Friday, June 5, 2009

Adios Cutie Blueiy

3rd June 09 was an emotional day for me. Although I looked cheerful that day, (I just started my role as a domestic engineer, get to spend 24/5 with my son, expecting close friends for dinner and get to meet my new "Black Beauty"...) deep inside my heart, I was sad...*Sob!* :(

After being a good companion for 3 years and 7 months, me and my
"Cutie Blueiy" finally bid each other "Goodbye". It's one of the toughest decision that I have made, but I have to for my own good, for my family. "Cutie Blueiy" may look ordinary to others, may not be the ultimate driving machine, but it means A LOT to me. "He" was the most expensive thing I ever bought when I 1st started working in 2005, and has been loyal to me since, accompanied me from Gombak to Sunway Annexe building 5days a week, travel to Ipoh, Rembau and Batu Pahat endlessly, even "climbed" Bukit Tinggi with me...He was a good companion, never bring big problem with me and always entertained me when I was happy, angry...or sad. Without "him", I felt not used to it..

Slowly I persuade myself to welcome "Black Beauty" into my life. Yup, that's the name I give to my new companion. Hopefully, we'll get use to each other soon... insyaAllah :)

Dear "Cutie Bluiey",
Thank you for being a good friend to me. I wish you all the best in your life path and may you find a better companion soon :)


p/s: to change is one of my biggest problem when it comes to the things that i really like/love...sgt setia pd yg satu, nk memujuk hati menerima yg baru agak susah....


my.mastura said...

aku igtkan hp..hehehe.skang pkai keter apa lak..?

Nadine said...

hihi...dr keta "mini" tukar pada sedan. biar selesa sket kalau in future my kids naik keta mommy dia :)