Monday, October 5, 2009

A little bit of Japanese Cuisine

We had our department's lunch last week at JW Marriott, Putrajaya. Midori Japanese Restaurant was the chosen place this time (In E, we have our departmental luncheon every quarter of the year). The restaurant was a bit secluded...cozy. Japanese bamboo and small waterfall were the main deco. They have rooms for you to dine in privately or a big space for gathering...just like us. I heart the way they arrange the dining table. Neat, clean and very cute. Japanese are very detail kan? :)
Justify FullHonestly, I am not a fan of Japanese food except for Teppanyaki, (my favorite!). Reason being, I don't enjoy eating raw food as I can't tolerate the unpleasant odor coming from raw fishes/seafood (hanyir :P). Secondly I can't eat seafood as it will trigger skin rashes (allergic). However, food served in Midori Japanese Restaurant is an exception. A must try. Seriously..sedap! :) These are the cuisine that we have that day:

1. Sashimi
Thinly sliced, raw scallops/fresh fish.

As I said earlier, I can't stand the malodour of the seafood. But, according to my friend, fresh salmons doesn't smell. She was right. The salmon was tasty indeed, especially when you deep it inside the soy sauce with a little bit of wasabi...nyumm! However, I have to pass on the Maguro (Tuna), it still smelly to me :P

2. Chawanmushi
The egg custard dish

Cute kan the name? :) Literally, chawanmushi means tea cup steam as the egg was steamed in a cute cup. The egg custard usually consists of an egg mixture flavored with soy sauce, dashi, and mirin, with numerous ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms, kamaboko and boiled shrimp. I was lucky that mine did not have boiled shrimp in it..phewww. the taste is mild, just nice, I like it :)

3. Sushi
Vinegar rice, topped with other ingredients and wrapped with nori (seaweed)

Our sushi were filled with some cucumber, salmon and fish egg. The taste is acceptable for me as it was not smelly. Again, I dipped it with soy sauce + wasabi for the flavour :)

4. Tempura
Deep fried battered seafood/meat/vege

Our's was prawn tempura, which means a no-no for me. Nevertheless, I still ate one as it was so tempting...huhu, I can't help it (Kerja Pui Sun & Sheryl yer yang dok goda2 saya :P). As a result, a series of rashes developed on my both arms right after the lunch. Konon-konon they said the green tea helped to neutralize the toxic...duh!! padan muka sendiri! *dush!!* :P

5. Fish Kabayaki
Fish meat, dipped in sweet soy sauce-base sauce before broiled on a grill.

The tenderness of the fish meat blends perfectly with the sweet sauce. This one is nice too.

6. Oyster Motoyaki
baked oyster topped with a mayonnaise-based sauce served in an oyster shell

I love oyster! especially the fresh ones, with a little bit of lemon juice...nyumm! It's kinda weird actually, although I am allergic to seafood, my body tolerate very well with oyster (which I have not yet to find out WHY...but who cares??! boleh makan, makan je lah...ahaha :)) ). I heart this meal. The mayo blends well with the juicy oyster..enak! :)

7. Chicken Teriyaki
chicken broiled and grilled in tare (sweet soy sauce) marinade

It taste like usual teriyaki..sweet, and salty. Somehow the taste is almost the same as Kabayaki.

8. Chicken Teppanyaki
the style of cooking which derived from the word "teppan" (iron plate) and "yaki" (pan-fried)

At came my favourite dish, served with sliced garlic chip...nyumm! Enjoyed this the most. hihi.. :)

9.Takikomi GohanJapanese rice dish seasoned with dashi and soy sauce along with mushrooms, vegetables, meat, or fish.

It taste like a Fried Rice to me...a not too dry ones. The taste of dried shrimp is very obvious. It was garnished with sliced garlic chip and spring onion. Accompanied with this, which is also my favourite. Usually, it is served with teppanyaki..

10. Miso Soup
A traditional Japanese soup consist of dashi stock and mixed into softened miso paste, japanese tofu and nori (seaweed).

11. Matcha no aisu kurīmu
A famous Japanese Ice-cream flavour (green tea). Matcha comes from a specific type of green tea used in Japanese tea ceremony.

Last but not least...the appetizer! For those who are not really familiar with this flavour (like myself), need not to worry. This ice-cream was topped with the red bean paste, which neutralized the strong green tea flavour. Perfect! :)

The satisfied patrons :P
Me and my Japanese "translator", Nini (she's good in Japanese tau!)

It is nice when you have the opportunity to indulge yourself with foreign food once a while. You can also learn a little bit about their culture through food, too. Sometimes you'll enjoyed it, sometimes you won't. It's all depends on our individual taste bud and how well the food is prepared. In Malay we say, Tepuk Dada, Tanya Selera :)


Mimy Hamid said...

wow menarik la japanese cuisine...mmg favvy jopun jopun ni...yummy giler

Nadine said...

iye ke Mimy, ape lg..kasi hintlah sama cik abg awak *wink* hihi..

HalfBlood Princess said...

Owh, same with me...raw2 ni mmg kureng sket. tp ada sushi yg izu bley can go 1pcs je at one time.

but these are really good info, bly la izu bg cth byk sket kt pupils selain sushi, dorayaki.:D

nadia san, arigato gozaimasu!;)

Nadine said...

ic..sama la kita. tekak melayu kot eh :D

alamak! nak jawab ape nieh????


dōitashimashite, izu san!

(betulkah??) :))


owh i like!!
SEAWEED --- Very yum yum :)

Nadine said...

ini mesti pencenta sushi nie :)

diyana said...

kak nadine...entry mu ini buatku terliuq lah!! cedapnya japanese food! adik tau makan je kak..nama hampeh. tq for sharing the info too sis!! :D

Nadine said...

hihi, akak pun blaja masa tu jugak. my friends mostly mmg fan of japanese food. no problemo dear :)

HalfBlood Princess said...

aii memang tekak mly...hihi. sibbaik same ngan hisham xsuka japanese2 ni...hehe

both of us are so much into italian cuisine...what abt u n fadzil?;D

Nadine said...

hihi, sama la kita izu. Japanese food, kitaorg suka Teppanyaki/Tempura je :D

we are more to western food. tu yg jd regulars kat Chill's/TGIF. Sbb itu juga Nadia slalu masak western dish. :)

italianese cuisine? oh itupun kami suka. fadzil especially, hantu pizza!

HalfBlood Princess said...

owh bleyla geng... mmg hantu pizza...western food pon ok gk!:D

nway ktrg plak klu japanese..suka tempura je.:D

my.mastura said...

byk2 menu tu, aku kenan yg last skali cream, always tempt me...

yg lelain tu, aku rasa aku leh telan fish kabayaki tu je kot..lelain tu, kembang tekak lak rasa nyer...heheheh

Nadine said...

hihi, ice-cream lah yg paling selamat ye mas. confirm cedap! :)

:: NieSha :: said...

wah nampak sedap je gmbar2 itu...tapi...wani n hubby pon x suka japanese food... western n italian n arabian food je layan (semuanya bleh menggemukkan hihihi..)

Nadine said...

hihi, itula. slalu yg sedap2 nie la kalori tinggi. what to do kan, the temptation is so high! :D