Friday, January 8, 2010

Our "Parrot" :)

Last Month, I haven't got the chance to blog about my baby's progress as I was busy updating my blog with December events. Since his birthday is just around the corner, I would like to recap some progress of this little angel of mine at 11 months old :)

As he turned 11 months, Faaz became aggressively trying his best to walk and talk. Some people says, usually it will be either one... to talk first and walk later or to walk first, talk later. In his case, I can see actually both are almost at par. As Faaz is a very bubbly baby, he started to talk first (he can pronounced few words which started with the letter "K" and "C" very clearly, tak pelat!) but when we went back from Langkawi, he managed to walk properly. So, I guess Faaz follows the latter? :)

Same as the month before, Faaz is still a parrot to us. He loves to imitate what we say, how we react and what we's so funny!These two videos captured some of the things that he loves to do when he just turned 11 months...

i) imitation the laughing voice from an old nokia phone ringtone..hihi

ii) demonstrate how he laugh and how he cries.. :)

Lately, towards the end of 11 months Faaz loves to walk around. Habis satu rumah dia round..hihi baru dapat kaki katakan :P and he loves to dance too! Believe it or not, he loves to twist! Hahaha...ini keja my MIL yea! :) Whenever he hear the nursery rhyme song such as "I Hear Thunder", "Are You Sleeping" or "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars", he will do the actions as adorable! :) Sadly, all the videos have gone...when my office lappie windows + hard drive crash! sedih ok! *sob* The moral of the story...please do back up of all ur files regularly, ladies! You never know what's gonna happen in future..huhu. Will try to capture it again in the near future..

Anyway, macam tak percaya its almost a year since I delivered my baby. From the fragile little cutie thing to a 10kg chubby munchkin. Faaz is now ready to enter the toddlerhood life, and so does his Mommy. I am sure more exciting things for us to discover in the next journey and so does the obstacle. I hope we will made it through, with Allah SWT will...InsyaAllah. :)


dyana "his other half" said...

clever little munchkin! comel sangat...

see you tomorrow faaz dear :*...

my.mastura said...

kiut nyer tgk dia gelak..

1 year dh kan..cepat nye

Diarihatiku1976 said...

singgah sini jap..

HalfBlood Princess said...

ala comeynyaa Faaz...bijak!:D
Tp Aunty tak dpt dtg la party Faaz esk..:(

Nadia sori ye, sbb my family dh plan since last week nk dtg umah mgu ni..may be kte jmp lain kali ye. Nway, thnx alot for the je cek kt FB..sorry again, dear!:(

Nadine said...


Thanks! :) See u n little Hadif tomoro k!


A'ah..cepatkan. Pasni tgk anak2 korang plak la heading towards 1 year old :)


:) Thanks for dropping by

Nadine said...

Hihi, thanks Izu :)

No worries dear, yeah..maybe next time ade rezeki kan? :)

:: NieSha :: said...

eh saturday ke sunday? saturday eh? so sorry nadia. i also cannot make it.ingtkan aunty dh blikn pressie utk faaz.nnt aunty pas kt mommy kt cyberjaya atau poskan ke rumah nanny yer.
faaz dh 10 kg? wow...i can imagine how chubby he is.coz damia 18 months bru 10kg..aisehh..slim anak aunty ;P

Nadine said...

Hihihi, esokla dear.
Faaz lahir 09.01.09..remember? Aiseh, takde rezeki nak jumpa kan.ingat Wani boleh join.

Ala aunty Wani ni, buat susah2 je...Faaz ajak dtg makan n nak jumpa kak Damia sebenarnya :)

budak lelaki tulang lg berat kan..sbb tu kot. so no worries bout Damia, moreover I can see she is a healthy little cute girl. :)

faisyura said...

How lucky u are! faaz is so cute + clever!!!! ;) geram je bile dia demonstrate cemane dia cry tu... sajee je tembamkan pipi yg sememangnye tembam tuuu...

:: NieSha :: said...

a'ah ingat 090109....aish..awl2 tahun bz smpai tarikh dan hari pun dh lupa. wani kene keje esok after 2 pm..
alaaa..dh lama tau tunggu bday bash faaz ni...terkilannya aunty....excited tau.wani tgk kt invitation mcm hr sunday..huhuu..hadiah tu mmg nk kasi faaz sbb mmg niat nk pegi.semalam pegi beli,sis damia tau yg pilih ;)

P/S: nadia, please drop ur hp no @ my fb inbox k. thanks dear ;)

**td wani dh komen tp cm not sent kot..klu duplicate nadia ignore k... ;)

INDA said...

kalau xde baby pun boleh join ke?

Nadine said...


Awwwh, so sweet of u to say that. Thanks dear! Hihi, dia kan Zura bab2 tunjuk aksi manja no. 1. Risau Nadia takut dia terlebih manja..huhu.

Zura, sori sgt Nadia boleh lupa pulak. Jemput datang rumah esok kalau free ye. Details per invitation dlm FB k :)


Alahai kena keja esok petang? tak keja extra hours ni sure elaun banyak ni kn *wink*..hihi.

Iye ke, so sweet of Damia. Thanks! Ok, nnti nadia msg phone number.

Inda dear,

Bolehla..Nadia jemput ramai couple jugak ok. Even Arum yg single sms cakap confirm dia dtg. Sorang lagik tu..Fiza pun akan ade..meh la Inda, mak Nadia dh lama x jumpa Inda :)


Dear, Faaz so clever boy. And i adore his cries.. hehehe.. so cute

p/s: i think mommy Faaz has very lovely voice. Merdu gitew.. kan?? Kan?? :)

Nadine said...

Awwwh..thanks dear. Oman dah 11 months kan, u ajar la dia movements ke facial expressions ke..sure cpt tangkap! :)

p.s: hihi..u sure or not? silap dgr kot :P

Anonymous said...

Jangan tak tau..Nadia was our singer masa kat Maxis dulu. Perform depan CTO lagi..dun play2..

diam2 je dia kan.. =)

Nadine said...

erk..sapekah anonymous ini? Zul kah? oit!! rahsia lama tu...*blush*

diam2 udahler :P


hahahaha... i dah agak dah. I dengar u cakap pun i tau suara u sedap dear :)

Nadine said...

you..its not what u think! masa tu i kena buli ngan my seniors ok..huhu...suara x sedap mana pun :P