Monday, January 18, 2010

Faaz's First Birthday Party!

Finally, the long awaited entry is published... :)

The charming birthday boy :)

My little angel has just turned big O.N.E on Saturday, 09.01.2010. According to our initial plan, me and hubby dearie would like to invite around 4-6close friends whom mostly have babies around the same age as Faaz to hang around with us. Nothing fancy, we were thinking of a simple cake cutting, having homemade food while letting our babies to socialize. We felt Faaz is too small to appreciate a big party, hence we would like to put it on hold until is ready for one, by the age of 5....perhaps.

We can plan and only plan, but it will only works if its within God's Will.

In our case, when both of our parents heard about this, they became very excited. The next thing you know, from 4-6 people, the guest list grew to 73! We have to change almost everything including the menu, cake and of course the budget till the very last minute. Things were quite rushing actually. For the first time in my life, I 've cooked meals for 70 people...fuh, it was such an experience! However, we were so fortunate to have family members to support us. With great pleasure, my in-laws offered to sponsor some of the food and tent while Mak and Kak Ngah sponsored most of the desserts. Aunty Mun came all the way from TTDI Jaya as early as 8am to assist us with the cooking while my sister in-laws, Reen and her bf were kind enough to do the decorations and the goodie bags. Thank you so much all, it means a lot to us! :)

Thank you Reen & Munis :)

the cakes...Faaz tak makan, colek cream sket je buat syarat. Hihi :)

Thanks Papa..
siap scallop sampai orang ingat it was Reen's engagement party.. :))

It rains heavily at 4pm but it did not stopped everyone from coming to our house. Alhamdulillah. Thank you, especially single friends who were very supportive enough to come, you guys rock!! ;) It's nice to see each and every one of you who showed up although we have to apologize for not able to delegate our equal attention to all of you. Hope you understand, ya :). We had a lot of fun, and I am sure so did Faaz since he was the "star" of the day. I can hardly carry him as he was passed from one person to another. Believe it or not, we only have the chance to snap a family photo (just the 3 of us) only during the cake cutting session and none was taken from our camera! How sad it was kan? So ladies, better hire a photographer for events like this or you end up be like us...mengharap ihsan family and friends je..hihi. What to do, we run out of budget for that :P Luckily we have captured the event in video format together with the speech from the family members to our little Faaz. We plan to gave him the CD of this footage when he turn 21, insyaAllah. Currently we are still waiting some photos from our relatives so in the meantime, do enjoy some of the pixies (credit to Hidayah n Mama Hadif :) )

Weee! the birthday boy bz playing

He was happy with all the attention he got that day :)

Faaz usha aunty Fiza yg vogue :)
With my BFF, the first guest to arrive!

The funny part happened during the cake cutting session. At first, it was just us and Faaz, with some of the children who came surrounded the coffee table. Out of sudden, when we just about to start singing "Happy Birthday", a huge crowd surrounded us including the adults. Even my sister nak mencelah to snap photos pun didn't managed to get through. It kinda scared and annoyed Faaz off so he ended up crying! After being persuaded that it was okay, he finally stopped. Hihihi, sian cayang Mommy, it was totally beyond Mommy & Daddy's control baby :) Oh ya, in case any of you were wondering, Faaz was still unable to blow his own candle that day and quickly he was assisted by few of his eager cousins who can't wait to taste the cake..hihihi.

poor baby was crying :)
pursuaded by Mommy that nothing should be afraid of..
finally stopped crying but puzzled when everyone sang for him :)

The Three of Us
credit to Lady D :)

Oh ya, Faaz told me to extend his gratitude and send his love to his cousins, friends, uncles, aunties and grandparents who were kind enough to give him the presents and ka-ching ($$$). He loves them all! :) Mommy and Daddy Faaz also were flattered that we both also got our belated birthday prezzie...awwwwh, how sweet. Mucho gracias! :)

with the first present he opened later that night.
Thank you Wan Ibah! :)

With the rest of the present the next day.
Thank you all!! :)

p.s: He heard the phone rang while I capture this photo..talking about confusion :P

cute handmade sweet!
Thanks Sofea & Ryan, Aunty Uja & family :)

Mommy pun dapat present..yay! Hihihi...*blush*

To Muhammad Faaz Naqi our growing little angel,

Happy Birthday Love! :)

May you grow up healthily, intelligently and happy always.
Most importantly, may you grow up to be a good Caliph in this world, insyaAllah.
Our prayers are always with you, son.

Love u lots,
Mommy & Daddy
(on behalf,)

p.s: Tasya, if you read this...we want copies of the photos! hihi..


RuZaNNa said...

Happy Belated birthday Faaz!
I think faaz's birthday party is more organized than imran's.. guest dah sampai pun we were still busy decorating the house.. hehe

Mimy Hamid said...

happy belated birthday baby faaz...hehehe so shomelll...akhirnya 1 tahun...makin ligat tgk..kemain mainan...konpius jap..besday sapa ni?? untung mummy......nak geget baby faaz

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Ha!n3 ni yg aunty dok tgu2 nihh..hehe...

Nway, what a wonderful party...rugi2 xpegi. hihi aunty ada tamu la faaz cyg...kek Faaz sgt mebgujakn!! SR ke home-made Nadia?:D

Wah mmg meriah n bestnyer Faaz dpt byk hadiah! mommy pon dpt? isk, harus plan ank ketiga lahir on the same of mine la mcm ni..hehee..

Again, happy 1st bday, charming boy! idea video tu sgt bagus! bley tru takk? kikiki..

Lastly, congrats dear!! siap msk lg (masak apa ek?:D)i tabik spring kt u lah!hehe.


Awwwwww.... I am so nervous for Oman's next. huhu. I think our guess gonna be as unplanned as yours... Erk.. Boleyke i masak ney? Hehehehe

Well, Faaz is so cute!!!! And i am so proud to see him so clever, handsome and cheeky baby (boley x i yang proud).. kekekeke. Happy 1 year old dear sweetheart.

and.. of course to the proud parents, congrats to both of u!!! You guys have completed the first year being a daddy and mommy. Faaz is so lucky. Yeay!!! :)

From me, armi and our son, Oman, we pray that your family will happily, loving and blessed ever after. Aamin. :)

Nadine said...

Thank you Anne :)
Hihi, organize due to the helpers. If diaorg takde, tunggang langgang jugak kitaorg :))

Tp mmg I terkilan x sempat nak ambil gamba us ber3 properly. When me and hubby free, Faaz kena culik. Bila Faaz n my hubby free, I bz kat dapur..huhu.


Thanks! Hihi dr dulu asik nak geget Faaz je dia. Hihihi..itula jap je dah setahun. tak lama lagi you pun dah nak naik pelamin :)

Nadine said...


Issokay dear. I totally understand :) Now we are even since dulu Nadia pun tak dpt pegi Zahin's bday bash..hihihi, joking :)

Kek b'day Faaz tempah. Inside is american chocolate, tp bkn SR. Ramai yg ingat SR. Mula2 mmg ingat nak tempah sana, tp kitaorg tempah last minute. SR nak at least 4days before kan. coming soon ke? *wink* Thanks dear!! eh bleh sgt, ape salahnya. yup, its a good idea since they can barely remember their 1st celebration kan :)

Hihihi, tak perlu tabik spring Izu. Nadia masak simple2 aje since its a tea time party :)


Yes dear, Oman's big day is next!! I'm sure it will be a grand and lavish one kan? I'm so looking forward for it. Boleh jadi b'day of the year kot nie? :)

Ish, fulus you all kan lebat. catering aje. serius you, I mmg lepak the next day. penat tak hingat..hihi..How's ur preparation, started oredi?

Awwwwh, ur such a sweety lah. Thanks you so much! Ameen. Again, thank you from the three of us to the three of you. :)

Nurra Din said...

Happy belated birthday Faaz! =)

Wah Faaz, grand sungguh besday kamu. Very lucky baby you are. Aunty followed ur mommy's blog since day one and you have grown up to be a handsome boy.

Mommy Faaz, good job there. Best tgk ur party with the blue theme. Cantik. Mommy Faaz pun makin lama makin hawt ok. I jeles!!

Nadine said...


Awwwh, so sweet of u to say that. Thanks! :)
You, mana ade "hawt"..biasa2 aja :)


Nadine, we plan for it not to be terlampau grand or lavish. A simple one. Yang penting ingatan tu kan?..hehehe...

Nadine said...

True, it's the thought that really counts. :) Happy planning and organizing to u!

Diyana Didie said...

wahhhh bestnyer faaz dan hadiah hadiahnyer..auntie mintak satu boleh faaz? hehe rugi auntie tak dpt pegi party faaz..grand habis! hehe

Nadine said...

Hihihi, Faaz kalau ade bnyk toys org amik dia tak kisah. jgn yg dia tgh pegang..uuh, pantang betul. dah pandai fight back dah anak teruna akak tu.. :))

takla grand mana dear..meriah je :)

my.mastura said...

FINALLY!!! lebih seminggu aku tunggu entry ni..hehhhe

1 thing that caught my eye...CUPCAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wwwaaa..rugi x dtg (kalau aku dtg, sure x cukup makanan ko nadia..heheheh)

byk btul toys dia...aku plak yg seronok...

anyway, Happy Belated Birthday yer Encik Muhammad Faaz Naqi

eh nadia, my sms sssoooooo early in the morning didn't interrupt u kan? hehehhe sorry!

my.mastura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nadine said...

Haa, masa aku dpt cuppies tu pun terus teringat kat ko Mas. Hihi, cukup Mas, siap boleh bekalkan lagi. FIL aku order satay banyak lebih.

hihi, seronok mmg seronok, tp cam kitaorg yg takde rumah sendiri ni pastu pening pala pk nak letak mana dlm bilik tu..hihi.

TQ Aunty Mas! :)
issokay, mmg kena bangun pagi pun haritu..hihi

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Faaz cayang! Hope u like ur gift...Nadia & Fadzil, it was a nice party with nice food. thumbs up!! ;)


dyana "his other half" said...

handsome boy faaz :)...comel la...aunty pun snap pics sikit je aritu...tak boleh nak mencelah...hehe...

event2 cam gini mmg busy kan...mmg tak sempat la snap pics bertiga...sungguh tension! aqiqah hadif aritu la...hehe...

Nadine said...


Thanks dear for coming. Faaz says thanks for the toys. He loves it! Glad u had a good time that day, it was nice to have u to join us as well! :)

Nadine said...

Lady D,

Awwwh, thanks! :)
Aunty Diyana dh jd saver Mommy dah tu..kalau tak mmg takde la gamba tiup2 lilin tu...hihi

itulah dia. nanti besday Hadif, import member abah dia sorang amik gamba cun2 k. BTW, ade gamba Hadif yg comel tgh meniarap dlm my camera. nanti nadia upload in FB n tag ok. :)

jannahrais said...

hepi beday hensem boy! mesti faaz pening dapat hadiah bebanyak ek ;)ok...acik jannah doakan yang terbaik untuk faaz...dah besar kalo faaz jadik doktor, automatik masuk senarai calon menantu cik jannah yee...hihihii

nadia:fiza dok mane skang ek? tringat mase matriks sbilik dgn korang dolu dolu..;)

Nadine said...

Thanks aunty Jannah..ameen. Wah, mcm ni Faaz kena study rerajin la nampaknya, nak masuk senarai! Hihihi..

Jannah, Fiza duk Selayang skang. Itula..kitaorg kalau borak mesti ade cerita masa kita semua sebilik dulu. lagi2 tgk gambar lama..hihihi.
Jannah ade ke contact atau terjumpa akak2 bilik kita dulu? kitaorg takde pun..

:: NieSha :: said...

owh..aunty bbru smpat baca n3 bday faaz ni..sgt best n meriah bday party faaz...
alamak...aunty blom smpat lg pass/post hadiah faaz..huhuu.. sblm bln februari aunty bg yer...hihii..

Nadine said...

Issokay aunty. It's so sweet of you to buy Faaz a prezzie. Aunty post after vacation pun takpe, Faaz tau aunty bz skang :)


Anonymous said...

Ni org last nak bagi comment.. hehe..
1.Sorry x dpt stay lama.. Siti Nurhaliza dah tunggu kat pwtc time tu.. hehe.. Sorry ye faaz, auntie ada function kena attend..
2. Spagetti tu sedapppppp betul.. Kalau aku last, dah mintak tapau dah.. hehehe.. ( tak malu.. :P)
Semua sedap.. :D
p/s: Jannah... i miss u! :) Jannah duk mana skg? Looonnggg time no see.. :)


Nadine said...

Hello dear,

Issokay. Ur presence pun dah buat Nadia happy2 sgt! :)
Awwwwh, speghetti tu biasa aje. Tp mmg licin sbb budak2 suka :)

p.s: thanks for d lovely scarf! sayang nak pakai..hihi