Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last minute!

I was down with fever (and a complete set of flu, sore throat and cough) for the whole last week but didn't get the opportunity to take M.C due to career commitment :'( Finally, I was recovering on Friday but only to realized I have transferred the fever to my hubby and a slight flu to my baby..poor them! So sorry..huhu :(

So I worked from home on Friday, just to take care of my two babies...

Hubby was craving of soupy meals so I made him some sup daging. Faaz appetite was as usual, alhamdulillah..except for his behavior. He was a bit cranky when he was sleepy. I think it must be due to the medicine he took. He was not ready to sleep yet he felt sleepy and drowsy. Cian cayang mommy...

Towards noon, I was contemplating whether I should attend the E-party or not. Seriously, I was not in the mood. Moreover, I still haven't find any suitable top to wear. I planned to buy one last minute but due to my health condition the whole week, I felt too lazy to shop. Yeah, another reason to pass on this event..

My two babies..kembali ceria :)

Around 4pm, my hubby woke from his deep sleep and was surprised that I haven't get ready yet (the dinner start early, at 5.30pm). I told him that I don't have the heart to leave both of them. He said he felt fresh, and was recovering. I wasn't satisfied so I checked his temperature. Normal...alhamdulillah. Lega. Faaz was recovering too. No sign of mucus dripping from his nose. My MIL also encauraged me to go as she planned to bring Faaz to Shireen's place so that he can play with the boys (Faaz second cousins). I told my hub there's still one more problemo..I don't have suitable top to wear. We both went upstairs and try to "dig" up my closet. Finally we found my 2 year old red mini dress (merah lagik..). I think I wore it only once last time, before I gained few kg's after my engagement (gemok happy okeh :P). Hubby asked me to try it first and lucky me, it still fit. Problem solved...quickly I grabbed a matching scarf and get ready. It was then only I realized my skinny jeans was really loose. Great!! :( If I wear it with a belt, it will be bulgingly invisible through my mini dress! With no choice, I wore a legging instead. My hubby sampai terbeliak mata.. :P

"Yang, are you sure you wanna wear this??"

"Yeah, only this can go with the boots Sayang..Why?"

"Its too sexy...lets find something else.."

"Takde ape lagi dah yang matching...its ok, it will be covered by the boots and my dress. Jap I demo.."

Finally he gave me the green light. It was already late when we left home (TQ sayang for the drive) and it was raining heavily..so I arrived at Euphoria at 6.15pm! I called Nini and she said need not to worry as I was not the only latecomer...pheeeww. Legaaa :P

Well, what I wore that evening was not what I imagined but considering everything was last minute... kira okla kot :P

With my best buddy Nini at the lounge..
accidentally we wore the same color..ahaha...

Cam whoring while on the way to the dance floor for the event.
Bukan menari ye.. :P

Us, at the dance floor. The flashing lights ruined our photo :(

The party was host by Adam C. He's cute but surprisingly shorter than I imagined he was..hihi. I love the performance by my management team. They performed the zombie dance from Thriller video clip smoothly. Especially with the tombstone and the smoke effect. Sgt smart!! There were also games and the main agenda was E Got Talent. A group named 'The Chicks' wowed the crowd with their Bollywood dance. Due to last minute (again!), I forgot to bring the extra battery for my cammie...not even half of the event, my battery officially dead. :P

This was how Euphoria dance floor looks like that nite

The hyperactive Adam C.
Susah betul nak snap his photo :P

p/s: The lady in the photo is my HOD :)

The performance by ESM team..PCK pun adaaaa :P

"These boots are made for walkin..."
nanyi tune Nancy Sinantra please.. :P

After the party, supper @ McD with my Love.
Prosperity burgers...nyummy!!

It wasn't the best party I have attended but it was once in a lifetime experience for someone who wears hijab like me to enter such a club :P The super loud music and the moving lights, seriously it made me feel dizzy! Definitely a big NO-NO for me. I wonders why people like this type of place...hurmmm....

p.s: Nini...your photos nanti I upload in FB k :)


HalfBlood Princess said...

Peewitt, u look so vaaasss...sexy, vogue yet decent lady! i like! ;)

Hopefully all of u are feeling well by now..cian u all.:)

uja said...

i miss faaz! Seronok jadi co-babysitter faaz hari tu :D
zayd still with his runny nose but he is ok..
outfit nadia cun,even last minute :).
ha ah dah cover dgn mini dress n boots tu tak nampak seksi.. hehe..

cik didie said...

i love your boots okayy akak. mcm jessica beil. hehe santek! red dress tue pon cantek..teringin jugak dd nak pakai tp tak reti lah. heeee

Nurra said...

Did I tell you before that you will look great? Ahah! I'm totally right...

One Hot Mommy in Da Houseeeeeeeeeeeee! ;)

p.s, psssst! macam anak dara you...kena ngorat tak malam tu? :P


Good grab bebeh.
I love your scarft!!! :)

neena_kechik said...

hai kak nadine,
selama ni jd silent reader jer sbb biasa dr blog kak nuuril terus g blog akak.Hari ni tergerak hati nk komen.hehehe
series ckp, akak mmg cute sgt with the dress!!!=)comel cam faaz!!!=)
nice to meet you..=)
Selamat berkenalan..=)

my.mastura said...

aku pon pening kalau berada kt tpt2 yg bising n compact...n pelik gak mcm mana org2 ni leh gi clubbing hari2..haaiisshh...

nad, boots tu nampak mcm longgar je..kalau ketat skit, mesti lebih cun...

gambar last tu, i liiiikeee!! berdua2an without faaz eh? heheheh

dyana "his other half" said...

marvellous!!!...cantik sangat...dah pakai dress and the boots tak prasan ada legging dalam tu...hehe...

p/s: ur skinny jeans dah longgar? oh no-no...why mine semua tak longgar2 pun...hehe...

Nadine said...


TQ tolong mama jaga Faaz. Uja, Zayd jangkit Faaz eh..ala, sorry. Huhu. Faaz pun flu dia on n off. skang ade balik. huhu.

TQ Uja :)
Itula, nasib baik dress tu labuh (ke nadia yg pendek :P), dptla tutup sket. Hihi


*blush* TQ Izu..Nadia tinggal batuk2, Fadzil dh ok..Faaz la, sian. Flu dia on & off. Susah tul nak hilang. Mild flu, harap2 cptla dia fully recover :)

Nadine said...


TQ dear :) MIL akak pun berkenan. Dia kata kalau muda lagi sure dia nak pinjam. Hihihi...DD Nak pinjam? Kalau ur feet size 6 boleh jer :)
Akak ni tak tau bila nak pakai lagi. Tp serius best jerk feeling pakai boots nie..hihi.


Awwwh, tinggi sangat pujian tu dear. TQ..Iye ke mcm anak dara. Nasib baik I dh lepas pegi, kalau my hubby dgr sure I tak lepas pegi ni..hihi.

p/s: Ini mmg lawak. I kena ngorat ngan Mamat Swedish..but he was half drunk I think. On Monday jumpa dlm lif office dia senyum malu2 kucing jer. :D

Nadine said...


Aah, tang betis longgar sikit. I think sbb pakai leggings kot. Nipis kan. Kalau pakai ngan s.jeans mmg ngam la..tp tula, dh loose la pulak.

aah..dating skejap je. Fadzil jemput pas habis event, singgah kat McD jap. Lapar bangat. Hihihi..


Salam perkenalan Neena :)
Ic..padanla macam pernah nampak nama Neena. Mesti Neena ni kecik molek je org nya :)akak ade kawan nama kechik gak. dia mmg petite jer. TQ so much Neena, so sweet of you! :)
Nice too meet you too, nanti petang akak melawat blog Neena pulak ok ;)

Nadine said...


TQ dear :)
First time I nampak this scarf pun I jatuh hati. Tu yg beli je wpun takde baju nak matching time tu. Berguna jugak akhirnya..hihi.

Cee D,

Masa kita chatting that day Nadia still tak decide...tp akhirnya pegi jugak Nadia. Hihi. TQ Cee D. Itula..nasib dapat cover baik punye. :D

p.s: Tunggula few months bila Hadif dah start nak panjat2, berdiri, and sibuk naik turun tangga. Sure lost few kilos nyer ;)

:: NieSha :: said...

wow wee... nadia mmg gorgeous..n wani sgt jeles kerana nadia sgt selim melim..nnt upload gmbr byk2 kt FB k..kt sini x clear la..hihiii

Nadine said...

TQ Wani :)

Nadia slim sbb demam seminggu kot. Ni dah ok ni selera on je, mau naik balik ahahaha..

hihi, gamba ade sket je Wani..Nadia lupa charge battery. X sampai half of the event dh kong dah. Gamba mmg quality low kot. kat dlm tu gelap sgt. Nadia bkn reti sgt adjust setting camera...but kira okla jugak. Kawan Nadia kesian, gelap je gamba dia..huhu

NiNi ShALyDiA said...
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Nadine said...

Hihihi, sbb Nini kan have the Japanese eyes..mmg cenggitu :D

ok..tp gamba nini cover album..aci tak? ;)

NiNi ShALyDiA said...