Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February Birthday Celebrations

As mentioned in my previous post, both my sister in-law and my mom's birthdays falls on 11th February. We had the birthday celebration for Reen on the day itself and postponed mak's to the weekend.

Thursday, 11th February

Usually, we will have a family dine out before went back home for cake cutting ceremony but this time we had an early family dinner with Mama home meal cooking as my parents in laws were flying off for a holiday the next morning (takut terbangun lambat hence miss their flight).

as usual, my boy will be busy "helping" to cut the cake :p

We had a simple cake cutting ceremony then. There were 11 of us including Uncle Farouq & Aunty Mun. Memang havoc! Few days before, Papa asked me to secretly invited Reen's BFFs to the dinner, which was the surprise of d day :)

the BFFs (MIA: Noreen & Ab)...aren't they sweet? :)

Owh, did you noticed that she changed her attire? The dress she wore was our gift to her, together with a matching pendant. FYI, Reen dolu-dolu was a tomboy. Although she is more ladylike now, she hardly wear dresses..so that night, we decided to bully her a bit :P
See Reen, told you ..everyone agreed you looked really lovely wearing a dress! (wear it frequently will you? ;)

awwwh... :) Reen is so happy to get a designer wallet from mr boify.

Last but not least, family photos! :)

Alaaaaa...Reen pejam mata :P

See my leg?? Nampak cacat disitu
I was losing my balance when my hubby suddenly grabbed me the very last minute :P

Sleepy Faaz indicating that it's late and its time for everyone to doze off :)

Saturday, 13th February

We went back to Gombak early that morning to spend the CNY holiday with my family. At first, the plan was to take the whole family out for lunch and celebrate Mak's birthday but apparently we had to attend a close family friend's wedding at Putrajaya. I told my sister to hide the cake and pastries I made in the fridge while my mom was in her bedroom, getting ready.

Us, at the wedding

When we arrived back at home, I asked my sister to distract Mak in the kitchen (its kinda easy as my mom was so busy entertaining her beloved grandson :P) while Fadzil and adik took out the prezzie from the bonnet of the car and place it in the hall. We covered it with a pashmina and set it out as a mini table, putting the cake and the cream puff on top. Mak was surprised when we called her and sang the Birthday song to her..

Half frozen cake, freshly came out of the fridge and some cream puff

I know..I know..the cake deco was damn ugly. (memang kena masuk class macam Anne..huhu). Owh, the chocolate design was made together by me and Faaz dengan terketar-ketarnya.. haha! It was an experienced to remember! :) By the way, my mom loves my cream puff so much, siap mintak recipe..It was a great honor for me to get a compliment from the greatest chef of mine...weee!!

See what was Faaz doing in this photo :P

After sometime, then only she realized and questioned us about the "mini table". It was then we told her that was her prezzie which we were so lazy to wrap..hihi. Later that evening, we went to Bora Ombak for family dinner.

The hungry patrons patiently waiting for the food

Faaz n Mak Ngah pegi tgk fish

The dishes we ordered that night

The place is surrounded by few mini ponds and gazebos, Balinese concept. Nice and cooling. There was a live band performing too. We ordered our favourite Balinese dish, Ikan Nila Goreng (The dancing fish), pandan chicken, kung pao chicken, seafood tomyam and fried kailan with salted fish. Surprisingly, there was nothing much to shut out about the food tho..The Ikan Nila and Tomyam were ok but the rest were so-so. Quite disappointing actually. If you are a fan of the dancing fish or kung pao I would recommend House of Sundanese and Cozy Corner instead. Much tastier. But this is just my humble opinion...different people different taste, different view, rite? :)

Later, we had fried banana fritters with ice-cream, ice-kacang and banana split before we went back home.

Oh ya, since this entry is a birthday entry, I would like to wish Happy belated Birthday/Happy Birthday to all Februarians that I know...Hayy, Uncle Farouq, Faiz, Tasya, Nana, Ayong, Sood, Suresh, Nazreen, Aida, Nuurill, Oman. Ramainyeeee :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Funny Videos

I did some file transfers and backup the documents in my lappie when I came across few clips we took when we're on a holiday in Langkawi last year. Most of them of course, are Faaz's walking videos (since it was during the vacation that we discovered our baby can finally walking steadily on his own :)

Among all, these two clips will always tickled us whenever we watched it; Faaz annoyance with the sand. Hihi...
(*disclaimer: please ignore the annoying sound coming from mommy Faaz 's laughing yang tidak disengajakan :p)

His very first time to set his foot on the sand, at Cenang Bea
ch. It was so obvious that he was annoyed and tickled at the same time that he stood still and refused to play ball...something which actually he really loves to!

After sometime, his grandfather set him down and put some of the sand onto his lap...with the intention to make Faaz more used to it. It didn't work out tho. I think he felt sticky, dirty and messy :P

Hmm, I wonder will Faaz behave the same if we bring him to the beach again now that he is one year old....
Sayang, care for another beach holiday...? :D

Friday, February 19, 2010

His and Mine

Recently, there's been a lot of changes in my workplace. One of it is the implementation of the Multiplex Office Environment.

According to the management, multiflex is about having multi places for work and meetings and flexibility to choose where, when and which place to use within the office. It is about going from personal workstations to shared, from my desk to our office, with a wide variety of places to use, for work and meetings. This will allow employees, increased possibility to choose, among a variety, the environment best fits his/her work style for the moment. The multiflex office environment would include more discussion areas, meeting rooms, shared desks, Library (quiet area), wireless connectivity and much more.

For the past 3 weeks, all of us were so busy packing, registering, arranging, shifting, installing, unpacking...everything related, u named it. The most tedious job for us is to find our own cabinet after the relocation activity was done. Dahla have to find it, we have to shift it from the foyer. Agak jauh ok! :p Lucky mine was not so occupied so taklah berat sangat...phewww.

my old workplace...
long enuff to place two more lappies on the right and left side

my new workplace... short! :(

It took me few days to get used to the new sitting arrangement, especially the table. Yes, peeps, the table. I lost the luxury of having a wide working table in this new multiflex implementation..*sob*. Sangat tidak best. Rasa macam tak muat je all my stuff...huhu. Plus, no more partition like it used to be. Tak payah jengah orang dah memang nampak you ok..but one thing that I love, my place is kinda secluded, quite a distant from all the bosses..heheh! :p Until the days comes when I need to travel, I am cozy and comfy here... :)

Hubby went to his office last Sunday as he wanted to settle a task which he said "pity to the UK fella if they have to wait for the result lama since we're on 4 public holidays" hmm...talking bout workaholic..Being his devoted wifey (eceh! :P), I accompanied him. Alhamdulillah, it only took him approximately two hours to finish it up..yay! While waiting for him, came an idea to snap few photos of his workplace, and then compared with mine. So this is how his place look alike...

quite neat for a guy, don't you think so?
His passion towards beamer is so obvious...its all over the place!

Faaz & Mommy's pics pun ade..smallnyer :p
(mine was hide behind the mug..mommy segan. hik!)

ok, its so obvious I was bored..hihi :p

In comparison, I think both of us have a neat working place.. perfection runs in the family :p Hopefully Faaz will follow our foot step which I believe he is. Now, his latest passion is to keep everything. Pantang nampak bakul, drawers or any casing. He will stuffed those with his toys and anything he could find..sambil tu mulut tak habis-habis saying "keep" "keep". Few times the keys, pacifier and even barney laptop went missing...tau mana kitaorang jumpa? in the kitchen drawer! Hihihi..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Simple Menu for Toddler - Part I

One of the things that made me excited when Faaz finally becomes a toddler is his food. At 1 year old, Faaz can now be introduced to more variety of food and cooking styles. However, I will try my best to avoid sugar and salt in his meal, hopefully until he turns 18 months as suggested by most Dietitian.

I know it will be hard, since now that Faaz is able to walk and is more responsive people tend to feed him almost everything especially during family gathering and events...which is sometimes is beyond our control. I guess there is exception, for once a while...but, for his home meal foodies...honey, dates and anchovies will be my main natural ingredients :)

Few friends been asking me what I've been feeding Faaz since he turns big 1. Is it the same as before? or is it totally different? Well, since Faaz is growing, his needs also changing. Thus, I have to be creative and improvise the menu to suit his need...but the main concept is still the same. For example, since he has more than 8 tooth, Faaz is more keen to food that he can either bite or chew. He is no more interested into porridge (which he will make a face when we tried to feed him :P). What I did is, I omit the blending part. Instead, I just cut or sliced the fish fillet or chicken into really tiny pieces and chopped the veges. It works well for him :) For varieties, I also introduced more pasta (baked/non-bake) and casseroles.

Today, let me share some recipes that Faaz is currently enjoying. I just realized cooking for kids is really fun...most of it are simple, nutritious, and full of colors. You can always alter it to suit your need. All you have to do is just to be creative! :)

Chicken and Mushroom Casserole


15gm margarine (you can choose the unsalted butter, which ever you like :)
25gm button mushrooms (chopped into tiny pieces)
100gm chicken meat (boiled and chopped into tiny pieces)
15gm flour
1/2 cup of formula milk/breast milk/fresh milk
2 cups of chicken's stock (the water from the boiling the chicken)

1. Mixed the milk with the chicken stocks. Put aside.
2. Heat the margarine and fried the mushrooms till soft.
3. Pour in the flour and mix it for 2-3 minutes.
4. Pour in the milk + stock and stir it till the mixture is thick.
5. Pour in the chicken and let it boil for 5 minutes.

You can serve it with breads/pasta if you like...simple aite? :)

Note: You can also add in carrot if you want to. Boil the chicken together with the carrot and chopped the carrot into tiny pieces. Pour in the carrot together with the chicken in step 5. :)

Potato and Cheese Soup

My hubby loves this soup since the first time I made it for him. Since the soup is healthy and tasty, plus its so easy to prepare, I did two servings, one with the original recipe and one, I omitted some ingredients to suit Faaz's diet. Here's the recipe for both; adult and kid.. :)

Ingredients (for adults):

1 big onion - sliced
2 celery sticks -sliced
2 potatoes - boiled and mashed
200gm grated cheese
1.5 to 2liter of chicken stocks
1/2 tsp white pepper
1 tbsp oregano
1 tbsp of butter

1. Heat the pan and melted the butter. Saute the onion and sliced celery till mild brown.
2. Pour in the chicken stocks and mashed potato. Let it boiled.
3. Transfer the soup into the blender and blended well.
4. Pour the mixture back into the pan, filter it to get the fine texture.
5. Add salt, white pepper and oregano. Stir the soup.
6. Lastly, put in the grated cheese and let the cheese melted before its ready for serving.

Note: Serves well with garlic bread...nyumm! :)

Ingredients (for kids):

same as above, omitting onions, white pepper, oregano and salt (dont worry about the taste as chicken stock, celery and cheese will enhance the flavor of the soup).

you can either use olive oil or unsalted butter whichever you prefer.

1. Heat the pan and melted the butter. Saute the sliced celery till mild brown.
2. Pour in the chicken stocks and mashed potato. Let it boiled.
3. Transfer the soup into the blender and blended well.
4. Pour the mixture back into the pan, filter it to get the fine texture.
Stir the soup.
5. Lastly, put in the grated cheese and let the cheese melted before its ready for serving

Senang kan? :)

note: since the texture is so fine, you can even introduced this recipe for babies as early as 9 months (when you had started to introduce protein to your child)

Happy trying pada siapa yang sudi!! :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Queen of My Heart

Today, 11th February 2010 is my beloved mom's birthday. Mak means the world to me. She is the source of my strength to face the challenges as a women. She inspired me to be the best wife and the best mother one could ever have. She's my everything.

As a person, Mak is a very warm-hearted, pleasant lady. She is friendly, and never fail to smile. She will make friends anywhere she goes. She posses all the quality of a true woman should have.
From my perspective, my mother is truly a superwoman, a survivor. Let me share with you why did I said this..

It's still fresh on my mind, the last time my late father was hospitalized. At that time, I was in my final year, studying. The Doctor informed Mak that Abah's condition was very critical and it was a real miracle that he had survived. He added that in near future, if the same scenario occurred again there will be a slim chances that he will survive.

If you put yourself into her shoes, how would you feel at that moment when you hear this?

As a wife, can you react normally in front of the man that you love, knowing that the time for both of you to be apart,forever is coming soon?

As a mother, how would you explain this the best way to your children ranging from a teenage to a young boy whom were still thirsting the love and care of a father?

I can't imagine myself being "that" woman...

But Mak is a very, very strong lady. She acted normally, positively towards this 'test' that Allah had given her. Never had I see her broke down to tears in front of us, neither she acted negatively. Since that day, she never fails to lift up Abah's spirit and continuously injected the positive vibes in the family. We were continuously praying for the best from The Almighty. It was then when my father left us that I came to know that since the day she came to know that, for more than 6 months my mother never slept well. She will be awake every hour just to check whether arwah Abah was still breathing...she wanted to be there if he ever go away. She kept all the worries all by herself. I burst into tears when I heard this...I blamed myself that was so busy with my final semester that I didn't noticed that everytime I came back home for the weekends. All I saw was a cheerful, energetic mother, as usual...feel so, so bad :(

We can only planned, but God will decide the best for us. Finally arwah abah left us forever..far, far away from Mak and all of us. He demised peacefully in Thailand, when he attended his last business trip. Although we knew he would left us, it was a total shocked especially since I was the last person whom Arwah called before he passed away. We were all heartbroken but my mom was strong as ever. She was so calmed although I can see tears running on her cheeks. She did not panicked, handled everything so well including the arrangement with Wisma Putra to bring back the jenazah. To tell you the truth, me and my siblings were really had a hard time. We were badly effected as we're so closed to our father. I felt part of me had gone together with him...I was totally weak.

But my spirits were uplifted when Mak whispered few words to my ears with her calmed voice. I still remembered every single words she spoke to me just before she and my uncles departed to Perlis to get the jenazah. It was her love that gave me spirit to arrange everything from home, consoling my siblings and ensure everything was ready when they arrived home..I knew I had to be strong for my siblings, for her, for arwah abah. I'm so thankful to Allah SWT that I still have mak to give me strength, love and hope. From that moment, I promised myself never ever to hurt her feelings anymore..and I wanted to be just like her when I got married and have my own family. Alhamdulillah, I am married now and I am a young mother. I'm still trying tho, and I hope someday, I will be someone Fadzil, Faaz and his future siblings will be proud of (insyaAllah), just like what I feel for my mother.

To the queen of my heart Puan Rabiah bt Ahmed, I wish you health, wonderful, blissful life. Words could not describe how truly I love u, mak. Can't wait to see you tomorrow night, insyaAllah...Faaz dah rindu kat Tok Mak!

Happy Birthday!

Fadzil, Faaz & Along :)


On the other note, today is also my gorgeous sister in-law's born day.


So glad to finally have a big sister who is cool, cheeky and fun like you. Wish u another year full of love, health and wealth. We love u, sis! :)

Fadzil, lil Faaz n Me :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Faaz's First Posto

Recently, when I came back home from work I found a big parcel near the staircase (the usual spot for mails) and as I entered the main hall, mama greeted me...

Mama : "Nadia, ade parcel for Faaz"
Me : "Faaz"?
Mama : "Haa, itula...kecik2 dah girlfriend kirim parcel dah" *grinning*
Me : "girlfriend, ma?"
Mama : "Ya, see la the package. Sedap nama dia...Shara something.."
Me : "Owh, Sharafana Damia eh? My friend's daughter lah Ma...." *smiling*
Mama: " I think so...susah sket nak sebut. Unique.."

It was the first parcel that Faaz had ever received, a belated birthday gift from a friend of mine. Thanks a bunch to Mama Damia for her generosity and thoughtfulness. Buat susah-susah aje :)

Faaz just woke up from sleep at that time, most probably when he listened to my voice when I talked to Mama. I carried him and took the parcel. I told him it was a present from Aunty Wani and Kak Damia, and asked him to check it out...

His reaction? Let the photos share the rest of the story :)

curios to find out what's inside the parcel..

gave me the look, was seeking approval to tear up the package...

thorough checking...kot2 ade lagi satu..haha :P

taraaaa! it was a basic block set.

"Hmmm, how should I play this..."

and later...happily showing off his new toys to us..hihi

Thanks again Wani, Faaz enjoyed playing with it. Do extend our gratitude to Damia ok, adik Faaz & aunty Nadia send hugs and love :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Unlucky Day

Usually, I will go out around 9a.m in the morning to work and will arrive at Cyberjaya around 9.20 a.m - 9.30 a.m; depending on the traffic at LDP. However, I went out earlier yesterday as I planned to be back home earlier than the usual.

It was 7.50 a.m when I left home and as usual traffic was back to back, slowly going off from USJ (that is one of the reason I choose to go out latter). I turned on the radio to ease the "boringness". When the car in front of me move a bit, I changed the gear from N to D and slowly approached it before my foot pressed the break and switched the gear back to N. Within split second..BOOM!! Crash!! I felt a hard knock from the back. Black Beauty even jumped a bit. I knew what was it but my mind refused to believe it. My heart sank. Really sank. "Damn!! I said to myself :(

I saw from the rear mirror, a grey Wira was behind mine. It was badly injured. I turned on the hazard light and went out. My heart was beating fast, as fast as the moment I was strolled into the OT when I was about to deliver Faaz. I couldn't be bothered by the motorists or other cars who were looking at me and Black Beauty. The owner of the Wira also went out from his car. He looked panicked. Both of us were silent at first, looking at the damaged of our car. I felt like crying...owh, I was crying inside when I saw these...

back bumper yg kemek

the impact caused the hook of the boot to move...so boot tak boleh tutup :(

both sides of bumper were out of their place
Poor Black Beauty... :'(

the damaged maker...
from the look, you can tell how hard the impact was

I know accident happens, but I was discontented for the fact that...

  • how on earth he can speed up when he saw it was jammed in front of him???
  • didn't he saw that other cars were all back to back??? it was sooooooooo obvious ok. grrrr!!

After taking the particulars, did few important calls and discussed, we decided to send Black Beauty to his dad's place (apparently his father owns a workshop in KJ). Been wanting to ask him what he was doing/what was he thinking masa tu sampai jadi macam ni but when I saw his guilty, panicked face...tak sampai hati. Urgh! Well, damaged has been done, and tentatively Black Beauty will be available this evening (I hope the father keep his promise and did a good job, he seemed like a nice guy). For now, I am working from home as I am "car-less"...

Although I know that Black Beauty will be fixed, it definitely not gonna to be the same again. It's still a baby...I just owned it less than a year. I took care of it just like my baby tp akhirnya accident jugak...huwaaaaa! sedih giler ok... :'( To ease my sadness, I followed beloved to his office after leaving Black Beauty to get the treatment that it need. Went to the Pavvy where I did my retail therapy and since his office organize movie day on every Wednesday (where the staff only pays rm3 for the ticket), we also had our first movie date after more than a year.
We watched Legion. Interesting but according to our believed as a Muslim, the story line a bit merepek...

had Taiwanese cuisine for late lunch
Godiva Choc Blended (serious sedap!!)

before the movie.. was "ordered" to make a happy face :|

From the retail therapy session.. all just for beloved Faaz :)

From the trailers, a lot of interesting movies are in line and being an ardent fan of Mr. Depp, I definitely wouldn't want to miss this one. Second movie date, perhaps?

At the end of the day, I felt so much better (tp agak sedih bila balik rumah ternampak Reen's City *sob*). Anyway, a token of appreciation to my beloved for all the effort made just to bring back my mood. Love u!