Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Food for Radiant Skin

*photo is courtesy of google

The current project that I'm working with finally comes to an end after 11 months. Fuuuh, feels like ages! Rasanya by now I already memorized all the provinces in's just few yang tak reti nak sebut je :P

Since I am quite free today and I have to take my mind off from the current situation, I took the opportunity to read about beauty and food. Have you heard the phrase - "you are what you eat" ? I do believe that what you eat does effect how you look...and I personally think that I need to change my eating habit.

As I said before, I felt that my skin was dull. Through my readings, dull skin is actually a sign of vitamin deficiency in the skin (oh my..) Besides taking multivitamins, other food especially fruits and vege can also be a good natural source of the nutrients for the skin. The essential minerals for a radiant skin are:

i) Antioxidants

The antioxidants freshen your skin and make it more youthful. They help to protect your skin from the sun damage and play crucial role in keeping skin healthy. Antioxidants are vitamin A, C, E, B complex and minerals such as magnesium, zinc.

Source: blueberries, raisins, carrots, strawberries, apricots, nut, spinach and tomatoes.

ii) Vitamin A

Vitamin A produces new skin cells that keep your skin soft and elastic. If your body doesn't have enough Vitamin A your skin will appear dull and loosen.

Source: non-fat milk, oil, margarine, egg yolk, oysters, liver and fish.

iii) Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen. The collagen is the one that helps you stop the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C combats the effects of free radicals in your body and on your skin, reduces the look of wrinkles and improves your skin's quality.

Source: citrus fruits, carrots,tomatoes, potatoes, kiwi, oranges, and strawberries.

iv) Vitamin E

Vitamin E keeps the moisture in your skin and is responsible for the elasticity of your skin. It prevents cell damage from free radicals and protects the skin barrier’s oil balance during the cleansing process.

Source: olive oil, nuts, oat flakes, and avocados.

v) Fatty acid

Omega 3 and Omega 6 are your best friends with the battle against prematurely aging. They regulate cholesterol transport and metabolism, maintain the impermeability barrier of the skin, maintain resilience and lubrication to your skin and hair.

Source: meat, fish, nuts, olive oil, soya, yogurt.

Oh, I just found out that yogurt is one of the best way to bring back healthy and flawless skin as it is rich in proteins, which is very, very essential nutrients for glowing skin and fragile hair! Apparently, fragile hair specifies that you have a deficiency of protein. Interesting :)

vi) Iron
The iron helps your organism produce hemoglobin. The iron deficiency in your organism may cause anemia and on your skin yellowish spots may appear.

Source: meat, fish, eggs, spinach.

vii) Vitamin B
Vitamins B help to convert calories into energy for skirt metabolism and are components of enzymes that maintain normal skin function (including functioning of the oil-producing glands which keep skin moist and smooth) That's why poor intake of almost any B vitamin can cause dry or scaly skin.

Sources: red meat, fish, bananas temper whole grains, brewers yeast peanut butter and eggs

So..starting tomorrow, let us start a beauty regime by eating healthily. But first and foremost, I need to do some groceries shopping. Sayang, Cold Storage jom??! :D

Throughout my readings, I also found this recipe, prepared by executive chef of Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson. Nyummm! Readers, harus di cuba ni!! :)

*photo is courtesy of google

~The Ultimate Skin Smoothie~
1/2  cup diced mango
1/2 cup diced papaya
1/4 cup apple juice
1 teaspoon lime juice
1 teaspoon of sugar
1/4 crushed ice

method: combine the following ingredients in a blender, puree until smooth and serve.

*All info are taken from: skin diet

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In terms of career, beginning of the year is usually the time when you feel very enthusiast. New KPIs and targets, new directions, new projects waited to be explored; all these lure the spirit to work hard and smart, to be better than before.

Nevertheless, this is not the case for me. Although we barely reached the end of January I feel dispirited..frustrated..downtrodden.

Yes, I feel downtrodden.

It's all just because of a single decision that I made, turning down a sudden request. I don't feel to elaborate more on this but I wanted to make it clear that I did not regret the decision that I've made. There is nothing more important in my life except my family.

Right now, I choose to laid back, keep quiet and watch how long this "drama" goes. After all, the most profound statements are often said in silence...and as a Muslim, I seek strength from the Almighty, may I have the force to survive...

"Dear Allah, I seek refuge in You from anxiety (Hammi) and sad (Khazani), from weakness ('ajzi) and laziness (kasali), and cowardice (jubni) and curmodgeonly (bukhli), and the pressure of debt (gholabatiddaini) and handedness people (qohri al-rijal)"


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Saturday & Sunday

What we've been doing last Saturday & Sunday..

It was a date with Mak, Kak Ngah & Adik (my family). First, we went to HTJ, Seremban to visit my Ateh. Since Faaz is too small and barely understood what has happened, we decided it's best for him to stay at the lobby. Fortunately there is a small playground area downstairs so Faaz get to spend most of his time enjoying the ride until he was hungry and needed some snack for tea time...

enjoying his ride..teringat Hadif la pulak
eksen tak bagi pegang :P

but the slides won his heart the most! :)

and's tea time!
Can you see how hungry he was? :))

Later that night, we went out to have dinner at Chop & Stik as requested by my little brother. We were lucky enough to get an empty parking space and an empty table waited to be seated. The food were delicious, as usual :) However, we had a tough time on keeping Faaz to sit still in his carrier. He was sleepy and tired but refused to sleep.

On the way back, we stopped by a stall somewhere in Gombak...for durians! Yes, it's the season again. Balik rumah je terus have our "supper" at the kitchen..hihi.

Not only good with cooking, baking and sewing, Mak is also a pro in opening the durians.
So proud to be your daughter! mmmuahs! :)

mmm...terliur tak? :P

You are so lucky tau Sayang to be the favourite menantu (sorang je pun menantunya :P)
no need to kupas durian pun..cess!

He only knows how to eat 'em...uptown boy :P
hihi..kidding! mak yg tak bagi :)

Ok, this was a real date compared to the above...cause it's just between the two of us!! :)

Lately my cheek seperti di pam-pam..huhu

So soon, Nadia? Hihi..ok, not really a date...a date with a mission it was :) We have to find a gift for Rune, something that reflects Malaysian so we went to Central Market for a short shopping trip. Faaz couldn't be bothered when we left as he was enjoying the company of both my siblings. I managed to have a ride in the new Putra LRT coach and I must say they have improved a lot. Wished that they will replace all current coaches to the new ones soon..

the new coach's interior

The last time I went to CM was like 6-7 years ago and it has improved a lot too. It's more tourist friendly now..tourist attraction. Me likey! There are a lot of interesting store too such as the Chinese wooden comb store. I managed to read there that the meaning of a wooden comb as a gift are: for fortune (combing smooth your hair, which implies a smooth way down the fortune seeking course), for loving & care (comb has a meaning of "see you everyday" in Chinese culture. Daily usage of a gifted comb can bring lasting remembrance and love) and for health (comb can massage your scalp, stimulate blood circulation, refresh the mind and brighten up face complexion). So apelagi..sila beri sikat as a gift ok? Hihihi...

I wished that we can tour the whole place..but we were rushing. Since it was almost 3pm when we arrived, we had lunch at SR, and then only proceed to look for the gift.

kita makan duluuuuuuuu! :))

Perut dah kenyang baru boleh shopping! ;)

After visited few stores, we decided on this..

Rune, if you read this post, we hope u like it! :)

geram with all the cute stuff...rasa nak borong! :))

We also bought some dodols as he did asked me during the dinner about Malaysian's cakes and dessert. According to my hubby, he loves it! Before went back home, I made a stop to this cute wooden store to get something for little Faaz. Although it was just a 2 hours date, it's totally worth it as we both had a great time. Looking forward for more this year, laling :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Of Being Mobile

Although my mom's place and my in laws' both are within the Klang Valley proximity and less than an hour journey, (or the fact that we will go back there every two weeks) I still find myself excited every time we are going back to Gombak..hihihi.

One thing about living with the parents (especially with the coolest parents) who stays in the same state is that you have the flexibility to be mobile. Everytime my in-laws are away for a holiday or outstation, we will stay in my mom's place. Sometimes, we do switch whenever we feels to, but not that frequent since all our stuff are at SJ house. So far, alhamdulillah, Faaz is an easy-going baby. He will easily adjusted either being taken care by his Nanny or Tok Mak.

Eventhough everytime we stays in Gombak on weekdays means a double journey for me to office, I don't find it a major problem just because..

  • I love the fact that me and my hubby will travel together to work, which means more "us" time (teringat zaman dating dolu2..hik! :P)
seronok dah lama x dpt duduk front passanger seat.
Sila abaikan en. suami yg suka buat muka poyo :P

  • I love the fact that I don't need to drive halfway through the journey so that I can enjoy the nice view of the sky crapper while cam-whoring inside the car :P

busy exploring the shutter speed, aperture and zooming here n there..hihi
  • I love the fact that KL-Putrajaya Highway and my hubby's office is so near that after I drop him off, I can straightly enter the highway and bypass the massive traffic and reached my working place in half an hour later.
  • I can enjoyed my favourite dish everyday! Thanks to my beloved Mak :) Feels like a princess! Kak Ngah and Adik, please jangan jelous! :p It also means more dinner and late night supper at Kg Baru (makan lagi..) and frequent visit to KLCC :)
  • and urm..of course I enjoyed the companion (of my family)..rindu ok nak manja2 :P

Last week my in-laws went for a holiday so we stayed in Gombak from Thursday till Sunday. It was one of the busiest week for us, and a week of emotional roller coaster for me., I'm not preggy..its just some issues in the office that I don't feel like sharing here plus one of my beloved aunt had involved in a freak accident. She is now in a stable condition but still hospitalized. I pray hard for her speed recovery,insyaAllah. Ladies, don't forget to buckle your seat-belt when driving. It does make a difference when things happen unexpectedly (a reminder to myself too)...

Little Munchkin bz "exploring" my handbag/purse, a routine whenever I come back from office..

This week, we are back to our normal routine. No more having a prince charming to drive me to work more being the "princess" and no more "us" time in the car. Despite that, I still love it for the fact that I can go out to work as late as 9am and come back home within 30 minutes of journey...and if I am lucky enough to get home early, there will be ample time to bathe and serve dinner to Faaz as well as welcoming my hubby back from work at the front door with a smile, a kiss and a hug! It feels heaven ;)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Faaz's First Birthday Party!

Finally, the long awaited entry is published... :)

The charming birthday boy :)

My little angel has just turned big O.N.E on Saturday, 09.01.2010. According to our initial plan, me and hubby dearie would like to invite around 4-6close friends whom mostly have babies around the same age as Faaz to hang around with us. Nothing fancy, we were thinking of a simple cake cutting, having homemade food while letting our babies to socialize. We felt Faaz is too small to appreciate a big party, hence we would like to put it on hold until is ready for one, by the age of 5....perhaps.

We can plan and only plan, but it will only works if its within God's Will.

In our case, when both of our parents heard about this, they became very excited. The next thing you know, from 4-6 people, the guest list grew to 73! We have to change almost everything including the menu, cake and of course the budget till the very last minute. Things were quite rushing actually. For the first time in my life, I 've cooked meals for 70 people...fuh, it was such an experience! However, we were so fortunate to have family members to support us. With great pleasure, my in-laws offered to sponsor some of the food and tent while Mak and Kak Ngah sponsored most of the desserts. Aunty Mun came all the way from TTDI Jaya as early as 8am to assist us with the cooking while my sister in-laws, Reen and her bf were kind enough to do the decorations and the goodie bags. Thank you so much all, it means a lot to us! :)

Thank you Reen & Munis :)

the cakes...Faaz tak makan, colek cream sket je buat syarat. Hihi :)

Thanks Papa..
siap scallop sampai orang ingat it was Reen's engagement party.. :))

It rains heavily at 4pm but it did not stopped everyone from coming to our house. Alhamdulillah. Thank you, especially single friends who were very supportive enough to come, you guys rock!! ;) It's nice to see each and every one of you who showed up although we have to apologize for not able to delegate our equal attention to all of you. Hope you understand, ya :). We had a lot of fun, and I am sure so did Faaz since he was the "star" of the day. I can hardly carry him as he was passed from one person to another. Believe it or not, we only have the chance to snap a family photo (just the 3 of us) only during the cake cutting session and none was taken from our camera! How sad it was kan? So ladies, better hire a photographer for events like this or you end up be like us...mengharap ihsan family and friends je..hihi. What to do, we run out of budget for that :P Luckily we have captured the event in video format together with the speech from the family members to our little Faaz. We plan to gave him the CD of this footage when he turn 21, insyaAllah. Currently we are still waiting some photos from our relatives so in the meantime, do enjoy some of the pixies (credit to Hidayah n Mama Hadif :) )

Weee! the birthday boy bz playing

He was happy with all the attention he got that day :)

Faaz usha aunty Fiza yg vogue :)
With my BFF, the first guest to arrive!

The funny part happened during the cake cutting session. At first, it was just us and Faaz, with some of the children who came surrounded the coffee table. Out of sudden, when we just about to start singing "Happy Birthday", a huge crowd surrounded us including the adults. Even my sister nak mencelah to snap photos pun didn't managed to get through. It kinda scared and annoyed Faaz off so he ended up crying! After being persuaded that it was okay, he finally stopped. Hihihi, sian cayang Mommy, it was totally beyond Mommy & Daddy's control baby :) Oh ya, in case any of you were wondering, Faaz was still unable to blow his own candle that day and quickly he was assisted by few of his eager cousins who can't wait to taste the cake..hihihi.

poor baby was crying :)
pursuaded by Mommy that nothing should be afraid of..
finally stopped crying but puzzled when everyone sang for him :)

The Three of Us
credit to Lady D :)

Oh ya, Faaz told me to extend his gratitude and send his love to his cousins, friends, uncles, aunties and grandparents who were kind enough to give him the presents and ka-ching ($$$). He loves them all! :) Mommy and Daddy Faaz also were flattered that we both also got our belated birthday prezzie...awwwwh, how sweet. Mucho gracias! :)

with the first present he opened later that night.
Thank you Wan Ibah! :)

With the rest of the present the next day.
Thank you all!! :)

p.s: He heard the phone rang while I capture this photo..talking about confusion :P

cute handmade sweet!
Thanks Sofea & Ryan, Aunty Uja & family :)

Mommy pun dapat present..yay! Hihihi...*blush*

To Muhammad Faaz Naqi our growing little angel,

Happy Birthday Love! :)

May you grow up healthily, intelligently and happy always.
Most importantly, may you grow up to be a good Caliph in this world, insyaAllah.
Our prayers are always with you, son.

Love u lots,
Mommy & Daddy
(on behalf,)

p.s: Tasya, if you read this...we want copies of the photos! hihi..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The 100th Post (:

Yay! (:

Feels like it was just yesterday I switched from my f'ster blog to blogspot. My first "step" here started on 14th May 2009 and I've been enjoying the journey ever since :)

Besides the freedom in uploading huuuuge files (of photos and videos) here, what I love the most is how simple writings keep me connected with my family, relatives and friends. I even made new friends through the cyber world. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog, ladies :)

In this world, there will always exist people who dislike you no matter how nice you try to be or despite the fact that you never "touch" or disturb their lives... It's funny how your writings, which lingers around your daily life and are intended to share the joy of life, experiences, knowledge as well as to keep updated with loved ones who live far, far away across the continent has annoyed someone. I never force you to read my blog, neither have I shown hatred to you through my writings miss/mr Anonymous, so why bother to hurt me? Let me make it clear, this blog is my life journey, nothing got to do with you so if you don't like it, just leave it. Simple rite? :)

Lets get a bit personal on this hundredth post, shall we?

me at week 38..kembang semangkuk :P
first wedding anniversary

me, same date a year later.
2nd wedding anniversary

So far, I am thankful to The Almighty I don't have to face major weight issue after my pregnancy. Blamed it to the gene from my late father side. Most of them, including him are petite in size. Those who knows me well knows that I am a foodie person. Even my sister always says, "Along kalau makan sedulang!" :)) Yup, I am a big eater. I love food, that's why I enjoyed cooking ;) As for the flat tummy (flat ke :P) which always amazed people seriously I have no idea (only those who remembered how huuuuuuuuge my tummy was will understand this). Despite the inability to use the traditional binder (bengkung) due to my c-sec wound, I never failed to apply the tummy cream from Nona Roguy and wrapped my tummy with the abdominal binder during my confinement. It works! However, the downside are a bigger bum + stubborn fats on both tights since the abdominal binder only binds the upper part of your tummy, unlike the traditional binder. So ladies who claimed that I have a perfect is the confession: I don't! :P and I'm still struggling to get rid of these excess baggage. Maka, kita semua sama so tak perlu jealous2 ok? :)

This year, I want to live a healthier way. Kurus tak bererti tak perlu bersenam kan? I noticed that I lack of stamina, especially when carrying my 10kg little munchkin. For the past two days, Faaz has started to run (altho jalan still terkedek2 :) and he loves to play "kejar-kejar" with me. This is fun!! He will soon run fast and I need all the stamina I can get to be at par with his activeness. Sadly to say, the last time I really worked out was before I get pregnant. I kinda miss futsal, aerobics and dancing. Since Fadzil is also into futsal, perhaps we should bring Faaz for a futsal session someday and let him walk around the court...hihi. Eat oats, more fruits, more plain water are also in my list...I need to bring down the cholesterol level if still I want to keep on enjoying fried food, which I currently am..ish..ish. Nini, lets pay a visit to our E/// gym this year, ok? :)

Alhamdulillah, last year's resolution of owning my own e-shop has been a reality. Although it maybe something small compared to other online shop in the web, but I am proud of it. Thanks to dear family and friends for your support. I truly appreciate it. Some naughty voices did asked me, "untung ke?" "boleh hidup ke?" Well, let me put it this way. With the profit from my business, plus another 25% of my own money
, I finally managed to own a Damier bolehla nak hidup :P With the demanding workload plus a growing child, I still unable to activate back scentylicious. I need time to organize and balance my 24-7 routine which is a tough work. In the meantime, I feel comfortable making sales to friends and relatives. Fiza dear, if you read this nnti ur BBW sampai I call you k :)

Now that Faaz has entered the toddlerhood, I need to learn more. Currently I am doing some readings on how to handle tantrums which sooner or later I will face..huhu. Izu & Wani, I need your coaching! :) I also wanted to introduce more food to Faaz since he already turn 1 and currently have 7 teeth to bite and chews, thus I am collecting healthy recipes which I can't wait to try. As for me and hubby dearie, we would like to start dating again this year, maybe for a movie once a while. This one, we target when Faaz reached 18 months. I also hope that my hubby need not to travel to Oslo this year. If kena jugak, sayang this time I nak ikuuuuuuuuuuuuut! Hihi..

Ups! its been too long plak.

Here's a sneak peak of my baby's first birthday party for those who been asking for it...entry later k :)

Introducing Faaz, the masked of zorro with curly eyelashes :P

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where to Dine?

Hubby's boss, Rune is currently in town again this year. I remembered the last time he came here was also about the same time, when I delivered Faaz. He wanted to pay us a visit in the hospital but he missed it as we already went home at that time.

I never met him personally, I knew him just through photos (especially the photos taken in Oslo). From the stories I heard through Fadzil, he is a very pleasant guy. I am sure he knew us through photos as well as he do peeks at my blogs sometimes, just to see Faaz's recent photos (which kinda freaks me out the first time Fadzil mentioned it as I have a LOT to improve on my grammar and vocab + the "rojak" between english + bahasa melayu in my writings *blush*). He also has been a good host to my hubby when Fadzil went to Oslo alone in mid 2008.

We are thinking to take him out for dinner with our small family. We are still searching for the best place to dine, preferably the one which serves local or asian cuisine. Sri Melayu is out from the list as it was too common, I think he has dine there before as it is situated very near to the Aker office. So far, we have few places in mind...

i) Rebung
The famous Chef Ismail + Dato Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar's restaurant is well known for it's buffet spread of local Malay cuisines and desserts such as the lemak cili api daging salai wif belimbing besi and serawa durian as dessert...nyum! We never been here before but we always hear good reviews about it. Does anyone knows are they also serves buffet for dinner or its totally al'a carte?

ii) Bijan
Situated at Jalan Ceylon, which is only 5km away from Bukit Bintang (a plus point since its near to the office and the hotel), it serves fine authentic Malay cuisine. According to reviews that I read, the ambiance also is very nice and cozy. The menu looks interesting, it can be downloaded here

*photos taken from google image

iii) Bora Ombak
This restaurant serves Balinese food, some are quite similar with House of Sundanese (which is our favourite dine place in KLCC) but I love most about this restaurant is their exotic look plus the ambiance. Mesti lebih selera makan with the Balinese gamelan music as the background...its kinda romantic too..don't you think so? :) Plus point for the location since it is situated in Ampang.

iv) Paya Serai
A friend of mine suggested this restaurant, which is one of the cafe inside PJ Hilton Hotel. Paya Serai is actually famous for its Ramadhan Buffet, but during normal days, they also have weekend high-tea. From the review I read here the food looks scrumptious! But the minus sign is the location. To travel from the Golden Triangle to PJ is quite far considering the traffic after working hours.

*photos taken from google image

v) Tupai-Tupai
This restaurant is suggested my my colleague. It serves Malay food such as gulai tempoyak, rendang, and masak lemak cili api but they are famous for their steamboat dinner buffet. The ambiance is nice too as it incorporates a forest backdrop and authentic wooden plank floor furnishing with the traditional kampung style roof. To those who familiar with Ikan Bakar Jalan Bellamy, this restaurant is situated somewhere near there, behind the DBP building specifically. The minus sign will be the food, which according to some reviews I read said that it was just so-so compared to the expensive price..hurm..

Location wise, we prefers somewhere in the heart of KL as Rune is staying in Prince Hotel and we will be staying at my mom's place this week. As we plan to bring him either on Thursday or Friday night, we don't feel going somewhere far will be a good idea since the traffic in KL is pretty bad after working hours. So far, I feel like going to Bijan...but my "bos" haven't made up his mind yet :).

Friends, if you have any other dining place to recommend, we would love to hear from you! :)