Monday, November 16, 2009

A Birthday & A Graduation

Our last weekend was occupied with the family events, both his and mine. It was fun :)

Last Saturday night, we went to Taman Pelangi for Niesha's 21st Birthday Party. Although it rains heavily throughout the night (habis all the scallop canopies semua basah..), it doesn't stopped the guests from keep on coming, whom were mostly her college mates. The birthday bash was lively, the crowd was big and loud music were played by the DJ that night. The theme colour were pink + off white, and the dress code was Bollywood night (we were exempted..hihi). The cake was in a key shape and it was huuuuge! :) Just as we wanted to make a move, they were getting ready for a dance session. Meriah sungguh! :)

She look so sweet in pink. Very feminine :)

FIL, Hayy, MIL, Faaz & his Daddy :)

Can't help myself from adoring this shy but cute lil girl :)

Cake cutting ceremony

The next day, we went to PWTC for my youngest aunt's convocation. Cik Lin finally got her degree, after years of studying (PJJ). All the hard work have been paid the day she received her scroll proudly witnessed by her beloved hubby and kids.

I'm so proud of you, Cik Lin! :)

We came quite late, just nice before the graduands marched out of the main hall whereas my family from BP has been there since 8am. Yeah, we missed to see her big moment via the big screen but what to do...I have to cook my precious gem's lunch, wait for him to wake up, get ready and have his breakfast before we can make a move.

Us "berkampung" in PWTC...Faaz was sleepy

He loves to take my photo from this angle.
Nak highlight my "petiteness" la tu..hampeh :P

After the ceremony, we went to the studio to take some family photos before having lunch at the Riverside Cafe. That is the only option since Tok Mak is too old to walk to The Mall. Despite the limitation in food variety, their service is something that should be complemented. Later, we went back to Cik Lin's house in Ampang.

As usual, Faaz showed his affection towards his Uncle Baby which makes his Mommy non-stop kena usik "bolehla bagi Faaz adik" Redhaaa... :P Tak puas mingling around with my Tok Mak, aunties and cousins we stayed there until late evening before headed to my mom's place.

To Niesha,
Happy 21st birthday. We pray you become a successful doctor in few more years time :)

To Cik Lin,
Heartiest Congratulations from us! Your success in managing studies and married life inspired me. Nadia dah berangan dh ambil scroll with Fadzil, Faaz n maybe "adik" Faaz witness it pulak..(tingginya cita2 :P) Doakan Nadia dapat buat masters in near future k :)



Nurra Din said...

Nadine, I love your red blouse + belt..cun bangat. mana u beli eh?

dyana "his other half" said...

jom kita amik master sama2 nak? was thinking about it also. hehe.

Nadine said...


TQ, it was a gift fr my hubby. It's MNG. Belt tu I beli kat one of the shop kat Summit BP, my kampung. :)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

:) boleh sgt. mcm best. tp Nadia kena tunggu lepas selesai beli rumah. mau tunggu kaaa?

Irah said...

Nad, ko makin kurus..aku makin tembam.
menci!! :P

Nadine said...


mana tak kurus nowdays..asik kena kejar Faaz yg ligat nak naik tangga la..lepas2 tangan pas berdiri la..nak panjat kerusi meja la...huhu.

HalfBlood Princess said...

Amin. mari mommy2, kte sambung master. hehe. izu pon dh bsemangat blk ni. hehe..;p

Nway, izu suka tgk Nadia pki bju merah n belt tu..vaaas gtu. tingin nk try tp xde enuf gut la.;p but wutever u wear mmg cantik!:)

Oh congrats to Niesha n ur Aunty...meriah bday bash dia n cute that lil girl in red, cantik jge bju dia. hehe...

Lastly, so sweet tgk Faaz n his Uncle Baby tu...xpela, kwn ngan Uncle Baby la dlu kn..;)

Nadine said...


Nadia makin semangat nieh. tiba2 rindu zaman main campus dulu. I bet u guys pun kan, kan? ;)

awwwwh, ur so sweet la Izu. TQ :) cakap2 pasal merah kan,lately mcm terbanyak plak baju merah. nnti izu ingat nadia mmg suka merah lagi..hihi.

TQ jugak on behalf of the ladies :)

Heee..a'ah. biar Faaz blaja berkawan dulu ;)

my.mastura said...

faaz, always at the center of attraction...hehehe

cik didie said...

cantek lah kaler pink saree birthday gurl tue. n faaz comey! hehe gewam lah.

Nadine said...

aah..sweet sgt pink tu. hihi, TQ didie. amboi2 dh ade blog asal tak bgtau akak. senyap je :)

uja said...

hayy sungguh smart with his slippers! ha ha

Nadine said...

:) Hayy mmg smart mlm susahnya nak ambil gamba dia. Masam je muka. Takde mood kot?

p/s: Uja ade ternampak tak Faaz punye patung aeroplane yg chubby warna biru kelabu. It was missing fr our room..