Thursday, November 12, 2009

Non-bake Blueberry Cheesecake

As requested by Mama Damia, ZulBigo & Fairuz, here is a very simple, easy non-bake blueberry cheesecake recipe which never fail to satisfy my hubby's appetite for dessert. He called it "Nadine's specialty" :) Sorry, I have to make this entry as simple as possible as I am very busy lately. Ini pun it has been delayed for almost 2 weeks..huhu. Let say there's anything unclear or you have any inquiry, feel free to leave a comment, k.


1 cup of crushed digestive biscuits(Grahams is not easy to find, I used McVities instead)
4 tbs of melted butter

~Filling~250g cream cheese
(any brand, I used Philadelphia's )

1 to 11/2 cup of fresh milk
30gm fine sugar
1 tsp of lemon zest

Blueberries in tin
(I used Wilderness brand as in the photo below, easily found at Cold Storage)

2 tbs of gelatin-optional (I used Halagel brand) *blueberry can also be substituted with strawberry :)
Crush or blend the biscuits with the food processor until the crumbs coarse.Mix the crushed biscuits with the melted butter to make it moist.Put a thin layer of the crushed biscuits at the base of the baking tin (I used the 9 inch size), compress it.Put the baking tin inside the refrigerator for an hour.

For the filling, beat the cream cheese with sugar, fresh milk and lemon zest inside the mixer with low speed for 1-2mins before switching to medium speed until the mixture become smooth, thick and creamy. Put the filling on top of the refrigerated crust. Put inside the freezer for minimum of 3 hours.

For the topping, you can either just topped the cake with the blueberries in tins, or can simply mix the dissolved gelatin with the blueberries before topping the cake to make a glaze effect :)

Senang kan?

FYI, this cheesecake was supposed to be placed into the baking tin with a removable base. As I don't have one and too lazy to shop for it I just used the normal baking tin but covered it with a layer of aluminium foil so that it can easily transferred from the tin. Hihi..talking about innovation of laziness :P
Let me share with you a tip. For the cake to be hard enough to be cut nicely (but soft enough to eat), put the cake into the freezer for 4-5hours and set it aside for half an hour before serving. During my first attempt of making this cheesecake (It was strawberry cheesecake), mine was really soft as I didn't refrigerated it cause mama told me it was unnecessary. Hihi...skali keluar..lembek je :P Luckily I put the rest of the cake (Uja tapau balik some..sian Uja makan cake lembik :D) into the freezer and walla, I can easily cut it and served it to Ibu & Ayah Dina when they came and pay us a visit. Lesson learned, so don't make the same mistake as me tau.. ;)

Happy trying & Indulging! :)


my.mastura said...

nad, x tau aa kalau ko dh tau ke lom..
ciskek ni, nk senang potong, rendam dulu or just simply dip the knife into a hot water...the cutting will look nice...

Nadine said...

TQ for the tip, dear! :)

from experience aku, kalau tak biar jap kat luar fridge tu, bila potong tang crust tu plak susah. hihi..


Yum! Yum! Harus Nuurill cuba :) TQ for sharing the recipe dear

Ummu Umar said...

uish looks so yummy...nkk try jgak!

:: NieSha :: said...

nadia..ILEBIU!!! hihii...thanks dh share recipe..sedapnya..xsabar nk buat nanti ;)

Nadine said...

Momma Oman & Ummu Umar
Happy Trying ;)

ps: Zah, sorry Nadia buat Zah mengidam..huhu

Nadine said...


hihihi, ilebiu too :)
senang kan. brg pun tak banyak. Happy trying 2u2!

Anonymous said...

Kak Nadine, TQ so much. Saya nak cuba weekend ni. Tadi lunchtime dh beli ingredients kat Cold Storage near my house. Doakan jadi n sedap cam akak punye yer!! :D

uja said...

so kena letak sat lah dalam freezer ye. Cheesecake hari tu sedap, lembik tapi rasa tetap ok :)

uja said...

ops nadia actually hari sebelum tu igt nak beli bahan utk cheese cake sbb teringin tapi tak jadi. tup tup kat rumah mama, hehe thnx nadia.. rezeki uja..

Blue Roses said...

sedapnye..... sy sgt suke cheese cake..

Nadine said...


No problem, akak doakan kek akan jadi sedap n cun. Aamin :)

Nadine said...


No problem..rezeki baby dlm perut tu :)
tp sian Uja dpt versi lembik..huhu.
A'ah..lepas Uja balik Nadia masuk dlm freezer. Pastu balik dr visit friends, kawan2 kitaorg singgah rumah. Masa tu kek dh dapatla diaorg makan kek versi tak lembik :)

Nadine said...


iye ke..tryla Erni. Senang je. Bleh buat surprise kat MFS awak :)

NiNi ShALyDiA said...

hehe sedapnyer. nak try tp nini tak paham satu mende (senang pon tak paham, teruk kan hehe)

err nadia kate kene masuk dalam freezer, so makne nyer freezer yg beku tu ke? nanti kek tak keras cam ice ke. confuse~~~

mesti nadia gelak kan baca =p hahaha nini tak pandai masak!!!

Nadine said...


what a surprise! sudah ade blog yer, me likey :)

a'ah nini, masuk dlm freezer at least 3jam. lepas tu blehla nini simpan dlm fridge sahaja. Agak2 nak makan tu kan, kluarkan dlm half n hour. sedang elok la jadinya..tak keras n tak lembek sgt.

tak gelakkan pun, 1st time nadia buat kek nadia lembek ok :))

NiNi ShALyDiA said...

haha Nadia...

takde entry pon. nak wat cam malas jer. so macam tu jer la kekekeke. tgkla nanti kalu rajin. har har har

wokeh, nanti nini try hehe. tak sabar ni. harap2 jadik. lembek takpe janji sedap. tgn nini ni klu masak, hampeh. klu jd maybe bole wat 1st entry kat blog? berangan lg ~~~ =p