Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The 100th Post (:

Yay! (:

Feels like it was just yesterday I switched from my f'ster blog to blogspot. My first "step" here started on 14th May 2009 and I've been enjoying the journey ever since :)

Besides the freedom in uploading huuuuge files (of photos and videos) here, what I love the most is how simple writings keep me connected with my family, relatives and friends. I even made new friends through the cyber world. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog, ladies :)

In this world, there will always exist people who dislike you no matter how nice you try to be or despite the fact that you never "touch" or disturb their lives... It's funny how your writings, which lingers around your daily life and are intended to share the joy of life, experiences, knowledge as well as to keep updated with loved ones who live far, far away across the continent has annoyed someone. I never force you to read my blog, neither have I shown hatred to you through my writings miss/mr Anonymous, so why bother to hurt me? Let me make it clear, this blog is my life journey, nothing got to do with you so if you don't like it, just leave it. Simple rite? :)

Lets get a bit personal on this hundredth post, shall we?

me at week 38..kembang semangkuk :P
first wedding anniversary

me, same date a year later.
2nd wedding anniversary

So far, I am thankful to The Almighty I don't have to face major weight issue after my pregnancy. Blamed it to the gene from my late father side. Most of them, including him are petite in size. Those who knows me well knows that I am a foodie person. Even my sister always says, "Along kalau makan sedulang!" :)) Yup, I am a big eater. I love food, that's why I enjoyed cooking ;) As for the flat tummy (flat ke :P) which always amazed people seriously I have no idea (only those who remembered how huuuuuuuuge my tummy was will understand this). Despite the inability to use the traditional binder (bengkung) due to my c-sec wound, I never failed to apply the tummy cream from Nona Roguy and wrapped my tummy with the abdominal binder during my confinement. It works! However, the downside are a bigger bum + stubborn fats on both tights since the abdominal binder only binds the upper part of your tummy, unlike the traditional binder. So ladies who claimed that I have a perfect is the confession: I don't! :P and I'm still struggling to get rid of these excess baggage. Maka, kita semua sama so tak perlu jealous2 ok? :)

This year, I want to live a healthier way. Kurus tak bererti tak perlu bersenam kan? I noticed that I lack of stamina, especially when carrying my 10kg little munchkin. For the past two days, Faaz has started to run (altho jalan still terkedek2 :) and he loves to play "kejar-kejar" with me. This is fun!! He will soon run fast and I need all the stamina I can get to be at par with his activeness. Sadly to say, the last time I really worked out was before I get pregnant. I kinda miss futsal, aerobics and dancing. Since Fadzil is also into futsal, perhaps we should bring Faaz for a futsal session someday and let him walk around the court...hihi. Eat oats, more fruits, more plain water are also in my list...I need to bring down the cholesterol level if still I want to keep on enjoying fried food, which I currently am..ish..ish. Nini, lets pay a visit to our E/// gym this year, ok? :)

Alhamdulillah, last year's resolution of owning my own e-shop has been a reality. Although it maybe something small compared to other online shop in the web, but I am proud of it. Thanks to dear family and friends for your support. I truly appreciate it. Some naughty voices did asked me, "untung ke?" "boleh hidup ke?" Well, let me put it this way. With the profit from my business, plus another 25% of my own money
, I finally managed to own a Damier bolehla nak hidup :P With the demanding workload plus a growing child, I still unable to activate back scentylicious. I need time to organize and balance my 24-7 routine which is a tough work. In the meantime, I feel comfortable making sales to friends and relatives. Fiza dear, if you read this nnti ur BBW sampai I call you k :)

Now that Faaz has entered the toddlerhood, I need to learn more. Currently I am doing some readings on how to handle tantrums which sooner or later I will face..huhu. Izu & Wani, I need your coaching! :) I also wanted to introduce more food to Faaz since he already turn 1 and currently have 7 teeth to bite and chews, thus I am collecting healthy recipes which I can't wait to try. As for me and hubby dearie, we would like to start dating again this year, maybe for a movie once a while. This one, we target when Faaz reached 18 months. I also hope that my hubby need not to travel to Oslo this year. If kena jugak, sayang this time I nak ikuuuuuuuuuuuuut! Hihi..

Ups! its been too long plak.

Here's a sneak peak of my baby's first birthday party for those who been asking for it...entry later k :)

Introducing Faaz, the masked of zorro with curly eyelashes :P


Anonymous said...

1. Bestnye dah 100th post..
Me? Once a month pun susah.. hehe.. Please send some of your "rajin"ness to me.. :)
2. Pasal Anonymous tu, abaikan jer.. jealous la tuh..
3. Exercise? :) For stamina & stay healthy & get in shape - Yes Yes Yes. Utk kurus lagi? No no no.. :D
4. My BBW? Yeay!!Yeay!!Sayang nadia.. hahahaha..
5. Faaz : Hope u like the present,boy.. :)


Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Alalalaa comeynya Faaz, aunty likee..xsbr nk tgu n3 abt bday Faaz, aunty nk tgk more pics..:D

Nadia, izu pon tatau gk nk handle tantrums tp mujur Zahin dh xbrp nk tantrum.. next kne ready for Iris tantrum plak..heheee..

jannahrais said...

hensemnye zoro bulu mata lentik tu...;D nak plak faaz pakai topeng ek...kot ammar baye baye faaz dulu mau koyak dah dibuatnye..;)

ohohoho jannah memang jeles tengok nadia ngan kak izzah orang yang comey comey ni yang takde mslh berat badan lepas besalin...
tapi salah sendiri gak...suh bepantang main ngelat..hihih i must do something!


Ho Yeah! GO Futsal dear. Not only watching Fadzil.. but maybe u can play too! :) Before i got pregnant, FUtsal was me and my girlfriends weekly routine. Totally fun! I do hope me too can also back to my a year ago activity. Hehe. EH, jomla main sama-sama :)

Faaz Comel. Happy 1 year Faaz! :)

Mimy Hamid said...

mr junior zorro...Ya Allah kiut giler....tepuk pipi sket

neena_kechik said...

tahniah kak nadia!!! hehe neena 10 entry pun x sampai lg.hehehe i like reading but writing!!! hehehe Semoga kak nadia n family sentiasa happy and dirahmati Allah... =).I`m sorry if i`m disturbing your life...=(

my.mastura said...

abaikan jer org2 yg anonymous tu..sesungguhnya, diorg jeles with ur life..u hv a good life, a good husband, an adorable baby, rezeki yg melimpah...maybe org2 tu x der apa yg ko, utk menyedapkan hati mereka, diorg ngata la ko..pity them..doakan je la supaya mereka berjaya

p/s: ni la sikap org Melayu..x boleh tgk bangsa sendiri senang...PHD sgt tinggi (perasaan hasad dengki)

Nadine said...

Fiza dear,

Jom aerobics/dancing jom! ur house eh. mine ade in-laws segan nak terkinja2..hik! nak swim at ur swimming pool akak tak reti berenang :P

aih,, Faaz suka sgt present dia tu. Mommy dia lagi la suka the scarf. so sweet!! tq! xoxo :)

Izu dear,

Bagusnye Zahin tak banyak kerenah..good girl. Harap2 Faaz ikut kakak Zahin jadi good boy :)
Nadia nak blaja more on parenting dr Izu n Wani lah. Plg risau bab potty training tu..hihihi.

:: NieSha :: said...

nadia...nk jeles jugak..hihi..jeles secara positive, so that i can motivate myself to get a flat tummy and solid body like u ;)

owh..on how to handle tantrums, luckily my damia x sangat...i'm not good enough..klu wani surrender, wani pas kt hubby je..hihii..

wani pon xterkejar jugak dgn my la jap. .hihii..bestnya dapat damier trevi..

P/S: anon tu 'rajin' sgt kan? skrg dia comment kt blog wani tp letak nama 'nadia,hadha,noor,izu,nuuriil,faisyura, niezam dll yg pnh bg komen'...apa kes ntahlaa...

Nadine said...


Hihi, thanks. Faaz pun tak lama la Jannah. kejap je. Lepas 5 minit bosan dah :))

Oh ye ke..hihi. Nadia mmg tak dpt mengelat masa pantang Jannah. Bkn mak je jaga...nenek skali. Dia la yg plg strict. but thanks to them, its for my own good kan? :)


Wow weekly routine. Activenya! I played jugak b4 preggy tp once a month je, wif my maxis team. Sejak I tukar masuk E/// terus stop xde geng. Sini futsal men je ade team :(

Join you n ur girlfriends? seganla...i tak tere. so-so je..huhu

Nadine said...


Hihihi, thanks! Bila la boleh jumpa kan? Wedding you la kot. Cepat2 ea.. :)


Thanks dear! Ameen. so sweet of you. Eh Neena salah paham ni, bkn Neena la...anon yg akak maksudkan masa entry ni:
I am so glad to get to know u, adik! :)


Itulah dia kan. Selagi ade sikap membanding2 mmg benda2 ni la yg slalu ade. Ape2pun aku syukur ade kawan2 mcm ko :)


Nadine, i pun x terror. Tendang bola pun ala-ala je.. KIat main suka-suka je. Hehe :)

neena_kechik said...

hehehe xder lah,neena pun jeles gk ngan kak nadia sbb ada BMW!!! hehehe I love that brand so much!!! hehe u`re the first person to call me ADIK! hehehe normally my friends call me KECHIK.. hehehe =)

Nadine said...


alahai, untungnya la korang anak2 well behave belaka...harap2 Faaz ikut jejak akak2nye la..amin :)
Nadia pun jeles secara +ve dgn kulit wani yg licin tu. tgh berusaha nak improve but i tell u its gonna be a long way since my skin mmg problematic..huhu

p.s: ish..skang dia pakai nama kitaorg plak ye. apelah masalah dia kan...

Nadine said...


Hihihi..iyolah tu. Tp best jugak kan dpt main sama2 :)


Hihi, bkn akak punye daaa. Amik gamba kat keta org je :P Tp itu mmg dream car abg Fadzil so Neena bleh satu geng ngan dia la. Akak cuma admire z4 je :)
Oh ye im unique lah kan? hihihi...

:: NieSha :: said...

licin sgtla kulit wani ni nadia..huhuu..cuba teropong dekat2 skit..huh...hancuss..
tp kan nadia..hehe..wani suka sgt nadia buat entry estee lauder tu..wani saje je bukak dpn hubby..n he said 'mcm pnh dgr nutritious nih' hehe..wat2 lupa lak dia...rasa mcm wani akan dpt je jugak nnt..kui..kui..kui..

Nadine said...

Hihihi, Wani ni sgt cheeky ok! :)
wah, pasni makin berseri2 la muka isteri en. shahir ek? :)