Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend @ Gombak

We spent last weekend at Gombak (my mom's place) so end up Faaz was pampered and spoiled by his Tok Mak, Mak Ngah & Uncle Wan...rindu punya pasal...hihi, its alright baby, Mommy bg chance once a while... ;)
We went to Giant Bt Caves on Saturday evening as Mak want to do some groceries shopping before went home and have the delicious Tomato Rice for dinner...thanks Mak! :) However, no pixy was taken as I was so busy filling up my tummy...hihi (been a while since I get to eat my mom's Tomato Rice tau :p). By the way, I managed to snap a pix of my sister's cuppies...cute kn? and it was delicious too...seriously. Didn't realized she is very talented.. Can open a biz la Kak Ngah! Keep up the good work k! :)

The next day (Sunday), we went to my schoolmate's wedding. Yus is the last among our click to get married (Noru is the 1st, followed by Munirah, Diyana & Me) so we were pretty excited to attend her's :) Yus look so lovely in her wedding dress, smiling happily to everyone. When I arrived, she was having her "Makan Beradap" so I went to meet and congratulate her mom instead. As I was about to go back to my table, she saw me, and we waved happily to each other :) Later, as I was having my lunch, Munirah came with her hubby (she was late as she was coming all the way from Ipoh!) and met Faaz for the 1st time. The weather was freaking hot on that day, so Faaz was not in a good mood. The minute Irah carry him, Faaz started to "hek..hek"...Mommy had to cheer him up a while before he's ok...hihi.
I was hoping I get the chance to meet Noru & family as well and later took a pic with the newlyweds but unfortunately it didn't happened (I didn't even got the chance to snap a pix of the newlyweds ...*sob!*:( ) Well, what to do...Faaz was not in a good mood. His face has turned reddish as the weather was so hot. Even his own fan doesn't help that much in cooling him off. Me and Fadzil then decided to wait for Irah & hubby in the car instead (we planned to visit another schoolmate later). After a while in the car, Faaz was cheerful as usual again...busy playing with his Daddy in the front seat.
Later, we all went to visit Mas who has given birth to a lovely baby boy, Muhammad Mikhail on 9th May (same date with Faaz la ;) ). Looking at tiny lil Mikhail made me and Fadzil realized how fast our son has grown up :) Faaz was eyeing on Mikhail from a distance, from on top of his Daddy's lap but when I carried him closer to Mikhail, he did not bother at all....hihihi...Faaz, Faaz! After chit chatting for a while, we made a move. To Mas & Munirah, I am so happy that we managed to meet up last Sunday :)
why i look big in this pix...tak puas hati ok :pFaaz was looking at his newborn friend from a distance...he must be wondering, "I thought I was small enough, but this guy is more tinier than me!" :p
Redhuan must be very tired after a long journey, kn irah? sian dia.. :)The proud parents...Khairul, the new papa was smiling widely..It's my 1st time seeing him smiled that wide. he must be one really happy papa! :)

To Mas, welcome to the club...enjoy ur motherhood and confinement ;)To Irah, I will keep on praying that one day you will join our club as well...insyaAllah, amin! :)Lastly,

To Yus, congratulations on your wedding dear! u look so lovely...I wish u happiness till eternity. Be a good wife to Busyairi k (which I know u will...) :)

p/s: sape2 ade gamba pengantin gimme a copy la..wanna paste here :D


HalfBlood Princess said...

Hi nadia! sana-sini wedding kn, cuti sekolah ni. hehe..slmt pengantin baru to ur friends...nti upload la pic, nk tgk!:D

Wahh dh lme x jmp irah...tahniah jgk la kt kwn nadia yg dpt bby tu..hehehe kelakar tgk faaz, dia pon mcm tkejut tgk ada lg bby lain, bley geng tu nti.:)

Nway, nmpk yummy sguh those cupcakes! bbakat la adik nadia nii..bleyla dia wat biz, mcm kakak dia ni..;)

Nadine said...

yela izu. ini next week skali 6 invitations hari yg sama. tp nadia terpaksa dahulukan family, so pegi sepupu kawin. izu pegi ke jemy ngan aja nye wedding? kalau pegi kirimkan salam tahniah ye...tq :)

oh thank sweet of u, my dear friend :) hihi itula..blur je dia. bwk dtg sblah wat tak nmpk plak..hihi.

:) dia tgh boring duk rumah izu, uia skang cuti sem sampai bulan 7, tu yg mcm2 dia try..rajin!

my.mastura said...

aku igt dpt la tgk gambar yus dlm ni..x dpt eh? keciwa.huk huk...

nadia nk tau, pas korg balik, mikhail trus bukak mata...hehehe..saje je dia..

Nadine said...

hihihi..what to do. nnti Mikhail besar sket, ko bwk gi kenduri br tau...sume yg diplan x menjadi, kena ikut ragam bos kecik..hihi :D

oh ye ke...Mikhail shy, shy cat eh..hihi :)

irah said...

aku pun lupa nak amik gambo Yus.
padahal masa aku masuk nk letak hadiah noru tuh.. she is free (x bergerak2 dari pelamin :p)
aku juz bg report kat dia who is out there eating(noru).. n waiting in the car(you).. kita nak g rmh mastura lps tuh.. bla..bla..bla..
lagipun hubby dia tgh nak g solat

btw... comel sgt mikhail n Faaz.
aku rasa Faaz marah kat aku, tu yg dia wat muka tuh.. hehehe coz lambat sgt auntie irah ni jumpa dia! ya ampun Faaz

aku dh terbayang nnt korang blh exchange xm papers.. anak ko dpt berapa?? anak aku dpt.... hhihihi..

c ya next time :)

Nadine said...

oh ye ke...hihi, aku ye2 ingat leh copy ko nye. takpela, kita tunggu yus upload kat f'ster dia nnti la. sian ko kn, terkejar2...sori eh.

hihi, bkn marah irah, merajuk...Faaz kata okies, tp dia nk jumpa aunty Irah dia lg nnti :)

oh ye ke..ini mcm kalu kena suh Faaz rajin baca buku dr baby nieh...hihihi

insyaAllah..take care ok :)