Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa!

Last Friday was my FIL's birthday. We have total 3 celebrations during the day, started with wishing and surprising him 12am in the morning, a dinner celebration and a surprise cake cutting session @ home after dinner.
This year, we get Papa a bicycle for his birthday gift...Actually, it was my hubby's idea. Apparently Papa has been wanting to get himself a bicycle when he just retired from working (almost bought one...) but when he got the offer to be a tutor @ MAHSA college, he put it on hold. We went all the way to PJ to find this particular bicycle shop which is famous among cyclist last Monday. The owner was very helpful in assisting us, who doesn't know much about bicycle , except to ride:..hihi. After scanning and looking around, we finally made the's the Merida :) One problem we faced when we reached home with the bicycle was...where to hide it for another 4days!? Fikir punya fikir2 lastly we decided, Reen's room is the most suitable place...hihihi :p Poor my SIL, her room became the victim...hik! Papa was so surprised when Fadzil brought the bicycle to the living room @ 12am on Friday and he keep telling us "why you guys buy this for me...?" D

Don't get me wrong, not that he didn't like it, he was touched that we spent so much for his gift...its ok Papa, for a great father and generous person you are, u totally deserved it! ;)

Later that night, I treated the whole family for dinner @ Flaming Steamboat buffet. Food were great, they have almost 150 choices to choose on. They even have plenty of chickens and beef serving for people who are allergics to seafood (like me) or simply doesn't fancy seafood for steamboat. The drinks are free flows and the desserts....marshmellow with chocolate fauntain, ais kacang, cendol, ice-cream and fruits were very tempting to me! nyum, nyum!
Later that night, Uncle Farouq and Aunty Mun came over to our place and we surprised Papa with a birthday wrap up 12th June (its almost midnite at that time). However, our baby missed all the three celebrations as he was asleep during those times..hihi.
Darest Papa, Happy Birthday...may u have a wonderful, blessed year ahead!...

Fadzil, Nadia & Faaz :)


Anonymous said...

Kak Nadia, Kdai steamboat tu kat mane? Mcm sdap. -Ayin-

Nadine said...

Kat sblah Sunway Pyramid je. Sederet ngan Restoran Bidara. Mmg sedap..pegila try :)

p/s: Ni Ayin comel kwn Az ek? Gamba awak kita upload dlm facebook :)


Hi! bestnyer hadiah your FIL.. Brilliant..mesti dia terharu sangat.

The 12am whishing and cake-cutting reminds me how Armi's family also always have the same celebration for each family member. Owh how i wish my family are staying nearby too.. disebabkan kat Perak, wishing at 12.00am through sms jer la. Diner celebration bring forward. Hihi

Owh. I love steamboat so much. Kene pegi try kat flaming nih!! :D

Nadine said...

yup, yup...he loves it. bravo to en Fadzil for the great idea :) my FIL ni hyperactive, takleh duk diam. Dh ade bicycle ni lehla ptg2 dia jln2 pusing the housing area. Mama dh ckp nk tumpang ride kat palang depan tu..hihihi.

iye ke..I would recommend this to u. a lot of variety for a cheap price...dh alang2 sampai sana tu lehla singgah2 jumpa kitaorg. dh dkt sgt dh tu :)

HalfBlood Princess said...

Happy belated bday to ur papa.:)
Wonderful celebration n nice pressie for him...

Biasala ayah...mst ckp mcm tu punyer..sbnrnya depa malu tu...kiki...tharu yg plg tepat. of coz..

Nadine said...

:) thanks izu.

hihi..betul, betul, betul.