Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last minute!

I was down with fever (and a complete set of flu, sore throat and cough) for the whole last week but didn't get the opportunity to take M.C due to career commitment :'( Finally, I was recovering on Friday but only to realized I have transferred the fever to my hubby and a slight flu to my baby..poor them! So sorry..huhu :(

So I worked from home on Friday, just to take care of my two babies...

Hubby was craving of soupy meals so I made him some sup daging. Faaz appetite was as usual, alhamdulillah..except for his behavior. He was a bit cranky when he was sleepy. I think it must be due to the medicine he took. He was not ready to sleep yet he felt sleepy and drowsy. Cian cayang mommy...

Towards noon, I was contemplating whether I should attend the E-party or not. Seriously, I was not in the mood. Moreover, I still haven't find any suitable top to wear. I planned to buy one last minute but due to my health condition the whole week, I felt too lazy to shop. Yeah, another reason to pass on this event..

My two babies..kembali ceria :)

Around 4pm, my hubby woke from his deep sleep and was surprised that I haven't get ready yet (the dinner start early, at 5.30pm). I told him that I don't have the heart to leave both of them. He said he felt fresh, and was recovering. I wasn't satisfied so I checked his temperature. Normal...alhamdulillah. Lega. Faaz was recovering too. No sign of mucus dripping from his nose. My MIL also encauraged me to go as she planned to bring Faaz to Shireen's place so that he can play with the boys (Faaz second cousins). I told my hub there's still one more problemo..I don't have suitable top to wear. We both went upstairs and try to "dig" up my closet. Finally we found my 2 year old red mini dress (merah lagik..). I think I wore it only once last time, before I gained few kg's after my engagement (gemok happy okeh :P). Hubby asked me to try it first and lucky me, it still fit. Problem solved...quickly I grabbed a matching scarf and get ready. It was then only I realized my skinny jeans was really loose. Great!! :( If I wear it with a belt, it will be bulgingly invisible through my mini dress! With no choice, I wore a legging instead. My hubby sampai terbeliak mata.. :P

"Yang, are you sure you wanna wear this??"

"Yeah, only this can go with the boots Sayang..Why?"

"Its too sexy...lets find something else.."

"Takde ape lagi dah yang matching...its ok, it will be covered by the boots and my dress. Jap I demo.."

Finally he gave me the green light. It was already late when we left home (TQ sayang for the drive) and it was raining heavily..so I arrived at Euphoria at 6.15pm! I called Nini and she said need not to worry as I was not the only latecomer...pheeeww. Legaaa :P

Well, what I wore that evening was not what I imagined but considering everything was last minute... kira okla kot :P

With my best buddy Nini at the lounge..
accidentally we wore the same color..ahaha...

Cam whoring while on the way to the dance floor for the event.
Bukan menari ye.. :P

Us, at the dance floor. The flashing lights ruined our photo :(

The party was host by Adam C. He's cute but surprisingly shorter than I imagined he was..hihi. I love the performance by my management team. They performed the zombie dance from Thriller video clip smoothly. Especially with the tombstone and the smoke effect. Sgt smart!! There were also games and the main agenda was E Got Talent. A group named 'The Chicks' wowed the crowd with their Bollywood dance. Due to last minute (again!), I forgot to bring the extra battery for my cammie...not even half of the event, my battery officially dead. :P

This was how Euphoria dance floor looks like that nite

The hyperactive Adam C.
Susah betul nak snap his photo :P

p/s: The lady in the photo is my HOD :)

The performance by ESM team..PCK pun adaaaa :P

"These boots are made for walkin..."
nanyi tune Nancy Sinantra please.. :P

After the party, supper @ McD with my Love.
Prosperity burgers...nyummy!!

It wasn't the best party I have attended but it was once in a lifetime experience for someone who wears hijab like me to enter such a club :P The super loud music and the moving lights, seriously it made me feel dizzy! Definitely a big NO-NO for me. I wonders why people like this type of place...hurmmm....

p.s: Nini...your photos nanti I upload in FB k :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Birthday & A Graduation

Our last weekend was occupied with the family events, both his and mine. It was fun :)

Last Saturday night, we went to Taman Pelangi for Niesha's 21st Birthday Party. Although it rains heavily throughout the night (habis all the scallop canopies semua basah..), it doesn't stopped the guests from keep on coming, whom were mostly her college mates. The birthday bash was lively, the crowd was big and loud music were played by the DJ that night. The theme colour were pink + off white, and the dress code was Bollywood night (we were exempted..hihi). The cake was in a key shape and it was huuuuge! :) Just as we wanted to make a move, they were getting ready for a dance session. Meriah sungguh! :)

She look so sweet in pink. Very feminine :)

FIL, Hayy, MIL, Faaz & his Daddy :)

Can't help myself from adoring this shy but cute lil girl :)

Cake cutting ceremony

The next day, we went to PWTC for my youngest aunt's convocation. Cik Lin finally got her degree, after years of studying (PJJ). All the hard work have been paid the day she received her scroll proudly witnessed by her beloved hubby and kids.

I'm so proud of you, Cik Lin! :)

We came quite late, just nice before the graduands marched out of the main hall whereas my family from BP has been there since 8am. Yeah, we missed to see her big moment via the big screen but what to do...I have to cook my precious gem's lunch, wait for him to wake up, get ready and have his breakfast before we can make a move.

Us "berkampung" in PWTC...Faaz was sleepy

He loves to take my photo from this angle.
Nak highlight my "petiteness" la tu..hampeh :P

After the ceremony, we went to the studio to take some family photos before having lunch at the Riverside Cafe. That is the only option since Tok Mak is too old to walk to The Mall. Despite the limitation in food variety, their service is something that should be complemented. Later, we went back to Cik Lin's house in Ampang.

As usual, Faaz showed his affection towards his Uncle Baby which makes his Mommy non-stop kena usik "bolehla bagi Faaz adik" Redhaaa... :P Tak puas mingling around with my Tok Mak, aunties and cousins we stayed there until late evening before headed to my mom's place.

To Niesha,
Happy 21st birthday. We pray you become a successful doctor in few more years time :)

To Cik Lin,
Heartiest Congratulations from us! Your success in managing studies and married life inspired me. Nadia dah berangan dh ambil scroll with Fadzil, Faaz n maybe "adik" Faaz witness it pulak..(tingginya cita2 :P) Doakan Nadia dapat buat masters in near future k :)


Friday, November 13, 2009

Too Many Things, Too Little Time

It's November, which means we are in the middle of the last quarter of 2009...and 2010 is just approximately a month ++ from now. I am sure most of the career men and women are at the peak of busy-ness as work demand increases towards end of the year. Apa lagi if it's related to KPI, either company's or personal KPI..berlumba-lumbalah closing the gaps. What I hate most in this situation, people can get really ugly. Brown nosing and back stabbing are transparently seen...urgh!! Usually, towards the end of the year there will be a lot of career opportunities being advertised and as usual, people starting to jump here and there, looking for better option and career improvement. In E, towards end of the year people will also starting to take a long leave for vacation. The company policy stated that we need to clear off 80% of our annual leave. Only the remaining 20% are allowed to be bring forward to next year. So office is a bit empty but the workloads are doubled..oh my!

As for me, I am busy bee with my Vietnamobile GRAN tuning, but managed to relax a bit today due to delays in logfiles. Due to bad weather condition (they been hit by a typhoon recently), the drive testers were having some difficulties in doing the drive testing. Pity them but a bit relief for our team here :) E Party 2009 is coming closer and people are busy with the preparations. The talent show is back in action (E Got Talent-Season 2) for that night thus the auditions up to semi-finals are ongoing. Besides the committees, the Management are also very busy practising every evening as they will performed for us... I can't wait to see the Head of GSDC do the moonwalking..Owh, this gonna be fun! :) To wrap the year end, my department will be having a paintball session and followed by a year-end dinner at the Hilton. Can't wait to try the paintball for the very first time! Ok, enuff about my working life. Full stop. :)

December, is a month full of special events for me. It's officially F&N month of luv-we are officially an item in December, his birthday falls on December and we got married in December! love, love, love :) December started with Mama's birthday and both of us are still thinking of the perfect gift. My friend Noreen recently emailed me the catalog of Corelle sets from the State. The price is way cheaper than what they sell here.

Macam menarik...but I'm a bit worried of the possibility that some will be broken during shipping. Maybe we'll pass on this..

Then comes Dec 15th, the day we are officially husband and wife :) Since it falls on a working day, there's no way I can cook something special for him unless I take a leave which is impossible rite now as my leave bank is approaching to z.e.r.o :P Wanna make something special for him but I'm not sure I will have ample time for it. If not...then last minute shopping is my last resort. :P

Few days after, his born day...oh, this man that I love is totally into gadgets. His wishlist of gadgets is like urm..uh...a million! :P What to get him is not an issue but the budget, is a big YES. Oh Sayang, your standard has becomes too high la, sila doakan your wifey cepat naik jadi AM! Hihihi..How I wished his birthday is near to my bonus pay day..kan senang :P

Then, the awaiting 2nd wedding anniversary cum honeymoon gataway from the parents will be coming...weeee! This one, I can't wait. Lagi-lagi this time Faaz will be joining us ;) But when thinking about the preparations for our baby...lemah sikit. We'll be away for 5 days and the thing that makes me worry the most now is his food. We don't prefer cereals for our baby as it contains sugar. The place we'll be staying doesn't have a mini kitchen thus it will be quite a hassle. I am thinking of bringing the frozen homemade porridges (flight duration is about an hour, upon arriving dah terus ke hotel for check in so we can just freeze it inside the mini fridge)...but the issue is how to heat it up..Maybe I have to buy a mini stove or bring the mini rice cooker as suggested by Momma Oman (thanks for sharing, dear!). If I were to cook there, I have to bring a blender jugak...lecehnya... For his mobility, I'll get a simple light weight umbrella stroller, thanks to Papa Iris who helped me to get one with a cheap price..phewww. We don't want to spend much on this as Faaz already has a stroller to begin with and the way the cargo people treated the strollers which I read from susuibu.com forum scared me. Faaz will not be travelling with plane that often and by the time for this vacation, maybe he can already walk (based on his non-stop trying now) so a cheap one will be fine, I guess.

Two more weeks after that, comes the day Faaz will turn big 1! This one, early planning is needed as it will involves orders and reservations. Too many things, too little time! Surveying, planning, budgeting and of course a series of compulsive shopping is definitely for me...which also means, "bulan-bulan pokai Nadine" is coming soon. Muahaha!

Well, honestly...am I stressed?
Not really.

and Why is that?
Cause I am surrounded with the things that I love, activities that I love...and most importantly, all the effort goes to all the person that I love. The Most! :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Non-bake Blueberry Cheesecake

As requested by Mama Damia, ZulBigo & Fairuz, here is a very simple, easy non-bake blueberry cheesecake recipe which never fail to satisfy my hubby's appetite for dessert. He called it "Nadine's specialty" :) Sorry, I have to make this entry as simple as possible as I am very busy lately. Ini pun it has been delayed for almost 2 weeks..huhu. Let say there's anything unclear or you have any inquiry, feel free to leave a comment, k.


1 cup of crushed digestive biscuits(Grahams is not easy to find, I used McVities instead)
4 tbs of melted butter

~Filling~250g cream cheese
(any brand, I used Philadelphia's )

1 to 11/2 cup of fresh milk
30gm fine sugar
1 tsp of lemon zest

Blueberries in tin
(I used Wilderness brand as in the photo below, easily found at Cold Storage)

2 tbs of gelatin-optional (I used Halagel brand) *blueberry can also be substituted with strawberry :)
Crush or blend the biscuits with the food processor until the crumbs coarse.Mix the crushed biscuits with the melted butter to make it moist.Put a thin layer of the crushed biscuits at the base of the baking tin (I used the 9 inch size), compress it.Put the baking tin inside the refrigerator for an hour.

For the filling, beat the cream cheese with sugar, fresh milk and lemon zest inside the mixer with low speed for 1-2mins before switching to medium speed until the mixture become smooth, thick and creamy. Put the filling on top of the refrigerated crust. Put inside the freezer for minimum of 3 hours.

For the topping, you can either just topped the cake with the blueberries in tins, or can simply mix the dissolved gelatin with the blueberries before topping the cake to make a glaze effect :)

Senang kan?

FYI, this cheesecake was supposed to be placed into the baking tin with a removable base. As I don't have one and too lazy to shop for it I just used the normal baking tin but covered it with a layer of aluminium foil so that it can easily transferred from the tin. Hihi..talking about innovation of laziness :P
Let me share with you a tip. For the cake to be hard enough to be cut nicely (but soft enough to eat), put the cake into the freezer for 4-5hours and set it aside for half an hour before serving. During my first attempt of making this cheesecake (It was strawberry cheesecake), mine was really soft as I didn't refrigerated it cause mama told me it was unnecessary. Hihi...skali keluar..lembek je :P Luckily I put the rest of the cake (Uja tapau balik some..sian Uja makan cake lembik :D) into the freezer and walla, I can easily cut it and served it to Ibu & Ayah Dina when they came and pay us a visit. Lesson learned, so don't make the same mistake as me tau.. ;)

Happy trying & Indulging! :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

10 Joyful Months!

Today, 09.11.09 Muhammad Faaz Naqi turns 10 Months.
Alhamdulillah. :)

Currently he can stand on his own, and actively trying to walk.
His determination is inspiring..

I pray I will be a good mother in many years to come.


Happy 10 months old, love! :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mommies, Be Aware!

This week, friends and colleagues (especially mommies with toddler and baby) spread the news that the Coxsakie virus infection or HFM disease attack is back..which is scary!!

To tell you the truth, I was puzzled when they mentioned about it. It was when Nancy explained to me (TQ dear!) that HFM stands for Hand, Foot & Mouth disease, I said.."Ooowh, that disease". Naive sungguh Mommy Faaz...huhu.

I remembered the virus attacked was a huge disaster few years back in Sarawak as it has caused deaths. But the symptoms?, how does it spread?, the prevention? I am totally clueless!! :(
Maybe the fact that I never had a child before made me less aware or should I say couldn't be bothered so much about it. Now that I have one, my precious little one, I quickly do some research, readings...I must be aware and alert. Prevention is better than cure, rite?

As I do believe there are young mommies out there who are in the same boat as me, here are some information that might be useful to you as well.

HFM, is a spreading disease that commonly attack children below the age of 5. It is caused by a virus named Coxsackie A 16, named after a town in New York where it was first described. Exposed children can be infected for 3-6 days before showing the symptoms. Pregnant women, especially those who are waiting for the due date can pass the disease to their newborns as well, so preggy mommies, if you found any symptom quickly consult your obstetrician.

Symptoms includes:
  • Mouth blisters; which is common first sign. It affected the tongue, inside of the cheek and back of the throat. It is painful and may cause the child refuse to drink and becomes dehydrated.
  • Small, greyish red blisters on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and sometimes buttocks too.
  • Rashes developed on the palms and soles are unusual, which will disappear in approximately 10 days.
  • Fever with temperature between 100deg to 102deg for few days
How it spread?

Infection is spread from a person to a person by direct contact with infectious virus found in the nose and throat secretions, saliva, blister fluid and stool of infected persons. Infected person is most contagious during the first week of the illness. The virus that cause HFM disease can remain in the body for weeks after a patients symptoms have gone away. This means that the infected person can still pass the infection to other people even tho this person appears well. There are some people who carry the virus ( a carrier), who may have no symptoms at all.

  • wash hand after diaper changing
  • ensure toys, pacifier or anything the child may place in their mouth is clean and regularly clean/sterilize/disinfect
  • avoid close contact such as kissing, hugging, sharing cup/eating utensil with those who are infected/suspected with this disease
  • avoid crowded places such as mall, market or any huge gathering
  • basically, practise good hygiene helps
I hope this bits of info does give you a clue on this disease. You can always google about it from the net or from the local newspapers. My prayer is that may Allah SWT protect us and most importantly our little angels from this disease..Aamin.