Thursday, July 30, 2009

House Hunting Activity

We've been actively searching for a a permanent place to stay again for the past 2 weeks. The house hunting actually started last year, after we got married but it was put on hold due to several reasons:
  • location wise -The company Fadzil works with has just requested for MSC status at that time. If they got it, they will need to shift the office from Jalan Kia Peng to Cyberjaya or KL Sentral. They finally got the status, and announced that they will be based in Cyberjaya. We were so happy. However, few months later they announced that the move will be on hold as the particular area they wanted in Cyberjaya has been given to other company...*sigh*
  • a pleasant surprise - We were expecting on the 4th month of marriage! Oh we were thrilled knowing that lil angel was inside my tummy! :) We straightly divert our attention to my growing tummy and the house hunting activity was put on hold since...(1st time parents lah katakan..excited yang amat..hihi)
So now, here we are again...doing the browsing, studying, surveying and visiting. Tiring I must say, but it's fun. :) Managed to learn more about property and loans, as well as the property agents. I cannot help myself from admiring the passion they have for their works, the communication skills and the art of convincing the customers. It's not easy, peeps!

As property investment is a long term investment, we don't want to rush things out. The main criteria that we are looking into are:

1) budget
(downpayment, legal fees, property stamp duty, loan agreement stamp duty, disbursement fees and processing fees, monthly loan payment, etc.)
2) location
(near to the working place, near to the baby sitter, near to school, near to the market/shops/complexes/public transport, nearest highways, how many tolls, the future value of the property,etc.)
3) type of property
(semi-D/link house/duplex condo/apartment, freehold?, leasehold? etc.)
4) property size
(the build area, property area, how many bedroom/bathroom, is there any wet/dry kitchen, how many car can fit into the parking space, etc.)

So far, we fall in love with Sime Properties, especially at Putra Heights. We don't mind buying the existing properties which are 3 years old or less cause the designs are still up to date...(in our humble opinion :)

Among all, we adore

i) Amethyst Type B (the most)
5 bedrooms and 4 bathroom with 24x75 land area...

ii) Lily Type C
5 bedrooms and 3 bathroom with 24x75 land area...

The prices for both houses are quite steep tho...If we invest into these, frankly speaking our financial will be really tight...hmmmm...*kan best kalau saya kaya :P*

so far, type Jasmine, at Bistari Area is quite a deal. Unfortunately, the drawbacks are....

1) the status is leasehold (dh agak dh...:p)
2) the build up is 22x75...(a lil bit smaller)

Final decision has not been made yet...we are still considering other areas within the Southern part of Selangor as well. We will continue "hunting" till we found the perfect dream house for our small family. I've always enjoyed reading & seeing the photos from friends blog on their home sweet home..and I am still! :) Hopefully, one day we will have the chance to decorate the kids room, to cook at our own kitchen and to do the gardening at our own yard...insyaAllah. Doakan kami ye :)

p/s: Another appointment has been set to view a house in Putra Heights this Saturday. Im sooo looking forward to this! ;)


Ummu Umar said...

nad, nti update kan harga umah ek...cantik2 design umah tu,saya nk tau jugak brp regenye...

INDA said...

seronok kan cari rumah? i really love design2 rumah tu, sure mahal kan? hehehe, 24x75 is quite big though, that's why kitorg ambil kecil sket, 22x75. ok la, affordable n quite satisfied :) best of luck!

Nadine said...


harga dh ade sbnarnya :)
for amethyst & lily, price plg murah boleh dpt dlm RM480K
for jasmine, harga stakat ni nadia jumpa dlm RM345K

zah nk beli rumah ek..belila, zah sure mampu, rumah dia mmg sgt cun. i like! :)

Nadine said...


:) mmg seronok. kalau dulu fadzil's office jd pindah cyber, sure kita berjiran kat kota warisan tu kn inda..nk wat cemana, takde rezeki...huhu.

mmg mahal, sgt! price started from half a million, dear! padahal masa belum siap starting price RM350K..cpt betul naiknya. itu yg still pk2 lg ni. if we beli, nmpk gaya kena cut all the shopping trips and vacations...mampukah? ngeeeee... :D itu dh kira selesa la for small family like us kn. alhamdulillah dh tu :)
thanks dear, harap2 jumpa la our dream house pulak, doakan k?

Anonymous said...

wow..nice house. good taste sis!
smoga jumpa rumah yg diidami. all the best! ;)

jannahrais said...

baru nak ajak nadia dok seremban 2...jusco 5minit swasta ade 2...skolah rendah menengah semua lengkap..pun 5minit aje naik kereta gi sekolah...pastu harga mungkin same tapi dapat rumah yg lebih besar..:)

kalau nak beli rumah, cari yg in progress...sbb harga in progress untuk sesatu stage tu bebeza...rumah yg dah siap sepenuhnye mmg akan lagi beganda harganye...

cari developer yg mmg glamer case takut jadi projek terbengkalai...itu kalau beli rumah in progress la :)

Nadine said...

jannah dear,

mmg kitaorg ade plan nak cari rumah @ seremban 2 or kota warisan last year. lg2 lepas aunty nadia yg duk kat rasah jaya tu brainwash. siap pegi jln2 area sana. dhla one of the aunty pun duk sana. best kan sana jannah, rumah semi D pun boleh dpt a good offer lagi. tp apa kan daya, office suamiku tak jd pindah cyber. sian plak dia nk travel dr seremban ke kl..jam lg, toll lg.

yes dear, I agree. tp tula, Subang Jaya punya area, dh tak bnyk project. Under Sime @ Putra Heights ade few new projects, tp tu sume lavish ones, costs around 450K ke atas..huhu. Yg lain2 area Subang banyak project condo/apartment. Tapi kami masih meninjau2 lg ni, thanks so much for your opinion :)

HalfBlood Princess said...

Nadia, good luck in house hunting.:) cantik2 rumah2 tu, i like amethyst type the most. tp tgk harga xmampu ktrg..kekeke..stkt awe dr jauh je la..hehe..

Nadine said...

Thanks izu :)

kan, kan..sama la taste kita. nadia rase kitaorg pun maybe akan pass on this. If ambil jugak mmg our financial will be very tight. Still thinking worth it or not. Kalau ade rezeki lebih...bolehla *berangan* :p

I presume "awe" tu maknanya tengok la kan? hihi. izu tgk2 takpe, izu dh ade rumah yg besar dan cantik. bestnyer.

Nadine said...


maaf, terlepas pandang comment awak. thank you so much for your encouragement and sudi drop by my blog. :)

aminn.. atas kata2 awak itu :)

irah said...

susah2 nadia.. meh duk ipoh :)
rmh double storey still round rm200k++.. hehehhe..

Nadine said...


rindu sama kamu :)

hihihi..duk ipoh? kul bape la aku kena kluar rumah nk ke cyberjaya nun. ko untung kn. rumah dh ade, affordable, besar dan cantik. jeles! hihi..