Friday, July 3, 2009

A Drama on Thursday Evening

Yesterday evening, I went back home as usual. As I was approaching the bend towards the traffic light to enter USJ (after the LDP exit), I saw a black car (unsure of the car's model) was tailing me so near and fast! I was so worried because it is quite dangerous to drive this way at that particular bend as we can't see clearly whether there is a car queuing in front, or not (depends on the traffic lights; red or green)...and from the way this guy was driving, I was sure that something bad will happened.

At 6.56pm, my worst fear has come I saw a white Toyota was queuing approximately 500m in front of me, my head was thinking hard on how should I stopped my car with this black car was tailing so near to my Black Beauty. Within few minutes, I tried so hard to warn him by braking a bit by bit and I saw him struggling to brake his car. It was either me who gonna bang the white Toyota in front of me or him to bang my Black Beauty. It was scary as my mind flew back to 5 years ago when I faced the same situation, but it was my uncle who drove the car which causing me neck injury.

"Scritchhhhhhhhhhhhhh....bang!!" a sound coming from the back of my Black Beauty.

"Oh, nooooo! not my new car!!" my heart screamed to fear. :(

I was stunned at first. Luckily I was not panicked. I turned on the hazard light and took my hp. I looked from mirror, the car was also stopped, but the guy still inside the car. There were a long queued behind us.

"Great. You were not alone with him, Nadia. Its ok to go out of the car, you got few witnesses..." I told myself.

I get out from my car, walking towards the back of my car with my heart constantly said,

"Oh please, please its just a minor scratch at the bumper please.." :(

I looked at the guy's plate number 1st ; WR* 4651, a black BLM to be exact. After key in the details in my hp (remember ladies, this is very important! do copy their IC number and phone number too if necessary), I looked at my car's bumper . Unbelievably, nothing. Yes, was hard to believe, but it appeared as NOTHING has ever touched my car's bumper. Maybe there was a minor scratch, but I couldn't see it. Alhamdulillah...I was so relieved. The guy, on the other hand, did not get out from his car, but making hand gestures instead that, "it was nothing, you can move your car now". Not even a "Sorry"! For me, its kinda rude, but I won't give permission for this man to make me angry and ruined the rest of my day...this is the valuable lesson I learned from the recent Masterself training i attended, and I am glad I have able to react positively. Paradigm shift, perhaps? :p Hopefully, it stays, insyaAllah.

I then went back into my car, fasten the seat belt, off the hazard light and drove towards the traffic light. It was red, so I took the opportunity to inform Sayang about it, before headed back to home sweet home. I think, because of the nature of my car which is slightly higher (thanks to Honda for this) and his BLM was slightly lower that only upper front part of his car touches the lower part of my car's bumper.

To the driver of WR* 4651, if you happen to read this post, I hope you will be more careful next time, I know your car can be powerful on road as well, but remember, although it can go very fast, it doesn't mean that it can brake/stop that fast...

What a drama on Thursday evening!


diyana said...

luckily nadia nk ur blck beauty takde apa2. terkejut with the attitude of that black BLM! sungguh tidak baik.

Nadine said...

Itula C'Dee, You better watch out cause u might bump into this guy. Obviously he's one of the USJ community.

:: NieSha :: said...

mmg cukup nyampah kalau org follow blkg dekat2 nih...selalu jugak kena cmni.kalau wani bwk kereta kebal nk je break emergency..kereta kebal x kete org tu mesti remuk..ahaks!

P/S: apa id gmail nadia? lovelifecompletely or nadine?

HalfBlood Princess said...

Hmm some man's ego..sbr je least minta maaf la kn!

Nasib baik nadia, klu izu yg kena mmg that no manners guy dpt jelingan tajam lah dr ku...ceh, jelingan aje...hihihi....

Syukur u n ur Black Beauty are fined!:)


Alhamdulillah u and your 2nd baby (Black Beauty) x apa-apa. Sungguh rude mamat itew!!!!

shahsulong said...

thank goodness just minor incident.

saya tak suka accident, no matter how minor. horror. panic.

Nadine said...


wah wani+kereta kebal! hihihi comel la pulak. tula, kalau kereta kebal xde org berani nk follow belakang. tp ramai yg kat depan la sbb dia slow. hik! :D

p/s: wani dh ade blog baru ye :)
my gmail:
invite tau!;)

Nadine said...


hihi, nadia br jugak blajar2 jd org yg cool ni izu. sejak ade baby. kalau tak dulu garang gak :p

wah, jelingan tajam...bahaya tu izu, silap menusuk kalbu..hik! :)

Nadine said...


yes momma, alhamdulillah...kalau tak mau melayang 5-6ratus...huhu. bila u balik m'sia?


yes shidah, alhamdulillah. saya pun tak suka wak. lg2 kita yg jd mangsa.
p/s: xmo invite kita jd reader your blog ke? *wink* ;)

:: NieSha :: said...

hihi..baru bejinak2...dh invite...nadialah org yg wani mksudkan tu sehingga wani bjaya create blog..tgh mngedit2 lg ape yg patut.takut nanti wani jarang update.story pon pendek2 jer....harap2 adalah masa free belek2 blog ;D

P/S: is my dream car...bila wani bleh pakai nih ;)

Anonymous said...

Ego driver! Mentang2 dia langgar lady's car, boleh buat donno pulak.

If the car breaks tak bagus, jangan la perasan nak tailling org dekat2.. Perasan betul!

Thank God u r safe.

uja said...

apelah manusia! bagus nadia panik2 gak tp bole pk apa patut buat. Alhamdulillah tade pape.

Nadine said...


wah, terharunye :)
mucho gracias for inviting me k. nnti balik mlm ni leh la duk dpn laptop and katam blog wani ;) its ok..nadia mula2 pun blur and do it bit by bit.

p/s: akceli Honda kita biasa2 aje. bkn yg bernilai ratusan ribu ringgit pun. InsyaAllah, ade la rezeki tu nnti :)

Nadine said...


wah, marah benar bunyinya ye. itulah, tak sangka plak dia react mcm tu. relax je dlm keta tu. ape la salahnya kluar or at least turunkan cermin keta tu and say a word; "sorry". tp takpela, yg penting sume selamat :)

Nadine said...


alhamdulillah, syukur sgt2. hihi, nadia alert sbb ape tau uja. dulu masa reen nye old car accident and she was so panicked that she can't remember even what car yg langgar her's, papa was so mad at her...and fadzil made a joke about it. oooh, i dun want to end up the same like her! :p


Ni tengah packing2 nak balik ni. Yeeha!!!!

Nuurill dah khatam blog Wani. Hihi. Tapi xtau napa Nuurill xleh comment kat mana2 entry. Tapi yang penting, Damia mmg sangat mencuit hati. Paling suka prt dia suka duduk dalam bakul tu. Hihi. CUTENESS!!!!!":)

Nadine said...

wah, time flies fast. Have a safe trip back home. Be extra careful at the airport k...and dear, washed yr hand 1st before make a contact with ur baby, for precautions ;)

yup2, nadia pun xleh nk comment la wani...

shahsulong said...