Monday, August 31, 2009

BEAUTIFUL BABY SEARCH CONTEST Looking for Beautiful Prince and Princess

This contest is organized by Mommy_Zara, one of the blogger who got the idea of organizing a contest after winning one...rajin sungguh dia! :) The co-organizer is non other, her cute baby girl Princess Delisha. I get to know this contest from my sister who emailed me the link to her blog and insisted that I joined it for lil Faaz. At first, I was quite shy to enter such competition as I could see all the babies in the contest are sooo adorable and cute!! but then, I changed my fickle mind the very last minute. It doesn't matter if your baby win or not, its the fun of joining and a chance to get to know other mommies from the blogging world that is more important (networking, how cool is that? ;))

So here I am, with my contest entry for my lil angel, Muhammad Faaz Naqi bin Mohd Fadzil, age: 7months, 3 weeks. :)

The First photo of baby Faaz:

This photo was taken on 25th August 2009, when he was 7months and 2weeks ++ old. He demanded to wear Daddy's head set that night and was so excited when we granted his "wish" although there were no sound (muted)..hihihi, perhaps, he just wanna look cool as Daddy... :)

The second photo of baby Faaz:

This photo was taken when Baby Faaz was 7months and 1 week old, when we were visiting Faaz's newborn friend, baby Emir :) Although this photo was ruined by the lighting, Mommy like Faaz's smile in this photo the most..(hihi, perasan skejap :p)

To Mommy Zara,

Thank you for organizing such a beautiful contest. I really enjoyed browsing through other contestant's page to see the cute lil angels and get to read other mommies blog. I am now officially joining this contest!! :)

To dear readers,

There are still few hours to go...come join this contest for fun! :) for more info, kindly visit
Mommy_Zara's blog k. Good luck!! :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events

My mom called just now, with two bad news... :(


my favourite tailor, who also Mak's friend-Mrs. Fong has been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. I was shocked...I feel sorry for her :( For your information, Mrs. Fong has been our family tailor since I was in primary school. I did visited other tailors too few times but, I still feel she's the best. Her specialty is kebaya. Owh, I loves the way she always make me fit well and of course comfortably in all my kebaya. Always in shape, not too lose, not too tight...perfect! Few years back, she did retired from her tailoring world but due to non-stop requests from loyal customers (including us :P), she was back in action until today. She will be going for an operation this coming Monday and I pray everything will went on smoothly for her. Hopefully she will be strong enough to fight this, which I know she will. Semoga dia cepat sembuh...


as she will undergo the surgery soon, she will be back home tomorrow for packing and settle her other things. Apparently she's been calling all her customers to take back all their fabrics as she will spend more time in the hospital for recovery, including the chemotherapy. One of the unlucky customer is ME! :(. I almost freak out (luckily I still remembered that I am fasting) when mak told me that she haven't started anything yet although I have placed my order since May! I thought I was supposed to pick up my kebaya but it's the other way round. Uwaaaa...there goes my kebaya for Raya..*sob* Dahla the fabric was a gift from beloved hubby yang dikirim khas dari Indonesia...sedihnya.

Mak said it's not a big deal as it still not too late to buy a ready made kebaya...yeah, it's not too late but I'm skeptical about ready mades kebaya. It's so hard for you to find the ones which perfectly match your figure. Betul tak? Lagi-lagi those who are petite like me; for sure size S pun, kain meleret..kadang-kadang pinggang lari...huhuhu. Owh, I am soooo wanted to wear a kebaya on hari raya. Can anyone kind enough to share with me where can I buy a nice ready made kebaya, maybe a shop that provide alteration as well.? So far, I can think of of Sireh Pinang
(owh, theirs are always drop dead gorgeous!!) but I ain't sure I want to spend RM500-RM700 just for a kebaya to wear on hari raya...*sigh* macam kempunan je this year... :'(

p/s: Thank God baju raya for 1st Syawal has already in my hand (from another tailor), if not satu kerja pulak nak cari yang sedondon dengan dua orang buah hatiku itu...huhu.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

His Latest Addiction..

This is Faaz Naqi latest addiction...

Although he can barely crawl, he prefer us to hands off while he conquer the steering with excitement..

Perhaps, another die hard fan of the Ultimate Driving Machine in the making.. :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our 1st day of fasting

Early morning, as early as 4.30am

Lil angel woke his Daddy for Sahur...thanks to the saliva that keep on drooling. Free je Daddy kena, kih..kih..kih :D

Usually, we tried our best to put him to sleep right after his milk milk time but not that day. Owh, he was over the moon to be entertained very early in the morning :) Alhamdulillah, he behaved well during the Sahur so we get to have our meals without interruption.

Late afternoon, 4pm

Faaz, as usual, cheerful to go out

We spent most of the day at home, as it was raining most of the time. Very cooling and cozy day, indeed. However, Faaz was so restless as he didn't get the chance to go out as usual...bising betul mulut comel itu. At last, when the rain stopped, Daddy decided to take both of us for a ride...yay! We stopped by a cosy playground at Sunway. No one was around, and the drains had started to wash away...perfect ;)

the slides...his favourite!
Eager Faaz waiting for Daddy to start...

Was trying to take a family shot but failed! muahaha...

Weeeee! A 9kg baby was definitely a workout :P
Daddy challenged Mommy to catwalk on the balancing beam with Faaz, and wearing a pair of wedges...success! :)

Before went home, he insisted to climb although he can barely crawl...sungguh tak padan dengan kecik.. :P

6.50 pm, in the evening

Mama has cooked delicious meals for the break fast when we arrived home. At first, I thought of making some dessert but hubby requested for deep fried mushroom, his favorite snack. Usually, I made them as a snack while En. Fadzil plays with his Xbox.

~Homemade Deep Fried Mushroom~
1st step:
Wash and tear the oyster mushrooms into small pieces. Let it dry.

2nd step:
Beat an egg, and coat the mushrooms with the egg
3rd step:
Mixed plain flour with 5 spices powder, a little bit of chili powder, garlic powder, pepper and salt.
Coat the mushrooms with the flour. Heat the oil, (preferably olive oil or vege oil for healthy purpose) and deep fry the mushrooms.

Tadaaa...ready to eat with chilli sauce as a snack or appetizer... or together with rice :)

9.00 pm at night

Despite having so much fun at the playground, Faaz refused to sleep or lying on his mattress. He just watched the TV while lying comfortably on my lap. Finally I managed to put him to sleep around 10pm. Looks like this year berterawikh sendirian di rumah je la :)

Well, this is how we spent our 1st Ramadhan for the first time with lil Faaz...we're so looking forward for the rest ;)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Salam Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan Al-Mubarak comes again this year. Me and my family would like to take this opportunity to seek forgiveness and pardon of our wrong doings to dear readers and friends. May this blessed month of Ramadhan strengthen our relationship with Allah SWT and the Quran, as well as recharging our spiritual with sincere obedience..insyaAllah.

Ramadhan is a Month of Allah,
Whose beginning is Mercy..
Whose middle is Forgiveness..
Whose end is Freedom from Fire

*taken from

Best Regards,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our Sunday Excursion

USJ 11 ----> Goodyear Court 9 ----> Putra Heights ----> Gombak ----> Ikea ----> USJ 11

Happy to go out ;)

Last Sunday was a long day for us. We were out as early as 10am, right after breakfast. Although he has been awake since 7am, Faaz was energetic as usual..happy sungguh dapat pergi jalan pagi-pagi :) Our 1st destination was the car wash center, we gave black beauty a short "spa treatment" :P After spending about 20 minutes there, we make a move to our second destination, diyana's house. Actually, the intention was to bring Faaz to meet with the bigger Hadif (1st time they met, Hadif was just 1 day old) while I had to pass some item that diyana ordered from me. Unfortunately, upon arriving to her apartment, Faaz falls asleep...*sob!*, so mommy had to go there alone (since Fariq was not around, Fadzil decided to stay in the car with sleeping lil angel). Little Hadif was awake when I arrived...relaxing on his own "couch" while watching the TV...hihi, mcm dah besar jer dia! He was cute as always, but more chubbier now. Happy duduk dgn Akong yer Hadif? :) I was in a rush as my two sweethearts were waiting downstairs but managed to snap a photo with the cutie pie. (Ups! sorry Cee Dee, forgot to snap a photo together..huhu).

Doze off after being "hypnotized" by the spinning fan

So mommy met Hadif alone..jangan jealous, Faaz :p

The next stop was quite a long stop. We went to visit our uni bestfriend a.k.a Fadzil's golf partner who has just became a proud papa to a handsome baby Emir Zakwan. He shares the same birth date as Faaz - on the 9th. One was born on 09.01.09 and the other was on 09.08.09..hopefully both babies can be bestfriends as their fathers. The next generation of golf players, perhaps? :) At first, we were thinking to spend only an hour the max, so that Ija can have a good rest but they, especially Khairul's mama insisted that we joined them for lunch. Owh, En. Fadzil and En. Khairul were so happy that they can took their own sweet time to play guitar hero in the TV room (quoted from Krul, "bapa-bapa yang tak sedar diri" hihihi...). Mommy Faaz and Mama Emir were happy too that we get to share our mommyhood stories ;) Faaz was awake this time, more cheerful as he had his enough rest from the nap. As usual, he has not yet shown his interest with newborns, instead he was more interested with the fishes there. ..hihi. They have few big aquariums inside the beautifully renovated house. We all had our lunch together, thanks to the high chair there. Only towards the end he made a noise, wanting to have some watermelon. Couldn't resist the red, juicy temptation I presumed. By the way, Krul & Ija were impressed with Faaz apetite when they saw him being fed. Hihihi, see the daddy lor.. :D

Posed with Daddy while waiting for Aunty Ija

Posed with Mommy too (wajib, kalau tak Mommy jeles..hihihi!)

The proud parents of Emir Zakwan :)

Inherit both his mama's eyes and his papa's features..handsome :)

We left the place around 2.30pm, went back to our house to perform the Zuhr prayer and packed some things before headed to Gombak for our 3rd destination. We were surprised to see that my uncle Aziz from Brunei was there with the family. Apparently, they were from London, just get back from sending my cousin Arif to the summer camp there. They stayed in KL for few days to ease the jet lag and took the opportunity to visit relatives here before went back to Brunei. Faaz was a bit blurred at first, almost cried when they took turns to carry him...hihi.

Sessi jejak kasih Malaysia-Brunei :p

After Maghrib prayer, we make a move. On the way home, hubby suggested that we stopped at Ikea to buy the high chair for Faaz since he loves it so much. That was our shortest trip to Ikea...(you know why right? hihi..) We parked, headed straight to the children section, found the code for the item and went straight to the warehouse downstairs to pick the items, paid and went home. Actually while finding the high chair, I stumbled upon a cute feeding bib, the type that I was looking for but it came with a matching feeding set. I just took it without thinking as we were in a rush. Balik rumah, En. Fadzil dah tersengih penuh makna sebab Faaz skarang sudah ada 2 sets, which is membazir :P I said to him. "Owh, don't worry Sayang, this new set is for Faaz when he grows bigger, when he learns to eat by himself..." hik! pandainyeeee Mommy Faaz bagi alasan..hik!

Aren't they cute? :)

Faaz was eager to see his Daddy assembled the chair, Mommy nak ajak mandi pun tak mahu. He must have thought that Fadzil bought him new toys. As anticipated, he loves to be inside the high chair and busy playing with his froggie feeding set. Tengoklah budak kecik tu in action...handsome baby turns into messy baby...isyh...isyh..isyh *geleng kepala*

Wondering what was Daddy up to?

Saw Mommy peek at him..smiled :)

Daddy in's almost done..horay!

Finally....busy bee with his stuff...hihi

My two sweethearts :)

As I was too lazy to go out again, I cooked simple meals for our dinner (my in-laws were away until midnight) and the Sunday excursion ended here...the end. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Delfi Warehouse Sale

Last Saturday morning while browsing through the net, I found out there was a warehouse sale in USJ, very near to our house (in front of hubby's ex-company). They were having foodstuff, Nivea & Eucerine skincare warehouse sale from Friday to Sunday. The brands such as Hershey's, Kellogg's and Wise caught my attention. I told my hubby about it and he seems interested. We decided to go and check it out in the evening, to avoid big crowd in the morning.

We both went there without our baby (Faaz stayed with his grandparents). My sister in-law, Reen decided to tag along at the very last minute. We arrived there at 4.50pm (the closing time is 5pm) and were quite happy with the small crowd (less than 20 people I think). Most of them left the place when we arrived so there's no issue with parking space at all...hihi. The warehouse sale was pretty interesting. At first, we went to the skincare section. Nivea skincare products were quite cheap. Big bottles of lotions (firming lotion, sunblocks, night cream, UV protection lotions, etc) were RM10 each while the small ones were RM5 for 3. All products that I checked was manufactured either Dec 2008 or January 2009 which is quite ok..There were other skincare products available too.

The food section was more interesting (to me :D). As they were about to close when we went there, all Kellogg's cereals selling price drop to RM1 for the regular size!! Owh, those who left were going crazy, except me :P The first thing I did was to check on the expiry dates before hubby get the green lights to buy... It's November 2009...ok, pass! :P We bought some, for our breakfast this week before Ramadhan comes..hihi. As mama is a chocoholic, and the nephews were back this weekend, we bought some chocolates for them
as well...

Total damaged?

5 boxes of Kellogg's cereals - RM5
3 boxes of chocolates - RM5
3 Nivea Men's scrub (750ml) - RM 15 (RM5 each)
3 Nivea's firming lotion (regular size) - RM 5
2 Nivea's Roll on deodorant (big size) - RM7

Total spending = RM 37 for 16 items :)

To date, only 2 boxes of cereals left, thanks to the cereals lovers (my hubby & nephew Hayy) :) I'm sure it will be finished by end of this week (sia-sia je I risau tak sempat habiskan the cereals before Ramadhan..hihihi.. :P).

Well, who says the Fadzil's shopping at high end places jer..we do shop at warehouse sale once a while tau! :P Kla, I nak sambung makan my coco chex with fresh milk for my breakfast...nyum! Happy working everyone! ;)

Friday, August 14, 2009


The current sandals that I have was a gift from my hubby a year ago. It was a "hint" from him that I have to quit wearing my heels and wedges for sometime. that time, I was at my 16th week of pregnancy. Love it so much that I wore it with almost everything; from jeans to baju kurung. I also wore it almost everywhere I go (even on hari raya too, can't help's so comfy! :P). As it is made from rubber; which is known of the ability to stretch, it perfectly fitted my swollen feet during my last month of pregnancy ;)

As I have aggressively worn in for the past one year (I do wear it until now, sometimes), u can guess how "lunyai" the sandals looks today. I believe its a sign (or excuse; whatever you want to call it :P) for me to buy a new pair. I've always love the striped sandals and plan to get one..perhaps this time, something similar to the Choo's

Nice huh? :)

p/s: Hubs, don't you want to treat your beloved wifey with another pair of sandals this year Sayang? hihi... :D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Faaz Naqi @ 7months

Cheerful on the morning of his 7 months, on the way to Tok Mak's house :)

Alhamdulillah, last Sunday our baby has turned 7 months. This time, he celebrated his "monthly-versary" with Mak Ngah, Uncle Wan and beloved Tok Mak @ Gombak. No new toys for Faaz this month, but prayers from Daddy and Mommy for Faaz's well being and happiness. Semoga makin bijak dan jadi anak yang soleh ya, Faaz. We love you so much lil angel! :)

To date, Faaz has gained 0.5kg from last month (which means current weight is 8.5kg), pretty good considering his activeness nowdays. Yes peeps, Faaz sangat lasak sekarang. Few times my c-sec wound being kicked by those strong legs (huhu...) especially when he refuses to wear his clothes after bathing. The only way to make him wear it is by dressing him up while he is on his feet. Pantang letak atas changing mat, he will quickly rollover and angkat2 punggung yg bolat itu...when Mommy tried to dress him up, he will cry, but not if he is on his feet. Faaz, Faaz...crawl pun belum lepas ada hati nak berdiri.. :P

Although he is still struggling to balance himself whenever he sit, he loves baby chair so much. Everytime we dine out and put him into the baby chair, happynya dia bukan main lagi. Bumbo seat tak layan ok.. Looks like we have to get one for him soon, then Mommy can feed him while having dinner or lunch together with the whole family ;)

busy choosing his menu :p

Alhamdulillah, Faaz can recognize few things now ---> fan, flower, fish, (uiks, he must really like the alphabet "F" so much..."F" kan for Faaz! hihi) ball and cat. Oh yeah, he adores CATs so much...which is , er..erm...uhhh, opposite to his Mommy (my weakness! :P) so you can imagine lah how it is every time he wants me to come closer to a cat or a kitten which always dropped by at our backyard. Terpaksa la Mommy Faaz rela dalam paksa and pretended to be very cool (dalam hati, only God knows). I think Inda can imagine this situation quite clear...rite inda? hahaaaaa...

Remember that day when I mentioned that I have tried few times to capture Faaz's 1st tooth but unsuccessful? Finally...I managed to! yay! *clap!* *clap!* ;) Itupun, after a lot (repeat that, a LOT!) of attempts to make him laugh to the max! totally worth it ;)

Ok, started to laugh on Mommy's joke..but the fingers plak kacau..huhu

Laughed again, aiseh!...terlebih suka la pulak sampai terjelir lidah :P

Finally...taraaaaa! the precious 1st tooth has finally captured ;)

(Mind you, this is the best so far..akan diusahakan lagi nanti..hihi.
kindly click on this photo to view it clearly)

p/s: Baby Faaz got a newborn friend on 09.08.09 named Emir Zakwan...can't wait to pay a visit soon ;)