Monday, February 1, 2010

Go Green!

I am not a fan of green colour, and I seldomly wear green outfit. But last three weeks, my sister in-laws asked all of us to wear green that Monday night. Reason being? It's the theme for a small surprise birthday party for her beloved. As it was a prompt request (I just got back from work when she told us), we quickly went to our room to change.

Being a fan of green colour, Mama was the first who got ready compared to the rest of us who were having a hard time finding one. It was a funny to recall that at some point, we were arguing whether the particular t-shirt was considered green or was it actually a turquoise..haha! :)) Finally, everyone found their green top except lil Faaz. He has a green t-shirt but he has wore it the day before...with no choice, I made him to wear his short light green overall :P We were surprised when Papa came down with a green collared t-shirt (which he never wore)..cayalah Pa!! ;)

Faaz with his green overall, green bib and even a green bowl!

Daddy & Mommy in green
( with the only green scarf in my collection ..x matching pun x matching lah, janji green! :P)

The coolest parents ever in green!! :)

it was supposed to be a green tea cake which happened to be sold out that day..too bad.

Maybe he was nervous that night, maybe he was so shy that Mama had cook special dinner just for his birthday (memang cool!) that he did not realized that everyone was wearing GREEN. It was actually obvious as we came down to greet him one by one from the stairs...until the bubbly Tita came in and said "Waaaaaah, everyone semangat hijaulah!" and apologizing for not able to wear green. Sabar ajela :)

After the dinner, the birthday man cut his cake, with the "help" of Faaz. I guess since we had quite a number of birthday celebrations from December to January that Faaz is now kinda love birthdays :)

Clapped just after the "Happy Birthday" song

and then..eyeing the cake closely...

before insisted to cut the cake!
Its not your birthday lah cayang Mommy...

feeding his Daddy...awwwwh :)

At first, the birthday man felt awkward when he realized he was the only one without the green outfit sampai nak balik change, but it wasn't too long. He was delighted when he opened the present from my parents (ok..sangat, sangat cool!): 3 pairs of M&S shirt and one of them is green! hihi..ape lagi, cecepatlah mamat itu pegi change...

tadaaa...the lovebird
barulah matching! :)

Before we call of the night, all of us took some family photos. Reen, you are soo lucky to have the coolest parents ever and Mr. Brthday Guy, you are definitely a lucky man to have not just a wonderful girlfriend, but wonderful parents (to-be?) as well (even I never experienced this when I was dating Fadzil ok...I jeles! hihihi). Hope this happiness last forever...Happy belated birthday and sila cepat2 kawin ok, you two :P

.s: sapa rajin sila kira brapa kali the word "green" was used in this entry :P


Diyana Didie said...

wahhhh sgt sporting ur in-law. akak dah jadi menantu dier org pon jadi buat ape nak jelez lg hehehe faaz nmpk sgt besar masa akak pangku dier tue.. besar dah dier :)

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Wahh..hehe. izu kaler hijau mmg my least fav colour too..:D

Nway, u all look nice in's ok sesekali rite.;)

Faaz tembamnyaa..sgt geyam aunty izu tgk dia. hehe..

dyana "his other half" said...

23 green(s) including your title and your pop up quiz question. hehe. saya dapat hadiah ape eh. hehe.

faaz sangat adorable la nadia. sungguh pandai bawa diri.

Nadine said...


hihihi...*blush* malu la pulak. A'ah dear, Faaz dah besar...dah main kejar2 dah skang :)


sama la kita ye. Itula, sesekali boleh la kot. Itupun sbnarnya Nadia n Fadzil pakai baju basahan duk rumah je tu...dah itu je yg ade..hihi.

Itula tu, alhamdulillah selera dia tak putus2. senang Nadia. cuma lately dia mcm takmau bubur dah..nak mkn yg kunyah2 so terpaksa la cari resepi alternatif cam pasta :)

Lady D,

Ur definitely a green lover... with no doubt! ;)
erm..hadiah ek. time Nadia bake something Nadia hantar pegi Good Year Court ok tak?

hihi..iye ke. itupun tu sibuk betul dia yg nak potong kek orang tau. time besday sendiri nangis takut tgk org :))


Pipi Faaz!!!!!!!!! geram Aunty!! :) Hijau favorite color my sbah. Hehe.. u all looking great!! :)

Nadine said...

Hihihi...thanks dear! :)

INDA said...

and i thought my parents were sporting enough, hehehehe

p/s: i think the el suits you la, kinda glowing

Nadine said... parents inda mmg sporting jugak pe. tak boleh lupa layanan first class masa kitaorg spent sem holiday kat rumah inda dulu. sgt seronok!!

p.s: is it? tp gamba tu masa 18th try seminggu. jomla join skali inda.. :)

Nurra Din said...

I pun kureng sket ngan green. maybe skin tone i tak sesuai ngan warna nie kot :P

untung u dapat mertua sgt sporting mcm tu. even my own parents tak sporting cenggitu tau!

p.s: aahla, muka u glowing lah!

Nadine said...

hi Nurra,

yeap..i am lucky :)

p.s: isyh..takde la glowing mana pun Nurra. I pakai bedak tu..added pulak pencahayaan + flash fr the camera, tu yg nampak cam glowing tu kot. hihi..

faisyura said...

wah kemain sporting nye family nadia.. cool sgt! mesti meriah kan!

hehe faaz tuuu makan pun kerut dahi ye.. pipi menteeeeeennn tembam..

Mimy Hamid said...

i found 20 words..heeheh GO GREEN..ehem ehem me too GREEN next week :)

Nadine said...


Hihi..mertua nadia mmg sporting habis! :)

haha..Faaz mmg suka kerut dahi tau, ikut Nadia la kot :P


Really??? Im sooo happy for u dear! Amik gamba banyak2 tau. Im sure u'll look stunning in green. gooooo green!! :)

:: NieSha :: said...

wah..mmg sporting la PIL nadia..untung nadia jadi menantu diorg hihii ;)
faaz maintain cute ;) sungguh comel berkali-kali (bukan comel sekali yer) hihiiii...

Nadine said...

:) yup, I am so thankful to have a wonderful PIL.

Awwwh, so sweet of u to say that, thanks Wani! :)