Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Special Guests

Last Saturday, my in-laws went out as early as 9 a.m. for a shopping spree in KL. After fed my baby with avocado puree in plain yougurt for his breakfast, I put him to sleep first before joining my man who was in deep sleep (we slept quite late last night, we watched some DVD's). All three of us woke up later @ 11am thus, me and hubby have late breakfast...I made pancake with honey and french toast. Good enough for "alas perut" as we were thinking of going to ishamizu's open house + zahin's birthday bash later that day.

However, during noon Fadzil received a phone call. It was from Basid, our close friend from IIUM who is currently working in Sydney, accompanying dear wifey who is a PHD candidate there. They came back to Malaysia for Raya holiday. I was so thrilled when Fadzil told me they gonna drop by our house! As we didn't see them for so long (2 years I think), we have to cancel the trip to Melaka (sorry Izu, harap Izu paham ye..thanks!). Quickly I grabbed my hijab and we went to Taipan to buy some groceries for me to cook. While we were busy in the supermarket, Basid called and said he almost reached USJ11...aiyak!! Kata lepas lunch baru nak datang *gabra* We then put back all the things and headed to Kayu Nasi Kandar Restaurant to tapau mee goreng ayam...huhu. Sorry Azah & Basid. This was the best at that time since you guys gave us very short notice. Truthfully, ralat sungguh I didn't managed to cook proper meals for them. Dahla they went back to Malaysia after so long. kan..Next time do inform us early tau, insyaAllah I'll cook something special for both of you :) Itupun, they were already in front of our gate while we were on the way back from Taipan. My heart felt with excitement when I saw Azah. Rasa nak lompat keluar je from the car...hihi, rindu!!

He was "shy-shy cat" at first :)

But managed to smile a bit.. :)

Guess what was Basid looking at??

he was watching baby Faaz playing with his feeding set.
konon2 nak feed himself :P

It was the first time for Faaz to meet his parent's close friends and so were them. At first, Faaz was quite shy...but didn't object at all when Azah carried him. He just stared at her, and be quiet. After few minutes, he started to warm up...dah start senyum dah..suka lah tu aunty Azah layan dia :)
Khairul & Basid

Azah & Ija

Emir was having his "lunch" :)

Just nice after they finished their dessert (I served them moist chocolate cake I made the day before with ice-cream), Khairul, Ija & baby Emir came to our house. They were in Puchong, beraya when Basid called Khairul so they dropped by our house to meet the couple. Sort of small reunion, tp meriah. Faaz bertambah-tambahlah gumbira cause Uncle Khairul memang rajin layan (and sakat :P) Faaz. Azah get to meet baby Emir for the 1st time too..Lastly, before they left to Bangi, I insisted that we took a group photo...untuk kenang-kenangan :)

Uncle Krul yang rajin layan Faaz :)

Faaz was ready to play the balls with Daddy n the gang :P

Mommy Faaz dah tak sempat nak lilit2 tudung dah...
sarung je ape dapat when they came. Nasib ade Ariani, senang sket

the ladies in da house :)

Azah was practising..passed!
InsyaAllah, your turn next dear friend :)

all of us :)

To Azah & Basid,

Thanks for slot in some time to meet us despite the hectic scheduled you guys have. We really appreciated it. Happy and seronok...terubat sikit rindu. :) At first, I was thinking if until Saturday night you didn't give us a call...we'll go to KLIA je la to send you back to Aussie. Alhamdulillah, ade juga rezeki nak jumpa kan? :) Baby Faaz say thanks to Aunty Azah yang comel for the souvenir from Aussie. He loves it ;) To friends who doesn't get the chance to meet up with them, don't worry...they'll coming back to Malaysia end of this year for Hana's wedding. InsyaAllah boleh jumpa nanti :)

p.s: Azah actually read our blogs tau..she's a silent reader :)


dyana "his other half" said...

oohhh...jelous nya looking at those photo...i miss azah too :(...rugi2 tak dapat jumpa...sob sob...

Nadine said...

:) tunggu end of this year k, insyaAllah nnti boleh jumpa Azah :)

shahsulong said...



Anonymous said...

korang!! nnti ujung tahun ek.. insyaAllah.. aritu tak sempat betul nak jumpa semua, walaupun niat di hati tu ada.. kebetulan rumah basid kat PJ dekat dgn USJ, itu yg sempat nk squeeze in tu. seronok sangat tau! inda, cdee, shidah, izu, sorry ye xdpt catch up haritu.. ada rezeki lain kali lah nnti ya!

Nadine said...

Friends, anonymous di atas ialah Puan Azah, fyi :)

HalfBlood Princess said...

It's ok nadia n azah..i understand...:) nway kecian che dee n shida xdpt jmp azah..u guys kn mmg close aite! xpe tgu hjg thn ni..hehe.