Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Domestic Engineer

Tomorrow I will start my new role as a domestic engineer instead of radio network engineer for 3 days. My main tasks will be taking care of my baby instead of taking care the network, do house chores and unfortunately have to produce 3 initial tuning reports for Vietnam HTC project from home (1 down, 2 more to go...huhu, sempatkah?).
It will be more hectic tomorrow...I need to do some cooking as we will be expecting few guests for dinner. I'm thinking of simple Western menu...

Appetizer : Chicken salad
Main Course : Meat roll with white sauce + Mashed potato + Mac n Cheese
Dessert : Ice-cream (very simple one...aci tak? :p)

Ok kot??

Expectantly, everything will be on track tomorrow. For your information, this is my 1st time staying with my baby ALONE during daytime, (owh, I am pretty excited about it! =) ) so hopefully, I will not dawdling with lil Faaz till I forget everything else!

p/s:if yes, looks like my guests will end up eating ice-cream for dinner...LOL! :))



HalfBlood Princess said...

Happy housewifering nadia...mst faaz sgt seronok mommy dia ada kt umah at daytime for these 3days..:D

Wahh, the menu sgt menarikss..hehe..

Nadine said...

:) thanks izu! tula, nadia lg bertambah seronok hari ni sbb Fadzil pun ada kat rumah, dia tak sihat...so I have to take care of two babies! hihihi

bunyi menarik, hasilnya belum tentu menarik juga..huhu