Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kids Nowdays are Lucky!

~the photos are courtesy of cheeky monkey cuts :)~

I just received an email from Sarah, my friend which caught my attention. I never know the existence of children hair salon and spa in Malaysia! Yes mommies, believe salons and spa (including pedicure, manicure, mini facial and mini makeup!) just for your darling princes and princesses! how cool is that, huh?! :)
Apparently there are few now and it's kinda "in" thing for young parents to bring their kids there... (ketinggalan keretapi betul Mommy Faaz :D).

Anyway, the one my friend was telling me is the salon called Cheeky Monkey Cuts. They are the pioneer in this business. The price for baby cuts (newborn - 2 years old) is RM25. To some, it maybe expensive as the normal adult haircut at the salon will cost you round RM32 and above....but considering the fact that it is not easy to cut babies hair, (i bet it is harder to make them sit still though! hihi.hi..), it can be considered as reasonable. The stylist are claimed as professionals and able to handle the kids:

Q: Are the staff trained specifically for childrens haircuts?

A: All the staff have professional training to deal with Adults for the haircuts, however, they have received further training in how to handle children to make sure they have a fun and memorable time at Cheeky Monkey, whilst getting a great haircut.

For more information, just click here... :)

Oh ya, the salon is located at Great Eastern Mall, Jalan Ampang. I heard they have a new outlook at Solaris also...Maybe when baby Faaz's hair grows longer, I'll bring him to try their service. Lucky Faaz is a boy, if girl, kopak la mommy, need to send for spa as well....! :p

p/s: can't wait to go home this evening...Faaz is 6 months old today! alhamdulillah.. :)


HalfBlood Princess said...

Cheeky Monkey, i know, i sil pnh bwk her doter cut hair kt situ..Ampang kn?hehe..

mmg lucky sguh kids zaman skrg!:D

HalfBlood Princess said...

eh lupe, wish ur handsome baby happy 6th month for me, ok!;)

Nadine said...

oh ye ke izu. ok tak diaorg cut the hair? mmg, untung betul kids alaf baru ni :)

thanks izu. nnti sampai rumah nadia bgtau Faaz :)

diyana said...

fuhhh, nasib baik hadif pun baby boy. hehe. at least we need to spend rm25 ja for hair cut. hehe.

Nadine said...

ya betuuuuul! hihihi :D

:: NieSha :: said...

ha ah..tau..tau..pnh dgr pasl cheeky monkey x penah ler lg bawak damia g sana..nk potong ape rambut pon x panjang2 ahaks!

Nadine said...

hihi..kelakar la pulak baca statement wani :) takpe, damia nak save kan duit mama dia tu...