Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Story to Tell

A picture can say a thousand words... it is true indeed. Enjoy a short story of us when I took Faaz to watch his daddy played football :)

One fine Saturday evening, Mommy took Faaz to the USJ 11 field to have some fresh air and to watch daddy Faaz played football.

Faaz's eyes spotted a man, wearing full matching Adidas gear in blue, white and black...from head to toe.
"Hmm, the ball looks familiar..." said Faaz.

When he looked up, he said happily..."Oooh, it's my daddy!"
Daddy was surprised and happy to see us there :)

"Mommy, looks like daddy was having so much fun running and kicking the ball. I know I can't walk yet, but wished I can play too..!"Faaz said wishfully.

Surprisingly, few minutes later daddy came towards Faaz and mommy.

"Come Faaz, daddy show you how to kick the ball properly" he said.

Faaz was so happy to finally play with the ball... :)

"Mommy, more photos. Me and daddy are going to have a serious training here. Oh, and urm...can u remove the bib & pacifier? its kinda heavy to run with those things on me...thanks mommy! :)" said Faaz.

After a while, Faaz was bored (typical baby :P) so mommy decided to bring Faaz for a walk around the field.

"Hey Faaz, it's the camera...faster, smile! :)" said mommy excitedly but Faaz refused. The reason? He was busy looking at the playground which was situated beside the football field and behind the camera.

"Haaaa...macam ni la Faaz suka! Thanks Mommy!" he said happily (and so did his saliva, drooling happily and heavily :P) when mommy finally brought him to the playground.

"But mommy, where's daddy? I cant see him from here...wished he's here to see me play for the 1st time."

"Uiiiiks! Daddy is come so fast?!" Faaz was surprised to see his daddy was already there without he realized...

After a while playing the slide...

"Mommy, can we go there?? the swing looks more fun!" said Faaz eagerly.

But then...

Daddy reluctant to give the permission.

"You are too small for that, young boy. U can't even sit on your own" he said.

"Oh, daddy, pleassssseeeeeee? I'll behave and I'll sit quietly on mommy's lap. Please daddy???"
Faaz begged his daddy with the cute-innocent-look...which translated in Malay as, "muka kesian" hihihi.

It finally made Daddy's heart melted and said "Yes!"...hooray! :D

Faaz and Mommy enjoyed the swing so much (as it was Faaz 1st time and it has been ages since mommy had her last ride ;)). They played the swing for about half and hour before the clock strikes to 7pm, which means its-go-home-time! :)

"Bye-bye everyone, Faaz had so much fun today! Will ask Mommy & Daddy to bring Faaz here again cuz Mommy loves the swing as much as Faaz, and Daddy loves to play football at the field beside here! ;) Hope you all enjoyed seeing Faaz @ the playground. See ya! :) " said lil Faaz.

See those cute lil fingers waving? Yes, people...Faaz new skill is to wave! *clap*clap*
At 5months ++, he can now wave at us when we say "bye-bye". Clever boy! ;)


uja said... cute! patut buku kan story ni hehe. u know nadia every time uja buka your page, kalo faaz ada zayd mesti "hekkk..hekk.. hekkk" tak boleh nak scroll down dia nak tengok faaz jek!

uja said...

dan sudah pandai bye-bye.. smart boy little faaz!

Nadine said...

iye ke uja...ala, sgt sweet la zayd nie! bikin hati aunty nadia cair je. kish sket..mmmuahs! :)
mesti dh besar diaorg kamceng kan, next generation of iman n fariz, perhaps! hihihi...

uja, insyaAllah pasni nadia buat entry pasal anak2 uja yg ensem belaka. nadia still tgh cari gamba masa painting hari tu. fadzil dh transfer most pixies dlm cd's sbb hard disk dh penuh.

Nadine said...

thanks ikut mood dia jugak. kadang2 dia blur...hihi.

uja said...

haha ye ke nadia.. so sweet la u! :)

HalfBlood Princess said...

Oh clever Faaz, dh pndi sweet! nti ada rezeki kte jmp, dunt 4get to bye2 auntie tau!Auntie ada bby girl..haa.:D

Best citer ni! i like...abisla nadia, tgu Faaz pndi jln mst dia nk main kt playground je. mcm zahin dulu2..even until now, sket2 ajk gi mameng(main). hik hik.

Nadine said...

insyaAllah., aunty. faaz akan tunjuk skill dpn aunty. harap2 time tu faaz x blur sbb terpegun dgn kecomelan & kemontelan iris....hihihi! :D

muahaha! story syiok sendiri :p
itula izu, slalu tgk gamba zahin main kat playground berangan je nak main ngan faaz...mesti best kn izu? :)


Faaz sangat cute!! cepat pandai main bola nanti nih..hihi..:)

:: NieSha :: said...

waa...bestnya faaz g playground...comelnya aksi2 faaz tu.geram aunty!
damia pon pnh g playground sekali ms umur 11bln.masa tu dia dh terror jalan.tapi smpai skrg wani x bawa lg dah..dia nk main sampai xnak balik.dahla yg main tu budak2 besar..damia ingat dia dh besar sgt sampai gelongsor pon dia nk panjat..ahaks!

P/S: faaz sgt hensem la ;)

jannahrais said...

faaz nampak dah besa bile bdiri kat pelantar slide tuh...naaa skit ari nnt boleh la main bola dgn daddy ne nih...
faaz ni adik beradik asmaa la ni..kene pakai bip slalu...kalo ak basah baju..hihihih..comey3!!

Nadine said...


:) thanks dear. aminn...harap2 cepat dia pandai main bola..hihi.

Oman lg la, br pas pantang dh start training. mesti lg cepat pandai main bola kn? :)


oh ye ke..hihihi, mesti dia lg ligat sbb dh pandai jln kan wani? sure sgt cute aksi2 dia. leh tahan lasak gak damia ye...adventures girl la nie :)


hi jannah!
seronok baca blog jannah. nadia link jannah nye blog ye? tq. :)

hi, aah..ramai org tegur kata dia nmpk besar dr umur dia. maybe dia nk jadi 6footer mcm daddy dia kot :p
oh asmaa satu geng ek? sure koleksi bib asma comey2 kn..girls punye lg comey dr boys :)

diyana said...

cute!!!. comel sgt. dah pandai bubye org lak tu.

Nadine said...

:) thanks c'dee..skill br Faaz tu, tp kadang2 tak jd gak. ikut mood dia kot. hihi.