Sunday, June 28, 2009

Introducing Solid Food

My Faaz Naqi is now approaching 6 months (5months, 20days old to be exact) and he has now developed interests in solid food. Lately, he's been crying whenever he sees us having lunch or dinner...At one time, he was crying so hard that we have no choice but to spoon feed him with his milk milk. Lahap sekali ok...poor my baby! I believed its a signed that he has now ready to be introduced to his 1st solid meal...thus, today me and Fadzil decided to do some shopping for our lil angel.. :)

However, we still lack of few items:
- proper bibs for feeding: we liked this particular bibs (not the one in the photo), unfortunately they run out of blue colour...yang tinggal pink sahaja...hihi

- warmer food container: we are eyeing foogo by thermos which is suitable for travelling. Unfortunately, it is not available at Subang Parade. Will look for it somewhere else...

- baby feeding chair: We are still contemplating whether we should buy one for our baby or borrow Zayd's yellow feeding stool...hihi...boleh ke uja? :D anway, the one in the photo below looks cool kan? love the sleek design :)

As we are 1st time parents, we do seek opinion from parents, Faaz's peadiatrician and also through readings on introducing solid foods to babies (when, how, the types of food that is suitable, etc.). Lemme share with you the basic guide on introducing solid food to babies which I found upon browsing the net:

For more info, you can refer here and here.

Anyway, I would love to hear any suggestions on what type of food should I introduce to Faaz soon... Mommies, feel free to share...your comment is really appreciated ;)
Mucho Gracias! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Away and Hate it!

I will be away tomorrow for a Tactical Workshop at Avillion Amiral Cove Hotel, Port Dickson. I know the place is beautiful...but truthfully, I'm so not looking forward to it.


Have a look at the agenda below....

ONE whole day! *sigh*...there goes my precious time with my lil Faaz on Friday. I'm sure he'll be asleep the moment I reached home :( (lucky the next day is Saturday...huhu).Actually the whole team was not so fond of this when we found out that we need to be in the Cyberjaya office by 6.10a.m! I consider myself lucky as I'm staying in USJ, which is only around 20mins of driving...pity to colleagues who stays as far as Ampang and Banting. They have to wake up by 4am in the morning!

Subuh prayer will be at 5.43am...if I leave at 5.50am sharp, sempatkah? Looks like I have to leave early and pray at the office musolla jawabnye. I'm not so keen to drive as early as 5.30am to Cyberjaya...hopefully Sayang will be willing to send me there. Anyway, I bet some of us will be late..(standard Malaysianlah kan? :p) which means, we will NOT be back to Cyber by 9.30pm....urgghhhhh! The team activities better be something fun or I'll be hating this trip all day long! :(.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Izu! ;)

Just a simple note for a sweet friend...

Happy Birthday! May u have a wonderful, successful year ahead! :)
best regards,

p/s: Sorry kita "curik" ur photo...tak mintak izin :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcoming baby Hadif :)

Isn't him cute?!

Last Sunday morning, my friend Diyana has given birth to a beautiful baby boy, named Hadif b Fariq . It was indeed the greatest Father's Day gift for Fariq! :) We managed to visit them at SMC that afternoon, together with our baby, the 1st friend of baby Hadif...hihi. Baby Hadif was sleeping safe and sound so I decided not to carry him...instead massaging his tiny body n kiss him...mmm, baby's scent, heaven! Faaz as usual, was not so fond of newbies, but instead, more interested in her aunty Diyana. He must have said in his baby language that aunt Diyana is such a strong lady, and congratulate her for bringing Faaz's friend into this world :)

To the proud parents; Fariq & Diyana, welcome to the club of parenthood...a journey full of joy I promised you. Congrats! ;)

On Father's Day...

Neither I cook special for the Man we celebrated, nor I treated him for a special dine's just a simple "surprise" celebration from me and lil angel for his Daddy at home sweet home.

We just...

made him watch this token of Father's Day that we created as a token of appreciation,

and provide him with some cute nyummylicious J.Co PoPs (mini donuts) to add the sweetness... :)

This is how we spent the day with him, the one and only Mohd. Fadzil b. Abdul Kadir...Happy Father's Day, Sayang! :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sharing is Caring :)

As published in the international and local newspapers and television, Malaysia now has 23 cases of Swine Flu (H1N1). With the sudden increase, I believe it is important for us to take the precautionary measures to avoid this virus. In my workplace, the consultants travelling all around the world almost everyday (that's the nature of my job but I managed to escape...hihi, cause I currently attached with the PDC team, which handles projects remotely from Malaysia! :p)...and we, those who stays in the office are at the high risk! That is why, this morning we received an email from HR on the guidelines in regards with the matter. One of it, is that those who just came back from travelling (especially from the countries that are affected with this virus) are recommended to work from home immediately for 7 days; which is the maximum of times it takes to show the signs of affected by the flu. (beshnyer :p) If no symptom detected then only they can work at the office as usual. I think its fair enough right? No wonder I haven't seen Peggy since she came back from Beijing last week. Apparently she took her own initiative to work from home for a week, just for a precautions on her side...

According to information from World Health Organization (WHO) , you will not be able to tell the difference between seasonal flu and influenza A(H1N1) without medical help. Typical symptoms to watch for are similar to seasonal viruses and include fever, cough, headache, body aches, sore throat and runny nose. Only your medical practitioner and local health authority can confirm a case of influenza A (H1N1). Hence, it is important that you seek medical advice if you suspect an infection.

Lemme share with you the guidelines from WHO:

I pray that Allah SWT will prevent us and our family from being infected by this virus...amin! Here is a Do'a that we can recite after daily prayers in regards with this situation:
Or this Do'a, which been taught to me by Mak since I was in secondary school:

"Bismillahillaazi laa ya dhurru ma’as mihi syaiun fil ardhi wa laa fis samaai wa huas samiiu’l a’liim (3x)"

Hope this entry would help to increase our awareness on this issue and hopefully the 23 people who being infected will recover soon, InsyaAllah :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm happy!

I've been cracking my head thinking and searching for this coming Father's Day gift since yesterday but no progress To be frank, I am currently broke (huhu..), thanks to the new car's insurance that I have to pay and the new stocks for my business (don't want to touch my profits from the biz...this goes straight into my saving! :p).

Suddenly, while playing with lil Faaz after lunch, (I'm working from home today..) the idea came! :D I was pretty excited about it but at the same time was asking myself, "how to do it?" I know if I asked Zhafri to help me, he will do it by the tip of his fingers...but I want to do it myself, personalize it. It doesn't matter if its not good enough but what's important is the effort...aite? ( ke? :p). With limited time (I "curi" some of the time allocated for the preparation of my presentation..hihi) and limited resources, I begun my "special project"...hihi. I was so slow at 1st, as I was not familiar with this "thing" at all, and I was so lazy to read the tutorials given (serves me rite :p), but I learned from every mistake I made. Finally, after two hours, I finally have a present for my hubby...with RM0.00 of cost! yay! Not bad, huh..I really hope En. Fadzil will like it (please do...bersungguh2 I buat ni yang, walaupun tak reti.. hihi) :D

Oh, I better get back to my work and hide the gift somewhere before En. Fadzil comes home! Feel so happy that now I have a gift for Daddy Faaz, and feel so relieved that I can go to office tomorrow and concentrate on my discussion with my colleague :) Will tell you bout the gift after Father's Day k...rite now it will be me and lil Faaz's top secret ;) lalalalala...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Miss You Abah...

Today, 16th June was the date of my father's birthday. He is no longer with us. Although it has been 4 years, 7 months and 17days, I still miss him...deeply inside my heart.

Na missed you so much...not a single day that I ever forget about you and there is nothing in this world that I can do each and every single day...but to pray. I pray may your soul rest in peace, and may Heaven is the place for you, abah...
amin, ya rabbal a'lamin.
Love you abah...

Golden opportunity ;)

Yesterday afternoon we had our Vietnam RAN Tuning project meeting. My team lead updated us that we have already achieved our 230 cluster reports last week which is the total agreed for our project. It means, we already completed the project 2 weeks earlier that scheduled...yay! *clap!* *clap!* *clap!* ;)

As the PO is still on until end of this month, we planned for a knowledge sharing session with the rest of the dept early next month. During the meeting, we've been given the topics that we need to present and the best part was, he did mentioned that its ok if us, the team member to work from home or in the office, as long as we prepared our presentation slides and sit with him to go through the presentation before the presentation day...hooraaaay! I can work from home for two weeks!! alhamdulillah, beshnyerr. In my mind masa tu was "Faaz!" (only working mommies will understand how I feel about this "golden opportunity" to be with the baby..)

I planned to go to work this week, maybe a day or two. I already agreed to help and discuss with Ooi on his presentation as we will present it together (we share the main topics; he will do the signalling protocol and I choose the channel concept) and then discuss with Zulakmar on the subtopic to choose as both of us shared the same topic too. As for next week, we'll see as it will be occupied with trainings which I don't involves in...I bet office will be empty. Better I work from home kan? kan? kan? hik! :D

Sunday, June 14, 2009

When Baby Faaz meet Baby Dina

Yesterday, we met our uni friend and hubby's roomate, Faisal and his family at Sunway Pyramid. Nurul, Faisal's wife gave birth to their daughter, Dina 3 days before I delivered Faaz so we did not get the chance to pay visit to each other as both of us were in confinements at the same time...hihihi, only after 5 months we finally able to meet up :)

The handsome baby boy

The pretty baby girl

The most interesting and fun part was introducing our 5 months old Capricorn's babies to each other (isyh, isyh..kecik2 dah dating :p). Although they are at the same age, Faaz is almost twice the size of Dina...she's a petite and cute baby girl. Bila dukung, ringan je! Suka aunty.. :)

When we introduced them to each other, they smiled, wanna grab each other's hand, looking at each other and then each other's mommy...before scanning around and making some noise (a conversation i believed..hihi). Awwwh, they were sooooo cute! (and still cute tau :P). Ibu Dina said she is not friendly to strangers but I managed to make her smileeees...awwh, u such a sweet baby! :) During the 3 hours outing, they took turn to sleep..while one awake, the other sleep and vice versa. But they both have their milk milk about the same time as their Daddies having their pizza...Mommies tengok ajela dulu, kena feed the babies..hihi.

Lets check out both babies in action! ;)

Dina was thinking that Faaz fingers might not sufficient for him to sucks so she offered hers...haha! :D
Dina: "your pacifier looks nyummy la Faaz, can I borrow"
Faaz: "Uh, is it? Let me see"
Shaking hands baby's style...hihi
Masing-masing busy in their own strollers :p

The mommies with the babies :)
Both families :)

It was a fun outing, a new experience for Faaz. Last time, he managed to meet up with newborns Mikhail and Ammar but not much response...He only starred at them from a distance (he must have wondered why they were soo tiny compared to him and why they were sleeping all the time...hihi). Hmmm, which baby friend Faaz gonna meet next? (List panjang nie, a lot of friends gave and will give birth in 2009!). Baby Haziq? Oman? Iris? Aiden? Farish? ask la your mommies to bring you to meet baby Faaz one day! Jom, jom... :)

Happy Birthday Papa!

Last Friday was my FIL's birthday. We have total 3 celebrations during the day, started with wishing and surprising him 12am in the morning, a dinner celebration and a surprise cake cutting session @ home after dinner.
This year, we get Papa a bicycle for his birthday gift...Actually, it was my hubby's idea. Apparently Papa has been wanting to get himself a bicycle when he just retired from working (almost bought one...) but when he got the offer to be a tutor @ MAHSA college, he put it on hold. We went all the way to PJ to find this particular bicycle shop which is famous among cyclist last Monday. The owner was very helpful in assisting us, who doesn't know much about bicycle , except to ride:..hihi. After scanning and looking around, we finally made the's the Merida :) One problem we faced when we reached home with the bicycle was...where to hide it for another 4days!? Fikir punya fikir2 lastly we decided, Reen's room is the most suitable place...hihihi :p Poor my SIL, her room became the victim...hik! Papa was so surprised when Fadzil brought the bicycle to the living room @ 12am on Friday and he keep telling us "why you guys buy this for me...?" D

Don't get me wrong, not that he didn't like it, he was touched that we spent so much for his gift...its ok Papa, for a great father and generous person you are, u totally deserved it! ;)

Later that night, I treated the whole family for dinner @ Flaming Steamboat buffet. Food were great, they have almost 150 choices to choose on. They even have plenty of chickens and beef serving for people who are allergics to seafood (like me) or simply doesn't fancy seafood for steamboat. The drinks are free flows and the desserts....marshmellow with chocolate fauntain, ais kacang, cendol, ice-cream and fruits were very tempting to me! nyum, nyum!
Later that night, Uncle Farouq and Aunty Mun came over to our place and we surprised Papa with a birthday wrap up 12th June (its almost midnite at that time). However, our baby missed all the three celebrations as he was asleep during those times..hihi.
Darest Papa, Happy Birthday...may u have a wonderful, blessed year ahead!...

Fadzil, Nadia & Faaz :)