Friday, October 9, 2009

Choral Speaking

Besides cheerleading, I have been introduced to this activity 15 years ago (uh oh..i feel old :P), when I continued my secondary learning in SM Convent Seremban (now it is known as Sek Men Puteri, Seremban).

During that period, I have been given the privileged to stand either at the most front, or at the last row (on top of the platform, of course), due to my "petite-ness" :P Chorus speaking activity also took me to visit other schools in NS such as our traditional all girl school "rival", the famous TKC and SDAR for inter state competitions.

What is a choral speaking? someone may ask...Well, choral speaking is basically projecting your voice by a chorus of speakers. A little bit like choir, but instead of singing, we recite
a combination of a story+poetry+song, with face mimic/action. I love this activity as it emphasize on disciplines, teach us to always be alert, as well as improving your English pronunciation, especially the jargon :)

Recently, I stumbled upon this cool clip which reminded me of this activity (and buat pengguna 'The Power of Dreams' like me teruja..:) ). I must say their choral speaking is superb!


p.s: Happy 9 months old, Faaz Naqi! :)


HalfBlood Princess said...

ehehehe cool clip...i like. being watching it with Iris u know..she keeps oooohh, aaahhh...lps hbs je clip ni, dia wat bunyi er, er plak. mntk nk tgk lg la tuh...hehehe...

BTW izu pon ske sgt choral speaking!!pnh jgk take part tp sek. rendah je.:)

HalfBlood Princess said...

happy 9 mos, Faaz! tlupe plak aunty td.:)

Nadine said...

i can imagine that. awwwwh, cuteness!! clever baby iris, kecik2 dh minat choral speaking :)

iye ke..lagi advance start dr nadia.

TQ Izu for the wish ;)


Happy 9th month Old Faaz! :)

Nadine said...

TQ Momma Oman :)