Friday, July 31, 2009

2F: Food and Faaz

I browsed through one of my favourite cooking blog and stumbled upon an interesting recipe....Nasi Portugis. Never I heard, nor have I tasted it before. Nampak sedap pulak..Plan to try out this together with the Lemon Fried Chicken Mamak Style and Raita...nyum, nyum..

photo is courtesy of jun@yummylicious :)

Talking about food, Faaz has a very good appetite. Senang hati mommy :) So far, any menu that I or mama served him will be eaten passionately...licin! Sometimes, he do craving for more although we already fed him enough portion to make him full. That makes me wanna try more nutritional, healthy recipes for him..semangat! hihi..

I've tried plain porridge, brown rice porridge, mashed potato and banana puree so far. Plan to introduce him to carrot and apricot soon. Dates are so hard to find in USJ...but I need not worry as Ramadhan coming soon. I will have plenty supply of dates then. One thing that bother me is, the fact that Faaz is not so keen on plain water. I tried to persuade him, but at most he will drink 1 oz. So far his poo poo is ok, but I am worried he will face constipation later. Any idea mommies, how to make him consume more plain water? Mak suggested that I add few drops of honey to make the plain water taste a bit sweet but I'm still unsure. Is it ok? Takut he wont like the tasteless plain water forever plak...

Anyway, here is Faaz in action, recorded by his daddy at a nearby fast food outlet last 2 weeks. At that time, he has just started solid food. Enjoy sakan budak comel itu...hihi.

mouth wide open..."aaaaaa"..hihi

"aaaaumm"...mouth was then closed. Looked at Daddy, pose to the camera a bit with the "I-love-to-eat" look and then looked at Mommy with a "I-want more-please" look. hihi..

I love this pic the most! (although I looked so comot :p)
Look at Faaz...muahaha! he was still hoping for a next spoon of meal when I showed hubby the empty container! one big apatite baby he is..ikut sapa la tu kan? hik!

and this video captured him live in action..

En. Fadzil pun semangat nak feed him. If dulu we berebut to carry him the minute we were back from work, nowdays, we berebut nk feed him pulak...hihi...can't help that childish part in us, after all we are young parents..aren't we Sayang? :)

and this is how it looks like when a daddy feed his super active baby boy whom cannot stay still in the bumbo seat...comotness +cuteness! hahaha! :))

Thursday, July 30, 2009

House Hunting Activity

We've been actively searching for a a permanent place to stay again for the past 2 weeks. The house hunting actually started last year, after we got married but it was put on hold due to several reasons:
  • location wise -The company Fadzil works with has just requested for MSC status at that time. If they got it, they will need to shift the office from Jalan Kia Peng to Cyberjaya or KL Sentral. They finally got the status, and announced that they will be based in Cyberjaya. We were so happy. However, few months later they announced that the move will be on hold as the particular area they wanted in Cyberjaya has been given to other company...*sigh*
  • a pleasant surprise - We were expecting on the 4th month of marriage! Oh we were thrilled knowing that lil angel was inside my tummy! :) We straightly divert our attention to my growing tummy and the house hunting activity was put on hold since...(1st time parents lah katakan..excited yang amat..hihi)
So now, here we are again...doing the browsing, studying, surveying and visiting. Tiring I must say, but it's fun. :) Managed to learn more about property and loans, as well as the property agents. I cannot help myself from admiring the passion they have for their works, the communication skills and the art of convincing the customers. It's not easy, peeps!

As property investment is a long term investment, we don't want to rush things out. The main criteria that we are looking into are:

1) budget
(downpayment, legal fees, property stamp duty, loan agreement stamp duty, disbursement fees and processing fees, monthly loan payment, etc.)
2) location
(near to the working place, near to the baby sitter, near to school, near to the market/shops/complexes/public transport, nearest highways, how many tolls, the future value of the property,etc.)
3) type of property
(semi-D/link house/duplex condo/apartment, freehold?, leasehold? etc.)
4) property size
(the build area, property area, how many bedroom/bathroom, is there any wet/dry kitchen, how many car can fit into the parking space, etc.)

So far, we fall in love with Sime Properties, especially at Putra Heights. We don't mind buying the existing properties which are 3 years old or less cause the designs are still up to date...(in our humble opinion :)

Among all, we adore

i) Amethyst Type B (the most)
5 bedrooms and 4 bathroom with 24x75 land area...

ii) Lily Type C
5 bedrooms and 3 bathroom with 24x75 land area...

The prices for both houses are quite steep tho...If we invest into these, frankly speaking our financial will be really tight...hmmmm...*kan best kalau saya kaya :P*

so far, type Jasmine, at Bistari Area is quite a deal. Unfortunately, the drawbacks are....

1) the status is leasehold (dh agak dh...:p)
2) the build up is 22x75...(a lil bit smaller)

Final decision has not been made yet...we are still considering other areas within the Southern part of Selangor as well. We will continue "hunting" till we found the perfect dream house for our small family. I've always enjoyed reading & seeing the photos from friends blog on their home sweet home..and I am still! :) Hopefully, one day we will have the chance to decorate the kids room, to cook at our own kitchen and to do the gardening at our own yard...insyaAllah. Doakan kami ye :)

p/s: Another appointment has been set to view a house in Putra Heights this Saturday. Im sooo looking forward to this! ;)

Monday, July 27, 2009

He's back on track! ;)

Ahamdulillah, baby Faaz is getting better, almost 100% recovered...yay! I'm sooo relieved. *pheewww*
Thanks a lot to all dear friends for your prayers and encouragement. I really, really appreciated it.
Sayang korang! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I was down to fever, flu and sore throat last Wednesday, the day I was supposed to have my certification of my consultant level. It was day two after my hubby recovered from his fever, so I must have gotten the virus from him...It was my 1st time fever since Faaz was born and I was very weak that the doctor gave me 2 days of M.C...hoping that I will have an ample rest and recover fast.

Fadzil suggested that I quarantine myself from Faaz, worried that I might spread the virus to him. Owh, it made my heart sank thinking that I will spend the nights without cuddling my baby as I always do...every night, without failed. *sob* :'( Of course, on the other hand, not a chance I will allow myself to jeopardise his health for the sake of my selfishness emotion.

I tried on the 1st night...

I tried to sleep on the sofa bed at the family area in front of our bedroom, but my eyes wide open despite the medication that were supposed to make me sleep...until sometime. However, while I was a about to be in a deep sleep, I could hear a baby's voice crying from a distance, for quite sometime. The moment I successfully gained my consciousness, my heart cried, "Faaz!". Quickly I ran into the room, and found my baby was crying for milk while hubby was deep sleep indeed. Poor my baby, his face has turned red for crying how many minutes, I dont have any idea. Quickly I held him and fed him before putting him to sleep..again. Frankly, I do feel a bit dissapointed that hubby didn't wake up when he was supposed to, especially with my condition....but I don't have a heart to be angry at him. He's just recovered himself from the fever, he himself was not having enough sleep the day before (he's been awake few times to attend my baby as I was starting to feel unwell that night), and he was having a long day at the office. At last, I decided to sleep in our bedroom..but a distant from Faaz.

The next morning, I felt so sleepy after consuming my medication that I had to pass on ironing Fadzil's office attire although he was late (sorry, Sayang). He was in rush, worrying that he wont make it to the office on time due to the traffic jam at that hour. After he kissed my forehead and wrapped myself into the comforter, I told him to transfer Faaz to Mama...however, Mama was not awake we didn't have a choice. Me and Faaz slept on the same bed. I tried my best to distant myself from him...put him to the other edge of the bed, with plenty of pillow to support. I don't know how, when I was awake around 10am, I was surprised that he was sleeping behind me,and his tiny hand was holding some of my hair (saya tidur dalam posisi mengiring). Note that Faaz memang sangat lasak ketika tido, even pillow pun dia boleh lepas...huhu. As I was about to move him, he was awake...smiling at me. Awwwh, my heart melt. Feels like to kiss him, hug him...but I cant :(
At that time, mama has already awake so I passed him to her. I cleaned myself, have a piece of bread with jam for breakfast, consume my medication before went to bed...again.

When I woke up at noon, Faaz was downstairs, busy playing on his playgym. Mama told me that she noticed Faaz was having running nose. Oh no! He must have gotten the virus from me! :'( I felt guilty but mama said, Faaz is still and cheerful as always. Harap-harap tak teruk, I said to myself. It was 1st time for Faaz to have flu so I was so worried, does he know what to do when his nose is blocked? My nightmare came true that night. Faaz was barely sleep due to the nose block. Paling kesian when he was struggling when I fed him and when he was suckling the pacifier. Tidur pun nganga je mulut. At one time, he was coughing really hard as if being choke or something. I was down, very2 down and somber. I cried. I failed in protecting my baby from the virus. Lucky Fadzil was there to console me...*sob* That night, kami hanya tidur-tidur ayam, monitoring our baby till the morning came.

I was supposed to go to work on Friday, and have my certification done. However, I postponed it again. I took the emergency leave. We went to SJMC straight away in the morning to see Dr. Ali. Faaz, was cheerful as usual, although he was not having enough sleep. He even trying to make a conversation with Dr. Ali during the checkup. Bising mulut dia...strong baby, kata Dr. Ali. He said, "Biasalah, slalu ibu kena...anak slalu terjangkit sama. Normal lah tu, jangan risau-risau sangat" "Macam dia tau je ape dlm hati ni" my heart said. Alhamdulillah, with Allah's will, and the medication, his condition is improving. And tonight, he sleep better that yesterday...but nose block still ada I guess. I can hear it from his breathing. This explained why I am wide awake at this hour. Couldn't sleep properly...until I know that he's fully recovered. Hopefully, by tomorrow he does. InsyaAllah..

Now that I gone through this (Faaz never fell ill before,he had a fever once, after jap...itupun,few hours je demamnya..), I realized what have our parents gone through when we were sick, how worried they were, the sacrifies they made for us. It also made me realized how lucky I am compared to those unfortunate mommies, who has to sacrifies for their babies who are having critical health condition, for example. Saya insaf. Truthfully, I cannot imagine myself in their shoes...
Dear Faaz,
Let u know mommy is truly sorry for not preventing you from having mommy's flu virus. Seeing you struggled to sleep at night but still wake up with a smile, cheerful as usual in the morning made me somber...sank my heart...I admit I am not a perfect mom yet, I am still learning but I promise you I will be one, with Allah's will. I am truly happy to see your condition improves today and I hope you will recover by tomorrow. Love you so much!

Love, Mommy...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Date on Saturday Evening

Last Saturday, me and Fadzil had our 1st date together since I gave birth to Faaz. He got 2 free tickets from cousin Shahir to watch MU vs Malaysia @ Bukit Jalil. At first, I was quite reluctant and not comfy with the idea of leaving our lil angel at home, but truthfully, in my heart I'm dying to go. It was my childhood dream to watch them live in action (with my dad). Being the only child back then (my sister was born when I was 6 years old..), my late abah has introduced me to football since I was a baby as he's a loyal supporter to MU. I grown up with the Red Devils since the era of Eric Cantona...we never missed watched them in action...until my abah passed away. It hit me pretty bad that everytime I tried to watch any MU match, I will cried knowing that my abah will not be beside me as usual...*sob*. I am lucky, lucky girl to meet my other half who shares the same interest as me so I did continue to watch them played but we did miss few matches here and there.. :P

At last, we decided to go since mama had successfully convinced us that its ok to leave our baby with her and papa for few hours Furthermore, mama and papa wanted to take our baby out for shopping...We went there a bit early as we wanted to choose our seats, to avoid the massive traffic jam not to forget the hassle to find a parking spot. Before the game started at 5.40pm, we were entertained by marching band, Malaysian team's warming up session followed by the long awaited Manchester United players...we were so excited to see our favourite player, Giggs were there, together with the new member of MU, Owen (Kak Ngah jangan jeles ye.. :P). We, the fans also did a few "Mexican Wave" to entertained ourselves...hihi.

The stadium was fully packed the minute the game started and you can see red almost everywhere! It feels somehow like you were in Old Trafford (eceh! :P). I like the fact that although most of us are MU supporters and wearing all red, but being truly Malaysian we cheered up happily when Amri Yahya scored the goals! ;) I wished Sir Alex let Giggs to play earlier...rasa tak puas ok. Although we feels that MU can play more better that night, it was undeniable an interesting and enjoyable match to see.

Despite the happiness and the satisfaction of watching the game, there was a small incident that caught our attention. After seeing this couple who brought their baby girl to watch the game, we were relieved we didn't do same mistake. Really pity the poor baby cried most of the time due to the hot weather, uncomfiness with the big crowd not to forget the noise. Seriously, stadium is not a place for babies...they didn't even know or remember what happened during the time...but then, who am I to judge, maybe they have their own reason for bringing the baby as well...rite?

Thanks Sayang, for making my childhood dream came true...*smooch!* although I didn't get to watch it my late father, the man who mean the world to me, I must say I am lucky to watch it with the other man who means the world to me, which is you! I wished, someday in future....with Allah SWT will,we will be able to watch another MU game live with another "man" who means the world to me, our baby Faaz... :)

p/s: Faaz, the Red Devil baby, cheered as MU won the game that night...hihihi!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Faaz's 1st tooth

Last Saturday morning, as usual me and hubby deary lying on the bed and played with our baby. Now that he is 6 months old, Faaz is more interactive and super active...uish, bising sungguh mulut yg comel itu! :) While we were playing "tickle-tickle" with him, suddenly I realized something inside his mouth...on his gum to be exact. However, its hard for me to focus when he kept on moving here and there, giggled cheekily. I went to the washroom, cleaning my two hands and went back to the room. When I put my finger inside his mouth and get to feel something tiny and sharp on his gum, I know that what I thought just now is true indeed. Faaz 1st tooth!! Faaz on the other hand kinda like the fact that I put my finger inside his mouth, keep sucking it while his saliva drooling away...sungguh comot! :p

"Sayang, Faaz has his 1st tooth!!"
I said excitedly to my hubby.

"Really?! where??"
he quickly came closer to Faaz while I showed him...

Faaz seems blurred and finally became uncomfortable with us excitedly trying to see his 1st tooth which resulted a loud scream at the! terlebih sudah :P The whole day, I tried to snap a photo of that tiny little teeth but still unsuccessful so far (agak-agaklah, the tiny little thing is only 2-3mm! :)) ). When I tried making him laugh in front of the camera...he only smiled. When I tried to open his mouth a bit, he quickly wanna eat his Mr. Bee..macam tau-tau je Mommy's intention. Kla baby, Mommy surrender now...but will try again when the cute lil teeth is more obvious! hihihihi...

p/s: I'm relieved that he didn't have a fever so far...alhamdulillah :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

If only I can have this...

I am sure all young mommies out there wants it huh? I wished I have one... :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I just started a new resolution yesterday that I wanna save more and shop less so that I can maximize our saving for our future house...


this morning, I received an email from Coach Malaysia that says...

all I have to do is to print this add together with the bar code at the bottom of the email and bring this to any coach store...uwaaaaa! its soooo tempting! *sob*

somebody better help to brainwash me and change my mind...or else, I'll definitely end up being the next shopaholic mommy in town... :p

p/s: can't help myself from thinking about the Maggie Butterscotch leather or the Poppy Ballet flats that match my Resort Satin Op Art.. (^_^)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Faaz Naqi turns 6 months!

This is Muhammad Faaz Naqi, the apple of our eyes who has just turned 6 months last Thursday...alhamdulillah! :) He is more active, more cheeky and jovial..never fail to make our day! ;)

Since his "monthlyversary" falls on working day, me and Fadzil decided to bring him for an outing last Saturday. We were supposed to attend uni friend's wedding at Seremban that day but it was cancelled last minute as there was a change in Faaz's paed appointment. We had to bring Faaz to get his Hep B jap that morning instead. As the appointment finished at lunchtime, we decided to bring Faaz to KLCC for the 1st time and get him a present...
Daddy a.k.a Mr. Driver..hihi
Mommy a.k.a. the personal "nanny" :p
Faaz, the "6-months old -king of the day" :D

We went to Toy's R Us, Toy City and Isetan (kid's level) searching for the right toys. We really fancy this one particular playgym but been contemplating whether we should get it as the price is quite expensive, worrying that it will be a total waste if lil Faaz doesn't really like it. Faaz on the other hand was interested in something else which is not for his own age group...sungguh tak padan dengan kecik, ok..duduk pun tak stable lagi...hahahaha, Faaz...Faaz! :))

Finally, Faaz went home empty handed as his mommy and daddy cannot decide till the very last minute. Poor baby, but its ok, actually mommy did bought something for Faaz earlier...a cute Nissen baby legging! hihihi...I falls in love with baby leggings since I was preggy..but as my baby is a boy, I can only watch them with "geramness!" hihi...until I stumble upon Nissen's cute baby leggings which are damn cute and suitable for baby boy. Quickly I placed an order and here is Faaz wearing one of 'em (the photos were quite blur as it was taken during midnight..hihi). Although the size is for 9months and above, I couldn't wait that long...hihihi :p

I was on leave yesterday so me and Faaz took the opportunity to send daddy Faaz to work, back to my mom's house in Gombak to spend the day and later that evening, went back to Menara HLA to pick daddy @ his office. We were surprised to see him carrying a big Toy's R Us bag upon walking towards the car...Yay! finally, daddy Faaz bought him the 3-in-1 playgym we've been eying that day for surprise! :) Faaz was still sleeping the moment we reached home so Fadzil quickly assemble the whole thing. The minute he woke up, Faaz can't help himself from noticing the colorful thing in front of him. His reaction when his daddy placed him onto the mat? Let the photos tell you the rest... ;)

the last pix is cheeky rite? was him who insisted that we put him into the tunnel although it was meant for him when he can crawl later.. :))

Here is some update of him, at the age of half a year...
  • Has gained additional 4.98kg since birth and has grows 6cm longer than last month. Not-so-chubby at the moment, except for the undeniable chubby cheeks! hihihi...many says he's a tall baby, which I believed its a sign of Fadzil Jr in the making ;)
  • Started his 1st meal last Saturday, and his 1st solid food was mommy's homemade porridge... oh my, he's been enjoying his meal everyday since! :)
  • More clever than before; he will point to the main door and started to cry when we divert our way from it...he will also be very excited whenever he see mommy wearing the hijab (he thought I'm ready to go out la tu)..hihi, mana taknye, mommy preggy Faaz dulu kaki jalan :p
  • Able to wave at us whenever he heard we say the word "bye-bye".. ;)
  • As he is so in to music like his daddy and mommy, he can now move his head right to left and vice versa whenever he likes the music he cute! :)
  • Can rollover, but now more to prostrate..hihi, still unable to crawl yet. However, he's now moving backward instead of frontward! reverse method...hihihi...
  • and what I like the most now, whenever we said "sayang, sayang" and put our face next to his, he will "gomol" us instead! furthermore, especially now that he knows mommy sgt penggeli orangnya, he will gomol me and mamam my cheek till i burst to hysterical laugh, which he loves so much! vewy cheeky baby!! :))