Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Last Saturday, my husband celebrated his 28th birthday. 5 years ago on the very same day, I gave him a small blue box wrapped with a ribbon on top and inside, there was a small but fat wooden heart shape in blood red color. I gave my heart to him as a birthday present, a symbolic way of me saying "YES" to be his girlfriend. :)

Usually, we will have a family dinner either at TGIF or Chilli's on his birthday followed by a simple cake cutting ceremony at home. However, this year my in-laws went to Penang for a wedding that weekend, thus leaving only us and my SIL, Reen at home. Sian I decided to do a simple surprise party for him. At first, I was thinking of inviting all his best friends but it ain't easy as two of his best friends are doctors. As you know, doctor's schedule is tight and unpredictable...takut last minute on call, cancel. Finally, after some discussion with Reen, we decided to call all his close cousins instead. The preparation started two weeks prior to his born day from deciding on the menu, surveying for the perfect cake, the guest list and some decorations.

There were some obstacles that I went through just to organize the simple party, and at one time, I felt like quitting...huhu. Few days before the day, Reen told me that she decided to go to Penang as well, with her friend instead...which means, there will be only 3 of us left for the weekend and only me alone to get everything done for the party...huwaaaa! Then,...two of his close cousins went to Penang as well for the wedding and another cousin got some plan on that day..*sigh* But then, my love to him keep it going...peduliks ape nak jadi..the plan has to go on! Lucky Fadzil's eldest cousin Kak Abri and her lovely daughter, Tasya came to the rescue. With their assistance, I managed to make my plan a reality, thanks you guys, mmmmuahs!! :)

his pre-birthday celebration..

from me to him :)

The first celebration actually begins on 17th December. Papa and Mama bought a cake and surprise him that night, two days earlier as they were going to Penang the next day. On his birthday, I woke up early and so did Faaz. I fed him breakfast, played with him for a while and then bathe him before putting him to sleep beside his Daddy who was still sleeping. Excellent. I went to the kitchen and started boiling the spaghetti, made the bolognese gravy and cook Faaz's porridge. As I just finished preparing the tofu for frying later, both of my men woke up. Quickly I hid the food inside the oven and microwave..

I went upstairs and brought English breakfast for the birthday man although it was already at 12 noon..hihi. We then entertained our little angel for almost an hour. As there were not much stuff left inside the fridge, I took it as a reason for not cooking lunch. The actual reason behind it, I need to go out as I already promised Baskin Robin that I pick up the cake at 1.30pm. Hihi..As it was raining, plus Fadzil have not taken his bath yet he said yes when I volunteered to buy food for lunch. Yes!! plan worked! hihi.

Happily I went to Taipan to "tapau" his favourite double cheeseburger from McD before headed to BR, to pick up the cake. When I came back, both of them were playing football at the hall..I was cracking my head on how to bring the cake inside the house fast (as I worried it might melted if I delay) without him noticed...An idea came into my mind. A pail! hihi...yep, I went inside, headed to the back of the house to find an empty pail and went outside again. When he asked me where was I going, I simply said I want to throw the rubbish outside and walked as fast as I can hoping we wouldn't notice that it was not rubbish but empty pail. Quickly, I put the cake inside it and went inside few minutes later...phewww. settled! :)

The precious cake :P

Then, came the second part; an hour before the party was supposed to start. Fadzil was watching Godfather the movie at the hall. Faaz was sleeping. I was upstairs, trying my best to blow the balloon in Reen's room. I totally forgot that my handphone was downstairs. Suddenly, while I was busy filling air inside the third balloon, my hubby came looking for me as my phone rang. I was shocked, but managed to hide the balloon behind my back. I was pretty sure he saw the balloon but he didn't say anything. After giving me the phone, he ran downstairs to continue watching the movie. Pura-pura kah? I asked myself...hmmm. Apparently it was Tasya who called. According to our plan, her brother was supposed to text Fadzil and ask for his assistance with his router and PC. Rafique had sent the sms but there was no reply by Fadzil. I told Fadzil about it and asked him to drop by their house and assist them. He refused, saying he was still in the middle of the movie, plus it was raining so he kinda lazy to go out. I panicked, cracking my head again...macam mana nak halau dia ni..??? huhuhu. After the rain stopped, I asked him to go again. This time, I insisted. Finally he agreed...*phewww*, I was so relieved.

Right after he went out, I heated up the speghetti, fried the tofu and nuggets and cut the fruits. Faaz was awake at this time so I let him sit on a small stool in front of the kitchen's door facing the cat outside. Faaz loves cat and he was so occupied that I was able to do my tasks without interruption...lega :) It was when I wanted to set up the table that Faaz started to "help" me...He was so into the balloons that I was having a tough time to tie them at the edge of the table. I tried to tie but he kept on kicking it...hahaha, it was funny! :) When I placed the food on top of the coffee table, his mouth non-stop saying "mammam" pointing to the food, while standing in front of the sofa...hihi, terliuq ke Faaz? :P At one time, I was busy arranging the plates..and realized Faaz has been so quiet. When I looked, OMG...he was licking the cream from the cake! Nasib kemek sikit je...Faaz, Faaz...I was laughing non stop when I saw him and he did the same thing too! :)) Sabar je la..When everything was settled, I quickly rang Kak Abri so that they can come to our house right away.

My baby licked his finger after touching the icing of the cake..

guilty baby :P

Mommy's little "helper" :)

As soon as Kak Abri, Camelia and Tasya were at our house, I called Fadzil and asked him to come home...

Me: "Assalamualaikum.."
Him: "Wa'alaikumsalam..ha, wassap?"
Me: "Sayang still troubleshooting ke? any luck so far?"
Him:" Yeap..not yet. I dah set..bla,bla,bla...but so far his PS3 still cannot detect the signal."
Me: "Yang, balik kejap boleh?"
Faaz: "Memmey"...hek hek...(wanna grab the phone)
Him: " Nape? I tak settle lagi ni..."
Me: (Thinking...thinking) "Tak, I made something for tea. Pastu I masak terbanyak. Jomla balik makan. Ajakla diaorg skali..kak Abri, Tasya, Rafique. I made speghetti.."
Him: Silence. "Sayang eat first cannot??"
Faaz: "Memmey"...hek hek...(wanna grab the phone)
Me: " Ala...macam mana nak makan sorang2, Faaz is cranky (alasan :P). I dah lapar ni, come la..then you go back there la. Bkn jauh pun"
Him:" Kak Abri & Tasya went out oredi. Tinggal me and Rafique jer."
Me: "Oh ye ke...takpela, then you bawak him lah. Rafique sure lapar hujan2 nie. Balik eh?"
Him: "Hmmm, klah. CU"
"Me: (grinning) "!"

I told the girls to get into the position and bring out the cake from the freezer. After few minutes, still no sign of them. I called my hub again, he said, he's coming. We waited again. The cake started to melt...aiseh! Finally we decided to put the cake back inside the freezer before the whole thing melted. As I was just closing the freezer door, they came back. Rushingly, we took our positions and as the doors open,


as he entered the main hall...

can't believe his wife was the culprit :P

He's excited, me happy..Faaz monyok sbb tak dapat2 mamam cake! :))

A loud scream by the girls and a puzzled baby. Haha! My hubby was stunned,and then smiled. Happy. I was happy too that I managed to surprised him...mission accomplished! yay! :)

Post-birthday celebration..
although it was plain choc cake, it's still nyummy tau!

Anyway, En. Fadzil is very lucky this year. When we came back to my mom's place, mak surprised him with a chocolate cake. Actually, it was a surprised for her too. She was just about to decorate the cake when we arrived..haha, tak, Fadzil cut a plain chocolate cake instead :)

p.s: credit to tasya for some of the photos here :)


my.mastura said...

faaz jilat cream kek??? hahaha..sungguh kacau ini budak!

Nadine said...

hihihi, nak setahun ni kan...mmg panjang akal dia! :))

dyana "his other half" said...

happy belated birhday to fadzil :)...

cd pun gelak sorang2 baca telatah faaz jilat cream ice cream tu....itu tanda "mummy, i'm ready for my birthday cake"...hehe...

nice present you get for fadzil :)...


Happy Birthday to you hubby :)
Waaaaaa... the wifey is so determine for the surprise party. The hubby is so bertuah ok!! And Faaz, paling cuteeeeee. :):)

Nadine said...

Cee D

TQ, nnti Nadia sampaikan kat Fadzil :)

hihihi, itulah dia. tp Faaz mmglah pantang nampak food skang ni. makan je keja dia :D

hihi, gadget as present this year :P

Nadine said...


TQ dear, nnti i ckp kat Fadzil. :)
haha, simple party leh la determined. kalau yg big mmg pengsanlah I..hihi.

itula..mula2 mcm sayu jerk baby nak masuk toddler-hood. tp telatah yg makin lama makin cute ni, excited plak tgk dia membesar sehari ke sehari...i bet Oman pun sama ;)


alamak baru perasan ade typo..
*Happy Birthday to your hubby :)*

Nadine said...

hahaha...nadia dh pk nak sakat dh nuurill, tp x jadi :D

:: NieSha :: said...

haha..nuuriil suka typo error tau ;P

again..happy birthday to daddy faaz
and mama damia sgt kagum dgn mummy faaz bjaya wat surprised party... ;)

Nadine said...

hihi :D

TQ Wani,takyah kagum2 wani, nadia cuma prepare 3 jenis mknn yg cpt, senang & mudah. hiasan pulak, 4 biji belon sahaja. suma express! haha :))

kalau wani, sure prepare food yg sedap2 kan? :)

Mimy Hamid said...

hahaha seronok pulak tgk baby faaz jadi tukang kacau...suprise...boleh gitu menjadi okkk

:: NieSha :: said...

huhu..wani pon sama la nadia,buat makanan yg ringkas2 saje xpon makan kt luar..selalu bday hubby jatuh hari bekerja..n surprise selalu x jadi..skrg ni lagila,birthday damia sama tarikh ngn papa dia,lagila xdpt nk buat surprise2 ni ;)

Nadine said...


hihi, alhamdulillah menjadi :)


oh, birthday damia sama ngan papa dia eh, mesti hadiah harijadi yg xdpt dia lupa kan? how sweet.. :)
kalau mcm itu, bikin party besar2an lah..skali 2 org sambut..hihi.

HalfBlood Princess said...

hehehe so cute la Nadia...pandai eh! klu izu adui fail la bab nk surprise2 ni..apataknya en hisham xleh berenggang lgsg.:p

NNway,dpt jgk Faaz jilat cream tu ye..hihihi cuteness!

Happy bted bday to Daddy Faaz.:)

Nadine said...

hihi..hampir2 fail gak izu. lepas celebrate tu fadzil lebar panjang duk analyzed. dia kata padanlah bnyk benda tak logik hari tu :P

hihi...manja ek korang, loving gituw ;)

itulah dia..pantas sungguh!

TQ Izu,nnti nadia sampaikan kat Fadzil :)

uja said...

nadia, sorry tak tolon nadia apa2 hari tu..tak terpk pun! teruk uja! nways congrats dpt wat surprise party!!

Nadine said...


issokay...uja kan preggy. kena banyak rest, takleh buat keja berat2 :) korang ade mlm haritu pun dh rasa best tau..meriah! :)