Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where to Dine?

Hubby's boss, Rune is currently in town again this year. I remembered the last time he came here was also about the same time, when I delivered Faaz. He wanted to pay us a visit in the hospital but he missed it as we already went home at that time.

I never met him personally, I knew him just through photos (especially the photos taken in Oslo). From the stories I heard through Fadzil, he is a very pleasant guy. I am sure he knew us through photos as well as he do peeks at my blogs sometimes, just to see Faaz's recent photos (which kinda freaks me out the first time Fadzil mentioned it as I have a LOT to improve on my grammar and vocab + the "rojak" between english + bahasa melayu in my writings *blush*). He also has been a good host to my hubby when Fadzil went to Oslo alone in mid 2008.

We are thinking to take him out for dinner with our small family. We are still searching for the best place to dine, preferably the one which serves local or asian cuisine. Sri Melayu is out from the list as it was too common, I think he has dine there before as it is situated very near to the Aker office. So far, we have few places in mind...

i) Rebung
The famous Chef Ismail + Dato Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar's restaurant is well known for it's buffet spread of local Malay cuisines and desserts such as the lemak cili api daging salai wif belimbing besi and serawa durian as dessert...nyum! We never been here before but we always hear good reviews about it. Does anyone knows are they also serves buffet for dinner or its totally al'a carte?

ii) Bijan
Situated at Jalan Ceylon, which is only 5km away from Bukit Bintang (a plus point since its near to the office and the hotel), it serves fine authentic Malay cuisine. According to reviews that I read, the ambiance also is very nice and cozy. The menu looks interesting, it can be downloaded here

*photos taken from google image

iii) Bora Ombak
This restaurant serves Balinese food, some are quite similar with House of Sundanese (which is our favourite dine place in KLCC) but I love most about this restaurant is their exotic look plus the ambiance. Mesti lebih selera makan with the Balinese gamelan music as the background...its kinda romantic too..don't you think so? :) Plus point for the location since it is situated in Ampang.

iv) Paya Serai
A friend of mine suggested this restaurant, which is one of the cafe inside PJ Hilton Hotel. Paya Serai is actually famous for its Ramadhan Buffet, but during normal days, they also have weekend high-tea. From the review I read here the food looks scrumptious! But the minus sign is the location. To travel from the Golden Triangle to PJ is quite far considering the traffic after working hours.

*photos taken from google image

v) Tupai-Tupai
This restaurant is suggested my my colleague. It serves Malay food such as gulai tempoyak, rendang, and masak lemak cili api but they are famous for their steamboat dinner buffet. The ambiance is nice too as it incorporates a forest backdrop and authentic wooden plank floor furnishing with the traditional kampung style roof. To those who familiar with Ikan Bakar Jalan Bellamy, this restaurant is situated somewhere near there, behind the DBP building specifically. The minus sign will be the food, which according to some reviews I read said that it was just so-so compared to the expensive price..hurm..

Location wise, we prefers somewhere in the heart of KL as Rune is staying in Prince Hotel and we will be staying at my mom's place this week. As we plan to bring him either on Thursday or Friday night, we don't feel going somewhere far will be a good idea since the traffic in KL is pretty bad after working hours. So far, I feel like going to Bijan...but my "bos" haven't made up his mind yet :).

Friends, if you have any other dining place to recommend, we would love to hear from you! :)


Nurra Din said...

Bora Ombak mmg romantis tau..food pun not bad. I rasa suitable la sbb environment pun tenang je, tak bising...sesuaila for private meet up. Leh duk kat gazebo2 dia, so waiter pun x kacau sgt. This is my 2 cents opinion =)

Nadine said...

Thanks Nurra for the opinion. really appreciate it :)

my.mastura said...

aku x penah gi tpt2 yg ko sebut tu...tp kakak aku selalu sajes aku gi mkn kt Tupai2...

:: NieSha :: said...

yes..bora ombak mmg best.dulu masa wani keje kt ampang selalu g situ ;). makanan dia ok,suasana pun ok. tp bijan tu pon nmpk menarik ;)

Nadine said...


Ic..pe kata aku pun suggest gak. Since kita ber2 tak pernah pi sana, aku suggest ko blanja aku makan kat tupai2..kira belated besday presentlah...hihihi.


Iye ke..wah, dah 2 org cakap Bora Ombak best. boleh cuba la. Nadia takat lalu je bila pegi main futsal dulu Wani. Xsempat singgah pun. hihi..

p.s: asal lama x update blog?

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

izu vote for Bora Ombak too.:)
tk pnh pg lg tp salu dgr n pnh tgk kt tv n magazines..femes! lgpon tgk gmbr kt ats tu pon dh menarik!:)

But u make the choice so gud luck..:)

YOI said...

ape kata makan kat usj/gombak? takde terdapat di mana-mana..hehehe..lain dari yang lain..hik hik..hik..leh wat cheese cake nadia yang terangkat tuh..hehe..

Nadine said...


Haa itula, Fadzil pun cam tertarik ngan Bora Ombak je. Dahla dia mmg suka Balinese food. Maybe akan pegi sana kot. Nampaknye hajat Nadia nak pegi Bijan kena postpone dulu la :P


Hajat dihati mmg nak jamu air tangan sendiri (wpun tak sesedap mana), tetapi apakan daya kami belum ade rumah sendiri..huhu.

Hihi, kalau bos Fadzil xleh jamu cheesecake, dia sure dh jemu. kena buat kuih tradisional mcm kuih bakar br umph kot? :D

Mimy Hamid said...

wahh banyaknya choice place nak makan...hmmm semua yang u list out i pernah try kecuali bijan..so kalau i n ak try bijan..sebab place yang belum lagi orang tau...bora ombak bila2 leh pegi..singgah main futsal pun boleh :))...paya serai pj hilton pun walupn hotel tp biasa je...tupai2?? hmm try masa bulan pose nnt la yer...rebung pun ok..tp malay food..tempat crowded bangsar..ok my choice is BIJAN..TQ


Bijan maca menarik. Bora Ombak too!! :) Khamis bawa gi Bijan. Jumaat bawa gi Bora Ombak. hehehe :)

Nadine said...


Wah...kelas comment you. Lengkap semua...I like :)


Whoa...mau pengsan Fadzil baca comment you nie. Hihi.

my.mastura said...

nadia - idea x diterima!