Thursday, January 7, 2010

Good Things Happen When You Least Expected It

So I am officially 29 years old last Monday...alhamdulillah :)

One more year to go before I turn to big three o (sounds scary, eh? :P). Some says age is just a number but for me, it's a reminder. Cukupkah amalan? bersedia kah? Insaf...Insaf...

Few weeks before my birthday, I told my hubby to tell everybody that I don't want a celebration this year. Truthfully, I feel that 28 years of celebration were more than enough for me. I told him, I don't want any present (which, he thought I was joking..) or cutting birthday cake. I just want prayers that I will be able to live longer and healthy so that I have the chance to see my child (s) growing up (with Allah's will, of course). I also wanted everybody to concentrate on Faaz instead since his birthday and mine are close to each other.

On the eve of my birthday...hubby and I were reminiscing back the good old days in IIUM when out of sudden he stopped me when I was talking. He grabbed me, hugged and kissed me. "Happy birthday, Sayang" he whispered into my ears. I was touched. Happy. Very happy. Then we continued our conversation before went to bed almost an hour later.

Nothing much happened during the day except the overflowing smses and comments in FB from families and friends, just like the years before. It made my day...feels appreciated. Mak as usual was the first person who sms-ed me, very early in the morning. I wished she was there in front of me so that I can hug her and say to her face-to-face how thankful I am to her for gave birth to me 29 years ago which, I only managed to do so via sms...

When I got home from work, Mama was standing at the entrance. She greeted me before she wished me and gave me a big hug. Everything was normal..which was good.

"This is what I wanted for this year" I told myself.

I went upstairs to meet my little munchkin who apparently was busy playing with his Daddy..terus terkam budak tembam itu and non-stop I kissed his chubby cheek. Rindu! :)

mmuahs!! :)

Faaz takde duit Mommy, so Faaz give Mommy studio fix Mommy je la..bleh? :)

Suddenly, hubby open the left door of the wardrobe and gave me a box wrapped with Estee Lauder wrapping paper and a pink ribbon. I was puzzled. I told him about what I've said before but he insisted. He said it was a token of love. I thought it was a perfume set, co-incidentally my Pleasure Exotic bottle is almost empty. I was surprised when I opened the box..

Fadzil bought me the Nutritious set that I desired since few months back! He told me it was a tough shopping experience for him as he was totally clueless when the EL lady asked him questions like what is my skin type? what did I need? ect...alahai cian dia! Anyway, it was so sweet of you Sayang, thanks. Mmmuahs!! :)

Actually, I planned to get it soon, as one of my 2010 resolution is to take care of my skin seriously. As you notice, my skin is far away from flawless and since the big three o is nearer to me I feel its time for me to do what I can to improve the skin condition and perhaps slow down the skin aging...I fell in love with Nutritious because of the good reviews I read from magazines plus their tag line suits what I need..

“The Nutritious Skincare Collection is for a woman looking to optimize the condition of her skin, with a balanced skincare regimen for healthy radiant glowing skin today, tomorrow and in the future.”

Let see what the wonders do to my skin (hopefully some good results).Wish me luck. peeps!..I hope this range is suitable for me :)

Ok...I thought that was it. That night, when we came back from dinner, suddenly Mama came from the kitchen with a cake and singing "Happy Birthday"...alahai...ade kek jugak...huhu. The culprit behind this was no other than my hubby. He said he don't have a heart just to let my special day go away without a cake n a prezzie. So my plan tak menjadi nampaknya this year. In addition, my in-laws were kind enough to give me some cash while my sister in law gave me Miss Dior Cherie yg sangat cute! Thanks Reen, I love it :)

it was his idea of those big candles..cheeky betul
aiseh, takleh nak cover dah my age :))

the culprit and sleepy me..
my dull skin sgt terserlah disitu..huhu

I guess sometimes, good things happen when you least expected it...For that, praise to The Almighty, Alhamdulillah. :)

p.s: this week we are busy training Faaz to blow his first candle..but so far masih tak berjaya. cemana nieh?


Nurra Din said...

Happy birthday (belated) Nadine!

Wish u a more prosperous and lots of happy things this year :)

bestnya Nutritious...nak jugak!!! Akceli I pun eyeing tau this skin range..ntah bila nak dpt. fulus belum cukup lagi laaa.

mesti pasnih berseri2 muka you kan. bestnya...

RuZaNNa said...

Hi Nadine,
Blog hopped from nuurill's blog..
I converted to EL Nutritious since last Aug (was also a birthday gift from hubs) and loving it since day one! Have a good experience using it :)
Happpy Belated Birthday as well..

dyana "his other half" said...

oh faaz ni sangat comel la...pandai sungguh posing in front of the camera...

my.mastura said...

aku pantang btul nampak kek la..otomatik je rasa lapar..heheheh

Mimy Hamid said...

how sweet u & hubby...suka nya tengok both of u..boleh jadi inspiration of my relationship ni..Insya Allah

HalfBlood Princess said...

Happy 29th again Nadine..;)
Mmg best sume hadiah2 yg dpt tu esp dpd en suami tuu..;) nway izu pon risau jgk psl kulit muka izu nie...hihihi...

Okla izu doakan smg Nadia dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan lg rezeki, sukses sll dan sentiasa berbahagia dgn keluarga tercinta..Tk care!:)


dear, Happy Belated Birthday. uhuk uhuk lambatnya i wish u. Sori ek darling.
Well, sukanya u dapat hadiah tu!!! Bagusla Encik Fadzil ni tau. Hihi.i pun nak try Nutritious this year. One of my friend dah guna for quite sometime and OMG her skin now so cantik one. Nadine try and nanti give comment k. kalau besh lehla Nuurill join the group.

Beauty n The Beads said...


neway, once again, happy burstday dear!


Hihi... 'my friend' yang Nuurill cakap is Ruzanna lah. hihi :)

Nadine said...


Thanks! Ameen :)
Iye ke...meh kita sama2 cuba. Takpe you, slow2. I pun been eyeing this range for quite sometime oredi, br now dpt. hihi.

Nadine said...

Hello Ruzanna,

Salam perkenalan, thanks for dropping by :)

If I'm not mistaken dulu Nuurill pernah send a link of ur blog post about Nutritious kat one of our friend's blog. Masa tu mmg I tgh eyeing about this. Semangat je lepas baca ur post silently. :)
tp masa tu I still pk2 lagi. maklumla my skin ni agak sensitive..takut tak sesuai. tp tgk makin ramai org pakai..semangat dtg balik! hihi.

Thanks dear, I really hope to see some improvement. From the photo, ur skin mmg cantik. so skang bertambah2 cantik la kan? untungnya you.. :)

Nadine said...

Cee D,

hihi, Faaz agak comot disitu. belum mandi lagik :D


hihi, nape xmo dtg sabtu ni..bnyk kek menanti tau. ade hal eh?


Thanks dear, insyaAllah. Cepat2 tau, I pulak yg dah tak sabar..hihi :)

Nadine said...


Thanks Izu! Ameen atas doa2 tu. so kind of u :)

Ala, ape Izu risau..Nadia tgk ur skin ok je compared to me. Jangan risaulah, dah cantik dah Izu tu :)

Nuurill dear,

Thanks!! :) No worries, small matter. Hihi, itula mula2 dia lupa jugak sbb i tunjuk dia dh lama, skali je. kebetulan pamphlet yg I amik dulu ade I simpan in my car. bila dia ternampak tu trus dia beli.

Haa, kawan you tu dh singgah my blog :) Itula, hopefully ade improvement, tp lambat sket i predict since my skin is problematic one. huhu..

Kak Izan dear,

Hihi, tak payah jeles. Ur skin mmg flawless ok. Nadia yg patut jeles! :)

Thanks again!! :)

faisyura said...

nadia happy belated birthday!

best nye gift from hubby tu! terase cam nak mintak jugak kt hubby and suh dia surprise kan jugak.. kikiki..

Nadine said...

thanks Zura :)

hihi, ape lagi Zura. Hintlah dulu skang. Tiba besday Zura leh dia belikan..hihi

my.mastura said...

nad, sabtu ni kakak aku mintak tolong en. suami pasang lampu n, ke gombak le kami sabtu ni..uhuk...nak kek!!!!

jgn lupa update blog on faaz's besday tau..nk tgk pangai si kenit tu..ihik!

RuZaNNa said...

Salam perkenalan to you too!
Anyway,jgn percaya sgt ckp Nuurill tu.. my skin has not improved that much sgt pun sbb i ni sungguh la tak consistent jaga muka.. heheh..
But since i've started doing facial regularly, the beautician slalu check on me whether i'm using the product right and religiously.. heheh
Oh, don't be decieved by the pictures in the blog sbb slalunya sbb pakai makeup.. itu yg 'terlawa' semcm.. hehe..

Awakku Nuurill,
Tinggi sungguh pujian awak ni.. malu iii.. masa bday imran tuh sy pakai makeup la wak.. itu yg nampak ok wak.. padahal biase aje.. but i really recommend cuba Nutritious tu.. u'll enjoy the changes made to the skin as well as the sweet & pleasant smell :)

Nadine said...


Ic..takpela, ade rezeki kita jumpa k :)


Awwh, ur being so humble. Tp kan, I tetap percaya cakap Nuurill. hihi :)

Oh yes, I do love the sweet smell..somehow buat I happy je everytime pakai. rasa sgt best. hihihi.

jannahrais said...

hepi belated birthday nadia! bestnye dapat hadiah yang mengancam jiwa raga...;)
kene rajen pakai tau...tahun depan boley mintak lagi as hadiah sampingan...hihiih

Nadine said...

Thanks Jannah! :)

hihi..insyaAllah rajin skang sbb teruja. harap2 tak separuh jalan.

hihi..tahun dpn takmo la besday2. big three o mcm x best jerk bunyi dia :P

:: NieSha :: said...

haaaa..nadia dpt dulu nutritious nih..huhu..jeles2..kekeke..yerla..nuuriil dh tinggalkn link blog tu kt blog wani..mmg wani excited jugak nk try lps bc entry psl nutritious clinique blom hbs lagi..kena perabis dulu kalau tak menteri kewangan murka! coz dia yg bli clinique tuh.. hahaha..
nadia jgn lupa buat entry product review k..and again..happy birthday to you...

Nadine said...


nadia lebih memerlukannya ok. kulit wani dh memang cantek dah :)

insyaAllah..nnti ade improvement saya warwarkan ok. thanks again, Wani :)