latest CD (for my brother) and a cute bouncy bee for lil Faaz.

We started the next day with breakfast at the hotel's Delifrance Cafe while waiting for Aunty Fauziah's family to come by. We then "lepak2" by the pool, and at the beach until lunchtime. Too lazy to go out to town for food, we had our lunch at the restaurant opposite the hotel. Later that evening, we went to Padang Kota Baru..."hunting" for Penang food :) We had the famous Char Kuey Tiaw, Pasembor, Assam Laksa, Ais Kacang n Cendol...(I'm sure I've gained at least 1kg...:p). Here, we bumped into the MOKA again! What a small Penang :)

On the last day, hubby and me took Faaz to the swimming pool for another swimming lesson. He was more confident when mommy tag along (he was with daddy only on the 1st day), and slowly he begun to enjoy it. Good job Faaz! ;). We had Nasi Kandar for lunch at town before heading back to KL...thanks to Papa & Mama for inviting and sponsor our short trip. It was really vacation is on us, k...insyaAllah :)

p/s: more pixies will be uploaded in my FB soon... ;)


Anonymous said...


salam perkenalan. saya ni silent reader awak dr blog friendster. comelnye ur son, bijak betul dia senyum dpn camera ye! :D



Faaz dah suka hotel, mummy and daddy dia kene selalu pegi holiday la nampaknyer :)
Family Armi pun suka sgt kalau holiday pegi Penang. Makanan kat sana yum yum kan?..hehehehe..

Nadine said...


slm perkenalan 2u2. oh ic,thanks sbb sudi baca my blog :)
ooh, dia mmg suka sgt kita snap pics dia. mana x bijak, since day 1 daddy dia non-stop snap-snap...hihi


hihihi..itula. kena keja keras lg la mommy n daddy dia :)
iye ke..sama la kita. my in-laws every year at least once mesti pegi holiday Penang.
Haaa betul tu. I kt sana 3days dh rase sgt gemuk dh...makan je. what to do, cannot resist la the temptation! :p

HalfBlood Princess said...

Wahh Faaz dh swim yer...comell!! senyum je dia yeak!;)
pjam float bley x? hihihi iris pon nk gi cuti2 msia ni xlme lg.hehehe...

Hmm png mmg best la 4 vacation kn, mcm2 adaaaa..wahh, mommy pon syokle, byk soping tuu..;D

Nadine said...

hihi..ha'ah, nk biasakan dia dr kecik supaya cpt sket pandai berenang. owh, masa swim memula nangis izu sbb terkejut mandi dlm air sejuk. nnti nadia upload gamba izu tgkla..kelakar..hihi.

boleh2, otw gi holiday tu mehla singgah subang jaya. Faaz kasi Iris pinjam ngan pam dia skali.. :)

itula pasal...hihi, shopping x sgt izu, makan yg lebih. dh gumuk dh nie ha..ahahaha!

p/s: cant wait for yours plak nie ;)

shahsulong said...

faaz's smiles are so reminiscently of Fdz's ;)


Nadine said...

iye ke shidah? suka Fadzil kalau dgr ni :)
thanks dear!

p/s: tak nak invite kita jd ur blog reader ke? :)

uja said...

nadia,seronotnye! ma n pa mesti happy betul dpt holiday ngn faaz-b4 ni few attempts nk bwk hayy g holiday tp tk dpt green lite hehe. Bila la dpt holiday sekali ek? ;)

Nadine said...

mmg best uja. esp nie 1st time kitaorg bawak Faaz gi holiday. :)
Itula, diaorg lg la excited sampai at one time papa suruh Fadzil drive the car n nadia duk kat dpn sbb dia n mama nk play with Faaz masa on the way tu. En Fadzil lg la excited sbb papa kasi drive keta kesayangannya..haha!

em..nnti in future, uja pujukla ju...mana tau lembut hati dia :)

uja said...

so sweet mama n papa :). tak makan pujuk la nadia, ketuk sket kepala dia je ngeh ngeh.