Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Date on Saturday Evening

Last Saturday, me and Fadzil had our 1st date together since I gave birth to Faaz. He got 2 free tickets from cousin Shahir to watch MU vs Malaysia @ Bukit Jalil. At first, I was quite reluctant and not comfy with the idea of leaving our lil angel at home, but truthfully, in my heart I'm dying to go. It was my childhood dream to watch them live in action (with my dad). Being the only child back then (my sister was born when I was 6 years old..), my late abah has introduced me to football since I was a baby as he's a loyal supporter to MU. I grown up with the Red Devils since the era of Eric Cantona...we never missed watched them in action...until my abah passed away. It hit me pretty bad that everytime I tried to watch any MU match, I will cried knowing that my abah will not be beside me as usual...*sob*. I am lucky, lucky girl to meet my other half who shares the same interest as me so I did continue to watch them played but we did miss few matches here and there.. :P

At last, we decided to go since mama had successfully convinced us that its ok to leave our baby with her and papa for few hours Furthermore, mama and papa wanted to take our baby out for shopping...We went there a bit early as we wanted to choose our seats, to avoid the massive traffic jam not to forget the hassle to find a parking spot. Before the game started at 5.40pm, we were entertained by marching band, Malaysian team's warming up session followed by the long awaited Manchester United players...we were so excited to see our favourite player, Giggs were there, together with the new member of MU, Owen (Kak Ngah jangan jeles ye.. :P). We, the fans also did a few "Mexican Wave" to entertained ourselves...hihi.

The stadium was fully packed the minute the game started and you can see red almost everywhere! It feels somehow like you were in Old Trafford (eceh! :P). I like the fact that although most of us are MU supporters and wearing all red, but being truly Malaysian we cheered up happily when Amri Yahya scored the goals! ;) I wished Sir Alex let Giggs to play earlier...rasa tak puas ok. Although we feels that MU can play more better that night, it was undeniable an interesting and enjoyable match to see.

Despite the happiness and the satisfaction of watching the game, there was a small incident that caught our attention. After seeing this couple who brought their baby girl to watch the game, we were relieved we didn't do same mistake. Really pity the poor baby cried most of the time due to the hot weather, uncomfiness with the big crowd not to forget the noise. Seriously, stadium is not a place for babies...they didn't even know or remember what happened during the time...but then, who am I to judge, maybe they have their own reason for bringing the baby as well...rite?

Thanks Sayang, for making my childhood dream came true...*smooch!* although I didn't get to watch it my late father, the man who mean the world to me, I must say I am lucky to watch it with the other man who means the world to me, which is you! I wished, someday in future....with Allah SWT will,we will be able to watch another MU game live with another "man" who means the world to me, our baby Faaz... :)

p/s: Faaz, the Red Devil baby, cheered as MU won the game that night...hihihi!


dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya pege dating. dah lama tak dpt dating kan.

cute lil faaz with the red devils. geram aunty dyana tgk.

Nadine said...

best...cuma skejap2 teringat kat hero kat rumah plak. rindu! :)
itula...nadia ni, lepas 7 bulan br dpt dating..

hihi..faaz kena bully :D


waaa..cayok! cayok! i dapat rasakan semangatnya!!!!!!!!

Me and Armi terpaksa jual tiket kitorang to orang lain sebab father in law dah booked the hotel kat penang. Konon-konon dapatla tgk the training sebab we had the pass also..pun x kesampaian since kene bertolak to penang on Friday tu. X sampai hati nak kecewakan bapa mertua. hehe

huwaa!! tapi mmg frust x dapat pegi... Huhu..

Nadine said...

oh ye ke..aiseh.
rematch tak pegi? we nyaris2 pegi, tp en fadzil kurang sihat plus i mls the fact that the next day is a working day :)

tp takpe, pi penang best! kn? ;)

HalfBlood Princess said...

Hmm betul, ats alasan yg samala ktrg xtgk alive match mase dok uk dulu..lainla klu ada mak/adik kn!:D

Nway, jeles tgk u both dating. hmm kene cr time slot jgk ni. kekeke...

P/S: Faaz is so cute!:)

Nadine said...

hihihi...itula. mula2 berat hati sgt mengenangkan si comel kena tinggal jap kat umah.

tp bila mama kata, sometimes, kena la dating gak ngan suami berdua, pegang2 tgn...jgn asik pegang beg baby je. pastu kena jugak ade time berdua2an...ade betulnya. tp dating skejap je la. faaz dh besar nnti leh la lama2..(hopefully)

insyaAllah, akan ade slot tu nnti ;)

p/s: thanks dear :)

:: NieSha :: said...

uwaaaa...nk dating be2 plan asik xjadi jer...sbbnya..damia dh pandai..dia tahu kalau mama n papa dia nk keluar..klu hntr nursery jugak dia akan meraung sampai cikgu kt nursery xtau nk buat ape..hihi..
P/S: nadia, cantik baju awk n hubby..i like it!

Nadine said...

oh, dh besar lg pandai ek. i thot bila baby dh besar sket lg senang nk tinggal...hihi. tak terpk pulak.
kalau anak meraung tu yg susah kn...cair terus hati tu kn?

hihi, thanks. itu t-shirt nike smpena MU asia tour. murah je, below hundred. ade red, black n white color :)

my.mastura said...

apsal aaa pompuan tu bwk baby dia? x kesian ke kt anak tu? dh aaa panas, bising lak tu...aku sendiri x suka gi tpt2 gitu...nasib baik aaa ko x bwk baby faaz nad..kalau x, MU ke mana, baby faaz ke mana...huhuhu

Nadine said...

tak taula...nk sgt pegi tp takde org nk jaga baby ke. tp baby dia besar lg la dr faaz. i think dlm 8-9 bulan. pakai tshirt MU tp terlebih besar.

tula. aku 1st thing pk, kalau bawak faaz mana aku nk tidokan dia...pastu H1N1 possibility lg..isyh.

aku kesian la kat baby tu, tp aku tensen sgt kat parents dia sbb dia duk row aku tau, dhla duk tgh..skejap2 nk kluar row. ko imagine la how iritatednya kami tgh syok2 tgk match terganggu. bkn sekali lak tu..few times *sigh*

INDA said...

amboi... macam zaman dating2 dulu2 ye...

Nadine said...

ngeee...mcm la jugak. :D

cuma status dh tukar dr bf-gf to bapak budak-mak budak..hihihi