Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Faaz Naqi turns 6 months!

This is Muhammad Faaz Naqi, the apple of our eyes who has just turned 6 months last Thursday...alhamdulillah! :) He is more active, more cheeky and jovial..never fail to make our day! ;)

Since his "monthlyversary" falls on working day, me and Fadzil decided to bring him for an outing last Saturday. We were supposed to attend uni friend's wedding at Seremban that day but it was cancelled last minute as there was a change in Faaz's paed appointment. We had to bring Faaz to get his Hep B jap that morning instead. As the appointment finished at lunchtime, we decided to bring Faaz to KLCC for the 1st time and get him a present...
Daddy a.k.a Mr. Driver..hihi
Mommy a.k.a. the personal "nanny" :p
Faaz, the "6-months old -king of the day" :D

We went to Toy's R Us, Toy City and Isetan (kid's level) searching for the right toys. We really fancy this one particular playgym but been contemplating whether we should get it as the price is quite expensive, worrying that it will be a total waste if lil Faaz doesn't really like it. Faaz on the other hand was interested in something else which is not for his own age group...sungguh tak padan dengan kecik, ok..duduk pun tak stable lagi...hahahaha, Faaz...Faaz! :))

Finally, Faaz went home empty handed as his mommy and daddy cannot decide till the very last minute. Poor baby, but its ok, actually mommy did bought something for Faaz earlier...a cute Nissen baby legging! hihihi...I falls in love with baby leggings since I was preggy..but as my baby is a boy, I can only watch them with "geramness!" hihi...until I stumble upon Nissen's cute baby leggings which are damn cute and suitable for baby boy. Quickly I placed an order and here is Faaz wearing one of 'em (the photos were quite blur as it was taken during midnight..hihi). Although the size is for 9months and above, I couldn't wait that long...hihihi :p

I was on leave yesterday so me and Faaz took the opportunity to send daddy Faaz to work, back to my mom's house in Gombak to spend the day and later that evening, went back to Menara HLA to pick daddy @ his office. We were surprised to see him carrying a big Toy's R Us bag upon walking towards the car...Yay! finally, daddy Faaz bought him the 3-in-1 playgym we've been eying that day for surprise! :) Faaz was still sleeping the moment we reached home so Fadzil quickly assemble the whole thing. The minute he woke up, Faaz can't help himself from noticing the colorful thing in front of him. His reaction when his daddy placed him onto the mat? Let the photos tell you the rest... ;)

the last pix is cheeky rite? hihi...it was him who insisted that we put him into the tunnel although it was meant for him when he can crawl later.. :))

Here is some update of him, at the age of half a year...
  • Has gained additional 4.98kg since birth and has grows 6cm longer than last month. Not-so-chubby at the moment, except for the undeniable chubby cheeks! hihihi...many says he's a tall baby, which I believed its a sign of Fadzil Jr in the making ;)
  • Started his 1st meal last Saturday, and his 1st solid food was mommy's homemade porridge... oh my, he's been enjoying his meal everyday since! :)
  • More clever than before; he will point to the main door and started to cry when we divert our way from it...he will also be very excited whenever he see mommy wearing the hijab (he thought I'm ready to go out la tu)..hihi, mana taknye, mommy preggy Faaz dulu kaki jalan :p
  • Able to wave at us whenever he heard we say the word "bye-bye".. ;)
  • As he is so in to music like his daddy and mommy, he can now move his head right to left and vice versa whenever he likes the music he hears.....so cute! :)
  • Can rollover, but now more to prostrate..hihi, still unable to crawl yet. However, he's now moving backward instead of frontward! reverse method...hihihi...
  • and what I like the most now, whenever we said "sayang, sayang" and put our face next to his, he will "gomol" us instead! furthermore, especially now that he knows mommy sgt penggeli orangnya, he will gomol me and mamam my cheek till i burst to hysterical laugh, which he loves so much! vewy cheeky baby!! :))


dyana "his other half" said...

Happy 6 mnyhs old Faaz :).

So sweet of Faaz to gomol mummy. hehe. anak mummy sungguh ni.

Nadine said...


hihihi..itula. dgn daddy dia, dia buat jugak. tp fadzil bknlah penggeli orgnya..so mommy la jd mangsa dia. kalau dia geram kn diyana, makin ligat dia mamam pipi kita :))


Happy 6 months Faaz!! :)
You are so cute!!

Nadine said...

thanks aunty nuurill, u are so sweet! :)

hani said...

awwwwwww...handsome, charming baby of nadia and fadzil. u guys are certainly lucky!

kiss! kiss! ;)

Nadine said...

hi hani,

alhamdulillah..yup, we are very2 lucky...and we really2 thankful Allah for such a wonderful baby :)
thanks ya.

:: NieSha :: said...

happy 6 months faaz. sungguh bulat mata faaz tgk baby gym tu yer...sgt comel! hihi..

shahsulong said...


happy anniversary, Faaz!

Nadine said...


:) thanks wani...hihihi, a'ah..bulat mata dia duk tenung the hanging toys.


:) thanks shidah...bila nk datang main ngan faaz ni? hihi..

opie said...

hi nadia!!

Faaz cute laa...mate dia tuh...lovely!...(hahahaha...mate dia ada tarikan...)

Happy 6 months old!
Nanti geng dgn baby Adam ek..;-)

Nadine said...

hi opie! (ni opie rosfarisya la kn? :D)

thanks for dropping by here :)
hihi..thanks opie. awak suka mata dia ye :) baby adam tu pun comey tau..nadia suka tgk photos dia kat friendster :)

okeh, set! wah..ramai geng Faaz nie. can form 1 team bola sepak nie.. ;)

HalfBlood Princess said...

So sweet Faaz gomol mommy tu..hihihiiii...n sgt22222 comel itu legging on him!!!:D

N sgt beshh present Faaz, auntie pon nti nk blikn Iris playgym gakla..tp tkt Along dia plak nti yg qonquer!huhu...

BTW, happy 6 month again, Faaz dearie..keep up ur progress ok!:)

Nadine said...

hihi,dia kalau gomol, plg tak tahan, air liur dia tu izu. abis comot muka kita nie..ngeeee.

tau tak, nadia pakaikan legging tu sume org dlm rumah gelak tgk Faaz..sbb diaorg tak tahan tang punggung tu tulis donut shop..hihihi. cian faaz, mommy dia nye pasal :p

best izu, nadia rase Iris mesti suka cam Faaz. at 1st kitaorg takut gak dia tak heran sgt tp dia suka plak. pastu very helpful kalau nk distract dia suh baring setempat diam2..hihi...playgym ni 3-in-1,leh wat tunnel, sure Zahin enjoy (tp cam izu kata, she'll conquer la nanti..hihi)

uja said...

best nye faaz ada playgym! kena sorokkan ni bila hayy n zayd balik.. hehe

Nadine said...

itula, masa tgk tunnel tu teringat Hayy yg sgt suka tunnel. nnti Faaz dh pandai merangkak/jln, lehla main tunnel-tunnel ngan abg2 dia :)

my.mastura said...

kiut je suar dia tu..ada bear kt bontot..hehehe

Nadine said...

hihihi.. :D