Saturday, June 13, 2009

My cousin's wedding

We went back to Batu Pahat last weekend. It was a tiring journey I must say... Can you imagined we spent almost 7 hours on the road just to get to Batu Pahat, which on normal time would take only 3 to 3.5 hours of journey???! We started the journey from Gombak (had to pick up my bro 1st) as early as 10am hoping to reach there during lunchtime which was just nice for check in @ Katerina but end up reaching there around 5pm..*sigh*...there goes our plan to bring Faaz for a swim at the pool... :(

After dropping by Hazwan at Tok Mak's house and say hi to the relatives, we went to the hotel to check-in. Bumped into uncle Helmi who wants to check-in as well..(another late comer). Checked on the relatives from Brunei (my ancestors were Bruneians)...they were already there, apparently have arrived since Friday. Checked on Aunty Ibah...still on the way. Apparently they were stuck in the massive jam also...Fadzil and lil Faaz spent the evening relaxing on the bed and have some nap while I busy ironing for the solemnization that nite and reception the day after...really tiring. huhu.

After Maghrib prayer, we went to Tok Mak's house. Outside the house, people were busy arranging the the kitchen, they were busy with the food. Inside the bride's room, they are busy helping her to get ready. As I went to the front room to put Faaz's bag, my aunty came in,

"Nadia tolong buatkan sireh junjung. Tak siap lagi ni..."
Huh?! Sireh junjung???
"Nadia mana reti Cik Dah..kawin Nadia dulu pun org buatkan. Takde keja lain ke?"
"Takde..itu je tak siap lagi dan paling kritikal" and handed me a big plastic full of daun sireh, a basket, ribbons, pins and other stuff as well.

I was I don't know how to arrange sireh junjung. Dahla its the main thing during the wedding. What if it will not turned out ok...oh gosh! I was panicked....but thinking of my cousin, tak sampai hati plak. At last, I did it...but with the help of my Mak Andak...heheh! :p Couldn't take the risk of being the culprit to ruine someone's big day...hihi :D Around 9.30pm, the groom together with his big family came. Alhamdulillah, the solemnization went on smoothly. My cousin is officially someone's wifey :) During the ceremony untill the end, Faaz was wide awake...mana taknya, almost everyone wanna play with him...suka la dia!

The next day, we woke up early for breakfast before went back to our room to have some rest. Around 11.30 am, we checked out and went to Tok Mak's house. Surprisingly, the crowd was already there...people has started coming. As usual, I went in to put Faaz things and then started to mingle around with relatives, introducing Faaz to everyone (most of my distant relatives has not meet up with my baby yet). I was exempted from doing any job as I have to take care of my baby...except one. My grandmother insisted that I becomes the main person for the "toll" part as I am the eldest among my cousins...hihi. It was fun...and the funny part was, I was carrying Faaz who was sleepy (oh, I'm so lucky he didn't cry at all during the toll session! dhla bising n cramped up ok...good boy, Faaz). The minute the toll ends, Faaz pun tido. Cian dia... :)

By the way, the newlyweds look so stunning in yellow...mcm malay royalties. ;) Talking about the theme colour, the theme for the family members are either orange/gold/brownish. I'm sooo not into orange/gold (allergic ok :p) but I was so lazy to go shopping to jln TAR (especially with the baby...leceh!). When I browse through my wardrobe, I found one kebaya which I never worn before due to the + gold. OMG, this kebaya matched the requirement la. I tried, worrying I wont fit in (fyi, this kebaya was done when I want to get married...a present from my Ateh for bertandang but I didn't wear it :p). Lucky me, it still fit in...*phewww*. As the kebaya looks dull to me, I sent it to Kak Izan, for her magical beading touch...hihi. Thanks Izan, for the simple but sweet semangat sket nk pakai :) as for Faaz, I knew it will be a hot day so I went to shop for a romper instead of a shirt. It was a last minute shopping, quite hard to find an orange romper at that time so I just bought a dark romper with orange stripes. Jadila... :) Daddy Faaz, like me is allergic to orange so he had to pass on that...tak aci! :p hihi.

Tok Mak Faaz was so busy during those two days so she didn't get the chance to spend more time with lil Faaz, but managed to take a time-off to be with her grandson. Sekejap pun jadila ye mak :)

Although it was definitely a tiring weekend, (we went through the same massive jam on the way back to Subang Jaya!!), its definitely worth it as we were able to meet close and far relatives...especially mom's relatives from Brunei and Singapore whom we seldomly meet... :)


HalfBlood Princess said...

eh why xsuka ornge? ok je ngan u tu.. hihi...cntik nyer mommy faaz bkebaya..mst daddy faaz tgk tak bkelip aritu..hihihiii...

Nadine said...

hihi..allergic la izu. nadia ni kan kulit "tan". rase sgt gelap pakai orange :p
izu takpela, kulit putih cerah..lawa pakai colour ape saje. best! :)

*blush* thanks izu...pandai usik kita :) itu pun sipi2 je izu. kalau tak maintain, mmg dh tak dpt pakai lg la nnti..adeh, dh jadi mak2 ni susah betul nk selim melim ni kn? lg2 dugaan makanan tu...cannot help it :))

HalfBlood Princess said...

hehe btul, bab mkn2 mmg teramat agree..hihi..irresistable!!!:D