Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Her Special Day

I am currently not in the mood to blog due to an awful incident that happened today. However, I will not take this as a reason to forget someone whose friendship means a lot to me :) Let's make this entry short and sweet.

She started to be my close friend when both of us coincidentally choose Communication as our majoring during 1st year in IIUM. Not only we shared the same course, we also shared the same rooms every semester. We then discovered that we have a lot of things in commons and instantly we become best friends. We've been seen together most of the time...like a twin, the unidentical ones of course :P We shared almost everything together...from joy and laughter to tears and anger, from studies to personal life, from passions to political view, from secrets to jokes. Yet, we are also differs in some sense...I love blue but she adores red, she enjoyed spicy food (more chilli is better) but not me, she adores Chinese looking guy but I go for tall guy...I guess these little things add colours to our friendship :)

Not only she is my bestfriend, she was my best competitor during our study years. Last minute study + coffee worked on us :P We will stay up during the examination weeks...especially during finals.
Sincerely, without her being my rival (which is the good ones, she's hard to challenge ok.. ex MRSM tuh! :) ), I don't thing I'll take 110% effort and achieved more than what I targeted. One of the funniest moments happened during the final week of exam. Both of us had stayed up for 3 consecutive days and after the final paper of that semester finished, we both hurried back to our room and tried to have some sleep...but unsuccessful. We tried everything, closed the curtain, put the fan to the max speed and made each other's bed as comfy as possible...still, we failed. Suddenly, I heard a voice, "Nadia...Nadia boleh tido?" which almost made me burst to laughter! hihi... We then decided to watch some clips to kill time before headed to the cafeteria later for dinner. We ordered a lot of food, purposedly to full our tummies and then went back to the room to sleep with full stomach. (mind us, we were both were on "holiday" from prayers :P) It worked!! (please don't try this, dear readers jika tidak mahu perut naik..hihi :P)

One thing that touched my heart was when my late father passed away. She was in Ipoh, her hometown. Upon hearing the news, she came to my house all the way from Ipoh with her parents. Her mom told me that she cried badly upon hearing the news. I was touched. That day, I realized, she's not only a friend or a bestfriend. She's more like a sister to me :)

She, the one I've mentioned here, another friendship that I treasure forever is no other than with Norshalinda bt Samsuddin. Today, 8th September is her special day.


Sorry I was late to wish you "happy birthday". Something bad came up...but it doesn't mean I forget your special day (how can, 8981 is everywhere rite? :) ). Sorry also that I had to rush and published this simple post which took me only 15mins. I pray that all your wishes will comes true, insyaAllah. May you have a wonderful year ahead with your loved ones. I hope both of us will continue to be as what we are used to be, forever...aminn. Present during Raya Open house yer? :)

Happy, Happy Birthday.

Hugs & Kisses,

p/s: Thursday will be Lady D's birthday. So...Mama Hadif, Happy Birthday in advance!! :)


dyana "his other half" said...

Happy Birthday Inda :)...i totally agree with nadia on her statement of inda is not only a friend or bestfrien but more like a sister. me n her was very close back on our matrix years. but different majoring make us apart a little bit. I'm glad that she found u as a friend :).

oh ya, one thing i'll never forget about inda is her statement of "jgn lupa cedee, inda tgk dunia 2 hari lebih awal dari cedee tau". ahahaha... how i miss those days.

uja said...

today pun my bestfren's bday :) muka nadia so innocent la(not to say that skng dah tk innocent hehe)

INDA said...

i was suprised first, when i saw our pic at the shortcut to ur blog. i clicked, read and tears fell down my cheech.
ur words really touched me, it means a lot. thank you...
buat i rindu time2 belajar kat uni dulu :)

p/s: mcm nak ulang kenangan di uni tapi tak mau exam boleh? ;p

Nadine said...

Cee D,

Rindukan? :)

p/s: statement inda itu jugak tidak kulupakan. hihihi...kakak awal dua hari :P

Nadine said...


ye ke uja...coincidentlah pulak :)
hihihi...gamba masa muda belia (skang pun muda tau :P) n bujang trang tang tang. hihihi, br je tunang ngan Fadzil masa nieh. :)

Nadine said...


Glad u read it before 9th Sept..hihi. Sori ye, tak wish awal2 tru sms or call sbb mmg nak surprise Inda tru blog. Cuma something bad happened so tak smpt buat awal2 entry nie.

p/s: mmg! everytime me & Fadzil talked about uni years, rasa mcm nak balik je zaman tu....rindu! :)

Nadine said...

huwaaaa...shidah sori. I terdelete your comment accidentally *sob* :'(
mommy Faaz tak tido satu mlm terus jd cenggini. huhu.

anyway, kalau rajin u can terus post kat blog inda ye. sorry again.

shahsulong said...

it's ok. perhaps the feelings aren't supposed to be shared ..

apa address blog inda ek?

Nadine said...

huhu, sori again yek.

blog dia ade kat my blog list - The story of us :)

HalfBlood Princess said...

Dulu izu takut nk approach Inda sbb rse mcm dia grg..tp bler jmp ok je..salu senyum!:D

Happy bday Inda! esk izu wish kt blog Inda plak yer? skg dh xsmpt daa...ngantuks.:D

Nadine said...


inda garang ngan brothers..my bodyguard. even fadzil dulu nak tackle I pun susah..muahaha!! :D