Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dinner @ our place

Last Wednesday, me and Fadzil had some small "makan-makan" at our place...we invited our close friends who lives nearby, Krul & Ija and Diyana & Fariq. It took me quite sometime to think about the menu as the ladies who'll be coming that day are preggy ladies...furthermore, I have to think of easy cooking menu as most of my time will be occupied with my lil angel :)

After going through my recipe books and discussion with Mr hubby, we finally decided on the menu...Western food it was; I made crispy chicken salad for the appetizer, meat roll with white sauce + mashed potato + chicken fingers for the main course, and simple dimple ice-cream for the dessert (I don't think I have ample time to make some dessert so ice-cream is the perfect dessert of the day...hihi). I used a lot of fresh milk and cheese into my cooking hoping that the mommies-to-be can get plenty calcium for both of them and the babies inside their tummies...hihi. Actually, it was my 1st time trying the meat roll recipe and Fadzil was quite worried that it might not as delicious as our expectation or worst, I accidentally messed up and it will not turn out well...hihihi, luckily it did turn out ok....*phewwww* Oh ya, thanks to Diyana & Fariq for sponsoring the vanilla strawberry ice-cream and chocolate peanut ice-cream...nyum, nyum...we like it sho much! ;)

Thanks Diyana & Fariq for the ice-cream, I just need to add the whipped cream and chocolate sauce and wa laaaa, its done! :)

However, the dinner started a lil bit late, at 8.30pm as I had to rush back to Gombak that evening to send my lil brother to the clinic (he had a high fever) and he was home alone...pity him (my mom has gone back to BP with my sister). I reached home around 7pm and rushing to finish my cooking. It was Fadzil who bathed lil Faaz and dressed him up. Thanks sayang! *smoooch* :) The funny part was Fadzil was so excited to dress up Faaz for the 1st time that he also put on the shoes on Faaz! hihihi, mcm nak pegi jln je anak mommy ;) Thanks to our cutie pie, the guests were entertained with his actions that they almost forgot that they have to wait for me to finish my cooking..ur such a great baby, Faaz! *mmmuahs!!*
Faaz was so independent that day, he even want to hold his bottle by himself as he knew his mommy was busy....awwwwh, so sweet sayang mommy! :)

the guest were busy with the food...I really hope they enjoyed my cooking :pComot me in between the preggy ladies...7months and 8months of pregnancy. Can't wait for them to give birth to their babies, nnti Faaz ade geng futsal! yay!! *wink*

It was fun to have our friends around...especially the ladies as they were eager to exchange stories on pregnancy and getting some tips from me while I was so excited to finally see their cute tummies! hihihi...meanwhile, the guys as usual, busy chit chatting with their favourite, games and gadgets! :p

At the end of the day, me and Fadzil was so tired but happy....after all the guest went home and lil Faaz went to sleep, we took the chance to just relax and cuddled on the couch while watching a movie from a DVD we bought at Penang recently...time for dating! ;)

p/s: It would me more nicer & fun if we can do this occasionally with our friends and in our own house. Hopefully we will have our own place one day...insyaAllah. Do pray for us ya... :)
Thanks to mama, kasi can we pinjam your beautiful place as ours that nite.. :)


yana said...

nadia...sedapnye makanan atas meja tu. bila nk ajak kita rase masakan awak yg sodap tu? :D

Nadine said...

hihi, thanks yana. camne nie, tak rase dh puji.. :D
boleh2, mehla dtg rumah yana..awak pun lum jumpa baby Faaz lg kn. :)

yana said...

uish, cptnye bls. online ye? haha...
kita taula..awak tu dr dulu mmg pakar masak. tula, tak sempat lg nk tgk Faaz kn, dh nak setengah tahun dh dia. nnti ade masa kita jumpa ye. kita ni keja shift, susah tul...

uja said...

sedapnye! pelik pula tgk different foods atas meja mkn mama hehe.
hopefully nadia dapat jumpa yur dream house ye!

Nadine said...

hihihi, takde curry atau dhal atau ayam goweng..hik! :D

aminnnnn...fulus x cukup lg la uja :)

Nadine said...


hehe, a'ah. td pagi tgh online jap. ok, ade masa kita ketemu ya ;)