Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our Sunday Excursion

USJ 11 ----> Goodyear Court 9 ----> Putra Heights ----> Gombak ----> Ikea ----> USJ 11

Happy to go out ;)

Last Sunday was a long day for us. We were out as early as 10am, right after breakfast. Although he has been awake since 7am, Faaz was energetic as usual..happy sungguh dapat pergi jalan pagi-pagi :) Our 1st destination was the car wash center, we gave black beauty a short "spa treatment" :P After spending about 20 minutes there, we make a move to our second destination, diyana's house. Actually, the intention was to bring Faaz to meet with the bigger Hadif (1st time they met, Hadif was just 1 day old) while I had to pass some item that diyana ordered from me. Unfortunately, upon arriving to her apartment, Faaz falls asleep...*sob!*, so mommy had to go there alone (since Fariq was not around, Fadzil decided to stay in the car with sleeping lil angel). Little Hadif was awake when I arrived...relaxing on his own "couch" while watching the TV...hihi, mcm dah besar jer dia! He was cute as always, but more chubbier now. Happy duduk dgn Akong yer Hadif? :) I was in a rush as my two sweethearts were waiting downstairs but managed to snap a photo with the cutie pie. (Ups! sorry Cee Dee, forgot to snap a photo together..huhu).

Doze off after being "hypnotized" by the spinning fan

So mommy met Hadif alone..jangan jealous, Faaz :p

The next stop was quite a long stop. We went to visit our uni bestfriend a.k.a Fadzil's golf partner who has just became a proud papa to a handsome baby Emir Zakwan. He shares the same birth date as Faaz - on the 9th. One was born on 09.01.09 and the other was on 09.08.09..hopefully both babies can be bestfriends as their fathers. The next generation of golf players, perhaps? :) At first, we were thinking to spend only an hour the max, so that Ija can have a good rest but they, especially Khairul's mama insisted that we joined them for lunch. Owh, En. Fadzil and En. Khairul were so happy that they can took their own sweet time to play guitar hero in the TV room (quoted from Krul, "bapa-bapa yang tak sedar diri" hihihi...). Mommy Faaz and Mama Emir were happy too that we get to share our mommyhood stories ;) Faaz was awake this time, more cheerful as he had his enough rest from the nap. As usual, he has not yet shown his interest with newborns, instead he was more interested with the fishes there. ..hihi. They have few big aquariums inside the beautifully renovated house. We all had our lunch together, thanks to the high chair there. Only towards the end he made a noise, wanting to have some watermelon. Couldn't resist the red, juicy temptation I presumed. By the way, Krul & Ija were impressed with Faaz apetite when they saw him being fed. Hihihi, see the daddy lor.. :D

Posed with Daddy while waiting for Aunty Ija

Posed with Mommy too (wajib, kalau tak Mommy jeles..hihihi!)

The proud parents of Emir Zakwan :)

Inherit both his mama's eyes and his papa's features..handsome :)

We left the place around 2.30pm, went back to our house to perform the Zuhr prayer and packed some things before headed to Gombak for our 3rd destination. We were surprised to see that my uncle Aziz from Brunei was there with the family. Apparently, they were from London, just get back from sending my cousin Arif to the summer camp there. They stayed in KL for few days to ease the jet lag and took the opportunity to visit relatives here before went back to Brunei. Faaz was a bit blurred at first, almost cried when they took turns to carry him...hihi.

Sessi jejak kasih Malaysia-Brunei :p

After Maghrib prayer, we make a move. On the way home, hubby suggested that we stopped at Ikea to buy the high chair for Faaz since he loves it so much. That was our shortest trip to Ikea...(you know why right? hihi..) We parked, headed straight to the children section, found the code for the item and went straight to the warehouse downstairs to pick the items, paid and went home. Actually while finding the high chair, I stumbled upon a cute feeding bib, the type that I was looking for but it came with a matching feeding set. I just took it without thinking as we were in a rush. Balik rumah, En. Fadzil dah tersengih penuh makna sebab Faaz skarang sudah ada 2 sets, which is membazir :P I said to him. "Owh, don't worry Sayang, this new set is for Faaz when he grows bigger, when he learns to eat by himself..." hik! pandainyeeee Mommy Faaz bagi alasan..hik!

Aren't they cute? :)

Faaz was eager to see his Daddy assembled the chair, Mommy nak ajak mandi pun tak mahu. He must have thought that Fadzil bought him new toys. As anticipated, he loves to be inside the high chair and busy playing with his froggie feeding set. Tengoklah budak kecik tu in action...handsome baby turns into messy baby...isyh...isyh..isyh *geleng kepala*

Wondering what was Daddy up to?

Saw Mommy peek at him..smiled :)

Daddy in's almost done..horay!

Finally....busy bee with his stuff...hihi

My two sweethearts :)

As I was too lazy to go out again, I cooked simple meals for our dinner (my in-laws were away until midnight) and the Sunday excursion ended here...the end. :)


Mimy Hamid said...

amboi faaz nya journey weekend kemain lagikkk..muka hepi menyengeh jekk..swett tul..tak penat ke tuuu

Nadine said...

:) memang si kecik tu kalau dpt pegi jalan hepi jer, mimy. owh, mlm tu dia tidur lewat, seronok main esoknya, tengahari baru bangun. letih sgt la tuh..hihi.


Alalalalala pandainya si kecik tu posing!! geram Aunty..:)

Faaz ade 2 persamaan with Oman kat entry kali ni;
1) Suka tgk ikan dalam aquarium. Oman kalau nampak ikan macam nak terjun je dalam aquarium tu. Hihi
2) High Chair. Momma and Dadda dah beli high chair tu kat IKEA masa Oman 8 months dalam perut lagi. Hahahahah.. punyala semangat.

Nadine said...

iye ke Nuurill..boleh jadi bestfwen nieh. banyak sungguh persamaan mereka. You, jom bawa diaorg gi aquaria, sure they'll love it :)

wah, efficient sungguh Momma & Dadda Oman. untung Oman. advance! hihi..


hahahaha.. the day we discovered him suka sangat ngan ikan2, mmg i ade proposed to Armi nak gi Aquaria. Armi pun ok. Nanti leh plan. :)
Yang best nyer.. momma dadda Oman pun x penah sampai lagi kat sana. Hahaha

Nadine said...

hik! samalah kita. tu yg I beria2 nak pegi Aquaria..Mommy Faaz yg nak sgt pegi sbnarnya. hihihi..

shahsulong said...

weekends lepas memang penat sket, family was around for convo and stuffs. memang tak bleh rehat la T-T

congrats to Ija and Krul. tak leh view pix lagi, internet ni tah paper je pagi ni. but bet you guys look awesome together :)

Nadine said...


jannahrais said...

alaa....jelesnye gi ikea...dulu mase dok kelana jaya 2minggu sekali gi ikea..paling koman beli karipap dia aje..hihih
pandai faaz dok sopan2 kt high chair ek...good boy!

ija dah dpt bb ek..kalo nadia jumpe ija lg kim salam ek kat dia.

dyana "his other half" said...

argghhh...jika ke aquaria saye pun nak ikut!!! too ada plan with fariq nak bawa hadif pege aquaria...masa dating dulu pernah pege sampai 2x...memang best :)...

marilah kita buat rombongan faaz, oman n hadif ke aquaria...or maybe rombongan nadia, nuril n diyana suit better sebab mama2 diaorg yang excited lebih...ahaha...

Nadine said...


tak payah jeles2 jannah, kitaorg pegi skejap je. H1N1 punye pasal. hihi..
dia sopan sbb dia suka sgt high chair tu jannah. sok2 kalau dia dh bosan tak taula..hihi.

aah, ija dh join motherhood club. insyaAllah, mmg slalu jumpa diaorg. nanti nadia inform dia :)

Nadine said...

Cee Dee,

amboi2, dh pegi 2 kali pun tak puas2 lagi.. :P

boleh2, sila organize trip utk baby2 comel ini bila h1n1 reda sket yer :)


Yer Yer saya sokong!!! :)

HalfBlood Princess said...

Wowwwieeee junior juice!! hehehe...kuat kn Faaz, dh bley duduk dlm high-chair dh..isk isk isk...handsome indeed, mmg cair aunty tgk faaz smile...hihihi...

Nadine said...

thanks izu, one tough nut he is :)
cair ek, hmm cerah peluang Faaz nak jadi menantu macam nie. hihihi!

:: NieSha :: said...

aunty mmg ler suka tgk gmbar2 faaz ni..comey,cute,encem..complete ;)
wah...nk jugakla jalan...huhu..rindunya nk jalan2..

Nadine said...

thanks wani, ur soo sweet! :)

ini pun mcm cerah je harapan Faaz jadi calon menantu..hihihi. jgn marah ye korang. gurau2 :)

itula wani, rindu masa bebas kesana kemari without worrying this and that kan. mudah-mudahan cepatla h1n1 ni reda...aamin.

my.mastura said...

akhirnya, baru ni aa nampak faaz ikut muka daddy (jgn jeles aaa mommy..heheh)

x meragam lak faaz dh penat berjalan ek? good boy...

another '9th' baby..hehehhe...kawan aku pon dh dpt '9th' baby..090609...dh 4 org faaz tetap ketua sbb dia yg paling tua :P ...heheheh

Nadine said...

hihi, akhirnya ade jugak org kata ikut muka Fadzil. sure dia kembang bila baca comment ini. hik!
owh, aku tak jeles..sbb pipi dia tu mmg sah ikut aku. tak dpt dinafikan. muahaha!

tak, mas..dh biasa kot dr dlm perut lg, kitaorg ni mmg satu family kaki jalan. hihihi.

iye ke..hehe, itu sudah semestinyer. januarians are born to be leaders..eceh! :P

my.mastura said...

sure bila dh besar skit, faaz x leh tgk mommy pakai tudung...mesti dia tau "time utk berjalan2"

Nadine said...

hihi, bkn sure besar sket mas, dr umur 6 bulan lg dia dh excited mintak dokong kalau nampak aku pakai tudung. skang pulak, dh 7 bulan, pagi2 aku nak gi keja dia tau dia takkan dpt bila aku peluk cium dia, dia melekat terusla kat aku takmo lepas. siap sepet2kan mata n muncung2..bising mulut dia. hahaha, sgt comey! ko tgkla Mikhail sok..hihi

uja said...

faaz nti bole pinjam high chair tak? :D
gambar faaz ngn nadia kiut betul!

:: NieSha :: said...

faaz nk jadi menantu aunty ker? hehe..tapi damia tua 7 bulan la dr faaz..huhu..xpon tunggu latest edition dr shahirsha production k..ahaks! ala faaz nih beshar nanti mesti girls beratur tunggu giliran nih..hehehe..

Nadine said...


boleh,untuk baby no.3 ke uja? hihihi..saje usik uja. Bagus high chair tu, bantu mendisiplinkan Faaz. skang dia mamam duk kat dining...letak toys leka la dia dlm high chair tu sambil mamam. Pastu senang kitaorg sume nak makan. Letak la dia dlm tu ngan toys. Happy jer dia..iyela, jd part of the crowd. kalau duk dlm baby cot tu mcm terasing kn :)

Nadine said...

aunty wani nie, mommy Faaz tua 11bulan dr daddy Faaz tau :P Januarian vs Decemberian...inila jdnyer..huhuhu.

wah, product terbaru shahirsha..menarik!! bila tu?! :D

Anonymous said...

gambar kak nadia ngn faaz sgt kiut...encemnya die

Nadine said...

:) thanks. akak pun suka gamba tu, tp slack sbb membelakangkan cahaya. mr. photographer tak ckp pun, akak lak tak perasan..huhu.

p/s: ini siapa ye?

bEth said...

nadia, tq for ur post! at last we manage to get ikea high chair after months been out of stock for zafeera.we went to ikea after reading ur post. ekekeeke now, she can have her meal with us ;p

Nadine said...

hi beth! :)

good to see u here. Ic..yay! now Zafeera can sit comfortably in her own chair! :)

Owh, when we went there, actually the sample said out of stock, but being stubborn, we get the codes and went downstairs to check...hihi, luckily ade! :p

p/s: I dh baca ur blog @ blogspot...shweeet sgt! :) erm, y no continuation? ke u pun writing @ wordpress like Zaha? can i have ur link...leh I link u :)

Anonymous said...

yeah me too. did it before tapi still tak de stok. huhuhu sian japila kne mkn kat bwh sblm nieh. sgt messy!
yups already changed.


Nadine said...

ic..ciannya dia. cian mama dia jugak, kena kemaskan. :)

ic, nnti i link u k...