Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This or This?

I've been contacted by Bonuslink today. Apparently, some of my points (which has been carried on for few years) is going to expired soon. Hihi, I never bother about 'em before cause I thought my points are not that much (it is still little, actually..ahaha!). The only time I use my Bonuslink card is at Shell, when I refill my petrol or sometimes when I spent at Parkson; which is not that often...The guy said that it will be a waste if I just ignore the few thousand points which actually can be redeemed for some useful things.

"This guy got a point", I told myself.

I browsed through their online catalog. Of all the limited things being displayed in the catalogue, these two are the most useful things which I can use for:
  • traveling
or as a
  • a wedding gift

Another option, if I willing to burn 1000 points, I can also choose this cute baby stroller toys...which I don't think worth it as Faaz already have something similar to this..

Now, the main problem is...which one should i pick? Stainless steel bottle or toiletry bag....hmmm....


Anonymous said...

vote for no.2 :D

HalfBlood Princess said...

Erm, klu izu no 1. no 2 tu xjamin pki selalu..mst nk tkr pki ngan bag lain..mcm nadia ni sure byk toiletry bag! kn?:)tp it's my p.o.v jer..hihi.

diyana said...

i'll vote for stainless steel bottle.

Nadine said...


hihi, betul2. :)
tp ingat nk redeem utk bg hadiah utk wedding ke..aci tak? :p

Nadine said...

c' dee,
1st one ek? hmm...ok..ok. thanks! :)

ni blog c'dee kongsi ngan fariq eh? nnti i link u ye :D