Thursday, June 25, 2009

Away and Hate it!

I will be away tomorrow for a Tactical Workshop at Avillion Amiral Cove Hotel, Port Dickson. I know the place is beautiful...but truthfully, I'm so not looking forward to it.


Have a look at the agenda below....

ONE whole day! *sigh*...there goes my precious time with my lil Faaz on Friday. I'm sure he'll be asleep the moment I reached home :( (lucky the next day is Saturday...huhu).Actually the whole team was not so fond of this when we found out that we need to be in the Cyberjaya office by 6.10a.m! I consider myself lucky as I'm staying in USJ, which is only around 20mins of driving...pity to colleagues who stays as far as Ampang and Banting. They have to wake up by 4am in the morning!

Subuh prayer will be at 5.43am...if I leave at 5.50am sharp, sempatkah? Looks like I have to leave early and pray at the office musolla jawabnye. I'm not so keen to drive as early as 5.30am to Cyberjaya...hopefully Sayang will be willing to send me there. Anyway, I bet some of us will be late..(standard Malaysianlah kan? :p) which means, we will NOT be back to Cyber by 9.30pm....urgghhhhh! The team activities better be something fun or I'll be hating this trip all day long! :(.


HalfBlood Princess said...

Alahai ciannya mommy..good luck n hopefully, the course wlll be worth to go.:)

uja said...

hai nadia.camna workshop? Avillion yg best pun jadi tk best sbb tade our loved ones kan.

Nadine said...


satu hari suntuk izu. letih sungguh. as expected, balik mlm tu Faaz dh tido dh. tgh mlm dia bangun utk feed kita plak dh tak larat...huhu. the teambuilding was fun tp balik sakit2 bdn..itula dia kalau lama tak exercise/lasak2 :p

okla...after lunch more interesting because we got dirty n, sakit2 badan...adeh.
betul, betul, betul...without them, hidup tidak lengkap..huhu