Friday, November 13, 2009

Too Many Things, Too Little Time

It's November, which means we are in the middle of the last quarter of 2009...and 2010 is just approximately a month ++ from now. I am sure most of the career men and women are at the peak of busy-ness as work demand increases towards end of the year. Apa lagi if it's related to KPI, either company's or personal KPI..berlumba-lumbalah closing the gaps. What I hate most in this situation, people can get really ugly. Brown nosing and back stabbing are transparently seen...urgh!! Usually, towards the end of the year there will be a lot of career opportunities being advertised and as usual, people starting to jump here and there, looking for better option and career improvement. In E, towards end of the year people will also starting to take a long leave for vacation. The company policy stated that we need to clear off 80% of our annual leave. Only the remaining 20% are allowed to be bring forward to next year. So office is a bit empty but the workloads are doubled..oh my!

As for me, I am busy bee with my Vietnamobile GRAN tuning, but managed to relax a bit today due to delays in logfiles. Due to bad weather condition (they been hit by a typhoon recently), the drive testers were having some difficulties in doing the drive testing. Pity them but a bit relief for our team here :) E Party 2009 is coming closer and people are busy with the preparations. The talent show is back in action (E Got Talent-Season 2) for that night thus the auditions up to semi-finals are ongoing. Besides the committees, the Management are also very busy practising every evening as they will performed for us... I can't wait to see the Head of GSDC do the moonwalking..Owh, this gonna be fun! :) To wrap the year end, my department will be having a paintball session and followed by a year-end dinner at the Hilton. Can't wait to try the paintball for the very first time! Ok, enuff about my working life. Full stop. :)

December, is a month full of special events for me. It's officially F&N month of luv-we are officially an item in December, his birthday falls on December and we got married in December! love, love, love :) December started with Mama's birthday and both of us are still thinking of the perfect gift. My friend Noreen recently emailed me the catalog of Corelle sets from the State. The price is way cheaper than what they sell here.

Macam menarik...but I'm a bit worried of the possibility that some will be broken during shipping. Maybe we'll pass on this..

Then comes Dec 15th, the day we are officially husband and wife :) Since it falls on a working day, there's no way I can cook something special for him unless I take a leave which is impossible rite now as my leave bank is approaching to z.e.r.o :P Wanna make something special for him but I'm not sure I will have ample time for it. If not...then last minute shopping is my last resort. :P

Few days after, his born day...oh, this man that I love is totally into gadgets. His wishlist of gadgets is like urm..uh...a million! :P What to get him is not an issue but the budget, is a big YES. Oh Sayang, your standard has becomes too high la, sila doakan your wifey cepat naik jadi AM! Hihihi..How I wished his birthday is near to my bonus pay day..kan senang :P

Then, the awaiting 2nd wedding anniversary cum honeymoon gataway from the parents will be coming...weeee! This one, I can't wait. Lagi-lagi this time Faaz will be joining us ;) But when thinking about the preparations for our baby...lemah sikit. We'll be away for 5 days and the thing that makes me worry the most now is his food. We don't prefer cereals for our baby as it contains sugar. The place we'll be staying doesn't have a mini kitchen thus it will be quite a hassle. I am thinking of bringing the frozen homemade porridges (flight duration is about an hour, upon arriving dah terus ke hotel for check in so we can just freeze it inside the mini fridge)...but the issue is how to heat it up..Maybe I have to buy a mini stove or bring the mini rice cooker as suggested by Momma Oman (thanks for sharing, dear!). If I were to cook there, I have to bring a blender jugak...lecehnya... For his mobility, I'll get a simple light weight umbrella stroller, thanks to Papa Iris who helped me to get one with a cheap price..phewww. We don't want to spend much on this as Faaz already has a stroller to begin with and the way the cargo people treated the strollers which I read from forum scared me. Faaz will not be travelling with plane that often and by the time for this vacation, maybe he can already walk (based on his non-stop trying now) so a cheap one will be fine, I guess.

Two more weeks after that, comes the day Faaz will turn big 1! This one, early planning is needed as it will involves orders and reservations. Too many things, too little time! Surveying, planning, budgeting and of course a series of compulsive shopping is definitely for me...which also means, "bulan-bulan pokai Nadine" is coming soon. Muahaha!

Well, I stressed?
Not really.

and Why is that?
Cause I am surrounded with the things that I love, activities that I love...and most importantly, all the effort goes to all the person that I love. The Most! :)


HalfBlood Princess said...

Wah bestnya mcm2 coming in December..mst bz nadia! tp btul utk org tsayang, kte sgup lakukn apa saje rite..:)

P.S tq for sharing the recipe kt bwh. nti one day nk try gakla..izu pnh wat skali je blueberry cheesecake ni tp itula tlalu i know why..thnx dear!:)

:: NieSha :: said...

wow..banyaknya agenda nadia bln 12 nnt kan..
tp yg plg best part nk g vacation tu ;)
nadia,dulu ms 1st time kitorg bw damia bercuti umur dia dlm 7 bulan plus.wani bawa slow cooker yg kecik.pastu bawa beras yg dh dicuci n blend kasar (supaya cepat masak,in case nk cepat).wani bawa ikan bilis,carot, spjg bcuti mmg tetiap mlm sblm tido ON kan slow cooker..bgn esoknya bubur dh masak..utk mkn ptg/mlm wani reheat je (kalau x basi la..hihii) mmg la nk bjalan dgn baby ni barang dia saja 1 bag..huhuu..masa wani g sabah haritu lagila..6 hari..smpai mber hubby yg g vacation sesama ckp 'korang nih bwk nk bcuti sbln'. x kisahla..janji anak kita cukup makan minum ;)

Nadine said...


TQ. you are rite, utk yg tersayang semuanya bisa aja..ihihi.

no worries, nampaknya kita serupaaaa..pasni buat sure dh ok dah kan? :)

Nadine said...

slow cooker eh. ic..dia kalau voltage biasa ok la ye? takut kang tetiba black out plak bilik kami kalau guna hihi. Itula, nadia tanya mak nadia pun dia suggest blend dulu beras n blend supaya cepat masak. TQ for the tips! :)

my.mastura said...

byk2 event tu, aku x sabar tunggu besday faaz :D..nk tgk gelagat faaz under the lime light..pas tu nk tgk gaya dia tiup lilin...hehhehhehe

Nadine said...

hihi, entah dia pandai tiup ke tak. menyembur pandaila..ahaha!

ps: aku rasa aku buat kecil2an tp kalau sudi nnti bawak mikhail dtg yer mas :)

my.mastura said...


NiNi ShALyDiA said...
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Nadine said...

itula...its coming closer *sob*

:: NieSha :: said...

yup biasa wani bwk slow cooker tu mmg x blackout bilik..hehe..lg satu wani selamba je trus terang kt staff hotel tu nk guna slow cooker utk buat bubur baby,so diorg mmg consider.klu beras dh blend xyah nk bw blender lg dh.depends la nk blend halus ke kasar..mcm damia dh besar,wani blend kasar je.vege tu leh cincang2 halus bila nk msk nnt.enjoy your holiday!

P/S:papa iris tu hisham(izu) ke? hisham jual stroller ek? nk bli jugak ;)

Nadine said...

oooh ok. okeh2..TQ Wani :)

ps: eh tak..a'ah kan. sama la pulak. hihihi. Ini Iris bt Irwan. hehe, my ofismate Irwan recommend stroller from his friend yg jual umbrella stroller. but nothing fancy lah..just local brand. :)

:: NieSha :: said...

wani pon tgh mencari stroller utk bln january nnt.last time pegi sabah x bw stroller mmg susah betul.local brand pun xpe sbb bkn selalu nk guna naik flight kan..damia pon dh besar..xlama lg xnaknye duk dlm stroller.. ;)