Monday, December 21, 2009

Celebration of Love

Last Tuesday was our wedding anniversary. I didn't plan anything special for my other half...just planned to give him a wakeup kiss in the morning + wish him, and later followed by a card + some cuppies when I come back from work. I didn't expect much from him either, just a wish and a kiss will do since we will be enjoying our anniversary holiday, a gift from my PIL soon.

I've done the wishing and kissing part, and so did him. Sangat-sangat happy!! :) He left a reminder on my dressing table to be back home as early as I can. Hmm, sounds fishy...(dalam hati: "yay!":). With confidence, I ironed 2 sets of clothing before I went to work that day, just in case I was late if he wants to take me out for dinner (perasan sungguh :P). That day, I was doing my work as fast as I can and ensured that there was no backlog after 3.30pm..I even have the nerve to turn down my bos' request to update my CV by the end of the day (for an upcoming project). Luckily, he was so understanding when I told him I have to go back early that day cause it's my wedding anniversary...phewww. But things didn't go that well. By 5pm, when I was just about to shut down my lappie, I received an email from our Vietnamese customer, request for some assistance...urghhh! I was stuck in the office until 6pm. Felt so bad when Fadzil called me from home and asking me when I will be able to come home..huhu, sedey :(

It was raining heavily that evening so the traffic was bad. I ended up reaching home at 7pm. As anticipated, he wanna take me out for dinner. Rushingly, I dressed up Faaz before getting ready as fast as I can. Mama did offer to take care of little Faaz so that we can spend the night just the two of us but my motherly instict just not ready for it yet...perhaps one day, when he is big enough I guess. We went out right after Maghrib prayer. It was still raining heavily and apparently some major roads in KL were closed due to an event that night, a marching band competition or something like that, I was not sure. Lucky too Fadzil said he made the reservation at 9pm so that we would have 1 hour time to reach the destination. Bijak, bijak..hihi.

At first, I was puzzled of where we will be having our dinner because we were heading towards Cheras and then Hulu Langat. Even at one time, we passed a bit rural area, and I was thinking where will be this place that this guy is taking me and our baby to. He kept on being secretive about the location everytime I asked so finally I surrendered. Ok, fine! :P. It was then when we passed by a junction that lead us to a pretty high
hilly road where I saw mist everywhere that I finally have a clue. It reminded me somehow of Menara Tinjau Ampang-Hulu Langat and my heart jumped with excitement! I was pretty sure it's Bread & Olives!! ;)

I knew about B&O from a food review blog that I read 2 months ago and told him it will be romantic if both of us can dine in there one day with our table facing the spectacular night view of KL city. I was pretty jelous of him a week ago when his office organised the year end dinner at B&O, the place I dreamt to go with him. Felt so unfair when he went there first instead :P Luckily, that night was my turn. :)

When we arrived, it was still raining. But the view from our table was still spectacular as I've seen in the photos. Nicer actually. Subhanallah, I was amazed :)

night view from our table...isn't it beautiful?

We decided to have mushroom soups as the appetizer as it was kinda cold there. It was so-so. Somehow the mushroom taste weird to me. We were supposed to have a candle light dinner that night but the candles didn't last long. We have to blow it as Faaz was trying to grab it few times. Hihihi..

As B&O are serving Mediterranean cuisine, I tried their Shish Tawook while hubby was playing safe when he ordered their Chicken Baryani. Both were delicious and recommended by us..nyum, nyum. As for the dessert, we ordered the banana split, Fadzil's favourite.

Faaz was behaving quite well that night and the crowd was small, probably due to the weather plus it was a working day. A quiet dinner with loved ones, eating delicious meals and a spectacular view. It was romantic...

We went back home via Ampang so we saw nice night scenary as we went down the hill towards KL city. When we reached home, we continued with a movie date (at home jer :P), just the two of us as Faaz was already sleeping. Oh ya, I managed to gave him the card n we both enjoyed the cuppies while watching the movie. Thank you, made my day. *smooch* :)



Hehe. So romantic!! :) Happy Anniversary to both of you :)

:: NieSha :: said...

alala..romantiknyer ;)
cantik view nk kena survey gak B&O ni ;)

INDA said...

bestnye... i never had the chance to celebrate my wedding anniversary, every 1st june, mesti ada sedara mara nak kawin... sebook je sume :(

Beauty n The Beads said...

Happy anniversary to the both of you. Moga kekal bahagia ke akhir hayat. Amin......

HalfBlood Princess said...

Wah romantik sguh! bestkn ada tpt mcm tu, klu duk kl izu pon nk celebrate la anniversary kt situ. hehee.

nway comel Faaz ikut mommy n
daddy celebrate..sibbaik bwk dia kn harm done rite.klu tak sure mommy xenjoy sbb sdek tingatkn Faaz kt umah. hehehe..

Diyana Didie said...

wahhh tak mknan dier akak? faaz makin jadi daddy dier dah :)

Nadine said...

TQ dear :)

takkan sampai atas bukit nak survey je kot...hihi. pegi makan terus la :D

iye ke...siannya. takpe, pasni sume sambut anniversary je 1 jun. hihi..

Amin..TQ sis, so sweet of you :)

mmg best. feeling habis..hahaha. mmg izu, kalau tak cacat sket kot mood mlm itu :)

best! akceli signature dish dia bnyk lamb cuz its Mediterranean restaurant. bnyk pengaruh arab. dua2 main dish yg kitaorg mkn mmg sedap. even baryani abg fadzil tu altho nampak biasa je, nasi dia very tasty. lain dr our normal baryani. :)

Mimy Hamid said...

happy anniversary..happily ever after k...psst..bila baby faaz nk dapat adik ..hehe??

Anonymous said...

just wondering why u put this statement?
'Mama did offer to take care of little Faaz so that we can spend the night just the two of us but "my motherly instict just not ready for it yet...perhaps one day, when he is big enough I guess."'

adakah u tak confident with your MIL?sedangkan dia yg jaga your baby,right? no offend, just my thought.

my.mastura said...

kacau aa faaz ni dok main lilin..kalo x, sure mommy n daddy romantik2 gitu mkn dgn lilin..heheheh..dpt ku kiut!

anyway, Happy Anniversary! \^_^/

Nadine said...


TQ dear, insyaAllah, amin :)
hihi, kita tunggu awak bg Faaz kawan dulu, bleh? :D

Nadine said...


hihihi...kelakar la ko nih.
anyway, mucho gracias!! :)

Nadine said...


I think you get it the wrong way dear. Of course lah its not because I am not confident to leave my baby with MIL, after all,she is the one who help to take care of my baby now (as you already knew i presume).It is me, I'm not confidence with myself, my emotion :P

What I meant was, my motherly instict is not ready yet to leave my baby at home with Mama while me and hubby going out and have fun. It somehow feels not right. Im sure instead of enjoying the moment together we both will be missing our little angel instead..which is not worth it!

I guess when our baby is big enough than only we have the nerve to let mama babysit him and we can spend some time alone.

hope this is clear to you..

jannahrais said...

sori nadia...tetinggal kapal....hihih tetap nak wish hepi anniversary kat nadia n mr.hubby....little faaz skali lah!...;D
moga terus dikurniakan bahgia hingga ke syurga ok...luv u!

Nadine said...

:) issokay my dear friend. thank you..amin, luv u too...mmmuahs!!

Ummu Umar said...

nad, happy annivesary..nti blk kg (malaysia) nak p la B&O..dulu nama je duk ampang..xtau pun ade tmpat menarik situ...mmg rasa x best kalu keluar x bawa anak rasa bersalah je..n asyik tgk jam sbb nak balik cepat...x berani nak t tggal lama2 kekdahnya...biarla dia ketung ketang kt restaurant asalkan ada depan mata..bleh meronggeng lama2 skit...huhu

Nadine said...


TQ :)
Oh Zah duk ampang ye. dekatla camtu. mmg nadia recommend pegi. makan sedap, harga berpatutan. mesti you all lagi layan kan...sure similar sket2 ngan food kat Dubai tu :)

aah, betul tu..tu yg hangkut skali tu. hihi...lagipun sian kat mama. siang dh jaga Faaz, mlm rest la pulak :)

dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya tempat ni...rasa cam nak pege je la weekend ni...hehe...

si anon tu still hoping around eh...i guess he/she will never understand how a mom/dad feels until he/she gets the title...i totally understand what u meant...hehe :)...

Nadine said...

hihi, weekend ni free ek? pegila..better make reservation dulu, sbb weekend ni christmas kn. slalu time christmas ade event kat sini..

hihi, tak tau la org yg sama ke dak..anyway, tq dear :)