Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Last Thursday, our department has organized a Paintball Session at Xtion Bukit Jalil followed by a Year End Dinner at Latest Recipe, Le Meridian Hotel.

Only 11 of us made it for the paintball session; 7 men and 4 ladies. Most of the colleagues who involves in a local project cannot joined us due work commitment while the rest of the ladies...were too scared of the pain and bruises. Honestly, I was too..but I've always wanted to play the paintball game. (Takut, tapi teringin..hik! :P) After all, I managed to convinced Nini to joined as well..if I back off sian plak dia :)

Us, while waiting for the latecomers..

Two days before the event, my curiosity made me visited the organizer's website. My intention was to learn a little bit of paintball and the equipments. Until...I read about the Marker..Gulp!

"Paintball markers must not fire paintballs that exceed a certain velocity. The industry standard maximum velocity for safe play is 300 feet per second (90 m/s). Many commercial paintball facilities like Xtion Paintball Park mandate a lower velocity, usually around 280 feet per second (85.4 m/s, 307 km/h or 191 mph) or less."

Panic attacked me. Mind you, I am scared to weapons. My wildest imagination suddenly visualized the paint with a velocity of 90m/s hitting my c-sec wound. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! As quick as the thunder I dialed my hubby's number and let him know my "concerned" and worry-ness :P After a while, as usual Mr. Hubby successfully boost up my spirit again..until the day itself. During the briefing session, while the guy was demonstrating to us how to use the marker, suddenly "Boom!!" a loud sound followed by loud scream from the ladies..Cuba teka suara siapa paling kuat???..muahaha! What to do, I terkejut ok...didn't expect the sound to be THAT loud! :P

Briefing session...Mamat inilah yang bikin gua cuak :P

The Mayhem Zone

We played 3 games...all at the Mayhem Zone. We divided ourselves into two teams. Our team is the A team, which is way cooler compared to the opponent. Why? Cause most of the bosses were in Team B..heheh! Lucky too that we have our sportsman, Zul A. to lead our team...before the game I dah confirmed we gonna win (unless, if I screw up somewhere :P).

The first game was a mission to release a prisoner with bandits attacking us. It was a time-based game. Our team had to go first. Since it was my first time with the marker, the guy laugh at me when he saw my hand was shivering. Hellooo, the compressed air system was really heavy ok? (statement cover baik punye.. :P). My heart was like Dup dap! Dup dap! all the way. The bandits were good at pretending as if they were alive/dead (and damn good shooters!)so few times we got confused. Anyway, we won the game. :)

Second game was target hitting session. All team members must hit 3 targets each within 4 minutes duration. This time, we lost the game, although we thought we won...

The third game was the best. It was a battle between team A & B. This time, I already have the confident and felt comfy with my marker. I think most of us were all out during this session. Feels like we were a troop of army in the battlefield..hihi...With good strategy and teamwork, of course God's willing too we won the game ;)

2 victories out of 3, officially we were the winner of the day..hoooray!! Victory was more sweeter when myself and Nini managed to conceal ourselves from being hit by a single paint, both from the opponent as well as the bandits. Yippie! :) What Sara told us in the beginning was true indeed, petite people like us have the advantage over big people who usually becomes the easy target... :)

After the battle, the marker has become my friend.
I'm no more afraid of "it'..hihi

The only down part was the sticky mud..yuck! Well, what to do, we played between the rain so the ground became muddier the minute we started the last game. The game ended pretty late. However, we managed to have a quick shower at the place before proceed to Bangsar and meet the rest of our colleagues for the year end dinner.

Dinner was fantastic, a lot of varieties to choose to; Japanese, Western, Italian, North Indian, Chinese and Malay cuisine were served. The signature dessert here, the teppanyaki ice-cream was the big hit. The queue was long throughout the night. Maybe it was my upset tummy, maybe I was too tired or perhaps something went wrong somewhere which made me less enjoyed my food. Rugi huh? But then, I have fun on the field, and hey,

I have played paintball...finally! ;)

p.s: Today Faaz Naqi turns 11 months...and in less than an hour, Roman Anaqhi turns 10 months :)


my.mastura said...

org mcm x takut tgk ko je nad..kecik sgt...senapang tu lg besar dr ko..hehehehe

alaaa...gambar makanan x der ker??

neena_kechik said...

congrats!!!! hehehe tp mmg btol bunyi dier mmg kuat.tegak bulu roma. so far, neena tgk org men jer.hehehe after bc entry kak nadia, rasa cam ada kekuatan jer nk men.hehehe
have a nice day!!!=)

Nadine said...


hihihi... aku tak kisah org takut ke tak ngan aku. plg penting jgn kena hit with the paint. sakit tau. aku tgk member kena biru lebam! ade advantage gak badan kecik nie ;)

xdela..aku mkn pun x enjoy. perut meragam time tu..huhu.

Nadine said...

go neena go!! :)

true neena, if I didn't overcome the fear, I think sampai skang akak tak cuba main. cuba skali pasti mau main lagi..heee :)

Nurra Din said...

Cayalah Babe!

Untung Faaz ade Mommy yg sporty. mcm ni leh produce more bb boys lah you...nnti leh buat paintball team. :D

:: NieSha :: said...

wah..bestnya tgk nadia main paintball ni..tapi seriously wani pon takut nk cuba ahaks!


wee!!!! Nadia dah main Paintball!!! :)

and Wee!!! Faaz is 11th and Oman is 10th now!!! :)

Nadine said...


Erk..more boys? Mau pening PIL I dh ade 3 boys on weekends our house tunggang langgang. hehe..


mmg BEST! (sbb tak kena hit kot..kalau kena hit tak tau la kan :P). Tryla Wani satu hari's fun :)


weeee! weee! weee! :)

NiNi said...

hihihi giler takut memula tu kan.. tp pas 3rd game da giler nak tembak... sian sara kene tembak bertubi2 =p

Nadine said...

yes nini, ur rite. poor Sara jadi our target. time tu mmg semangat tul shooting. :D

HalfBlood Princess said...

Wah Nadia...cayalah!! seriously, izu pon tingin sgt nk sbb kn isham kata sakit, er rse cuak la plak! hehe...

Nway, i salute u babe!:)
Happy 11 mos to Faaz ye..;)

Nadine said...

TQ Izu :)

Mmg bila dgr cerita org seram jer nak main. tp rasa teringin tu membuak2 sgt tu yg berani x berani redah jer. alhamdulillah tak kena tembak..hihi.

at first dek kerana cuak nadia siap dh pk dh time tu nak duk menyorok takmo kluar..hahaha. tp bila dh start shoot tu mcm best plak. nnti izu try la kalau ade peluang, akceli org kecik molek cam kita ni senang je nak menyorok izu :)