Friday, July 3, 2009

BBQ Nite

Last Saturday, we went to my aunt's house in Seremban for Doa Selamat & BBQ. Cik Bah is my late father's youngest sister and our family is very close to hers as I had lived with the family during my secondary school. I went to Convent Seremban, (currently known as Sek Men Puteri, Seremban) when I was in Form 1&2. Basically her kids are like my siblings...especially their youngest daughter, Fiqah whom I babysit since she was a baby! Still remembered those evenings that I carried her as a vewy chubby baby and brought her around the housing area and sometimes to the playground...those were the days! hihi :)

That night, we celebrated Uncle Hamid's promotion (Congrats for the Senior Manager post! u totally deserved it ;) ) and Nina's belated birthday :) Uncle Hamid, whom we know for his famous cooking skills, cooked the delicious lamb chop by himself! (there goes my diet :p) I personally adore the secret gravy for the lamb chops...sangat sedap!! ;) For the dessert, sessi "Makan Durian". The durians were actually from my late grandfather's orchard @ Rembau, NS.

Oh ya, my sister baked some nyummylicious cuppies for the event. The cuppies were so cute that Nina immediately took them and keep it in her room...worrying that it will finished up quickly before she had the chance to indulge it..hihi. Seriously Kak Ngah, you should open a shop/bakery. You have the talent, better not waste it! ;)


HalfBlood Princess said...

Wah seronoknya bbq..terer ur uncle wat lamb chop! harus belajar dgnnya nadia. hehe..

Ala2 comelnya Faaz with her granma...senyum handsomely!:)

Yes, suro ur sis bkk bakery ASAP, izu tgk pon kagum..butterfly lg!;)mst rasa pon sdp ni..;)

Nadine said...


itula. uncle hamid saya mmg suka n pandai masak. wife dia pun kalah..hihi. itula, mmg teringin nk blaja tu

hihi, dia hepi...weekend je nk melepaskan rindu ngan Tok Mak dia.

itula. akhir thn ni dia habis study. ingat sambil2 dia tunggu result tu nk anta dia masuk class, then leh dia buat slow2. skang ni dia ambil tempahan dr sedara mara je dulu. lum confident ;))