Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Simple Menu for Toddler - Part I

One of the things that made me excited when Faaz finally becomes a toddler is his food. At 1 year old, Faaz can now be introduced to more variety of food and cooking styles. However, I will try my best to avoid sugar and salt in his meal, hopefully until he turns 18 months as suggested by most Dietitian.

I know it will be hard, since now that Faaz is able to walk and is more responsive people tend to feed him almost everything especially during family gathering and events...which is sometimes is beyond our control. I guess there is exception, for once a while...but, for his home meal foodies...honey, dates and anchovies will be my main natural ingredients :)

Few friends been asking me what I've been feeding Faaz since he turns big 1. Is it the same as before? or is it totally different? Well, since Faaz is growing, his needs also changing. Thus, I have to be creative and improvise the menu to suit his need...but the main concept is still the same. For example, since he has more than 8 tooth, Faaz is more keen to food that he can either bite or chew. He is no more interested into porridge (which he will make a face when we tried to feed him :P). What I did is, I omit the blending part. Instead, I just cut or sliced the fish fillet or chicken into really tiny pieces and chopped the veges. It works well for him :) For varieties, I also introduced more pasta (baked/non-bake) and casseroles.

Today, let me share some recipes that Faaz is currently enjoying. I just realized cooking for kids is really fun...most of it are simple, nutritious, and full of colors. You can always alter it to suit your need. All you have to do is just to be creative! :)

Chicken and Mushroom Casserole


15gm margarine (you can choose the unsalted butter, which ever you like :)
25gm button mushrooms (chopped into tiny pieces)
100gm chicken meat (boiled and chopped into tiny pieces)
15gm flour
1/2 cup of formula milk/breast milk/fresh milk
2 cups of chicken's stock (the water from the boiling the chicken)

1. Mixed the milk with the chicken stocks. Put aside.
2. Heat the margarine and fried the mushrooms till soft.
3. Pour in the flour and mix it for 2-3 minutes.
4. Pour in the milk + stock and stir it till the mixture is thick.
5. Pour in the chicken and let it boil for 5 minutes.

You can serve it with breads/pasta if you like...simple aite? :)

Note: You can also add in carrot if you want to. Boil the chicken together with the carrot and chopped the carrot into tiny pieces. Pour in the carrot together with the chicken in step 5. :)

Potato and Cheese Soup

My hubby loves this soup since the first time I made it for him. Since the soup is healthy and tasty, plus its so easy to prepare, I did two servings, one with the original recipe and one, I omitted some ingredients to suit Faaz's diet. Here's the recipe for both; adult and kid.. :)

Ingredients (for adults):

1 big onion - sliced
2 celery sticks -sliced
2 potatoes - boiled and mashed
200gm grated cheese
1.5 to 2liter of chicken stocks
1/2 tsp white pepper
1 tbsp oregano
1 tbsp of butter

1. Heat the pan and melted the butter. Saute the onion and sliced celery till mild brown.
2. Pour in the chicken stocks and mashed potato. Let it boiled.
3. Transfer the soup into the blender and blended well.
4. Pour the mixture back into the pan, filter it to get the fine texture.
5. Add salt, white pepper and oregano. Stir the soup.
6. Lastly, put in the grated cheese and let the cheese melted before its ready for serving.

Note: Serves well with garlic bread...nyumm! :)

Ingredients (for kids):

same as above, omitting onions, white pepper, oregano and salt (dont worry about the taste as chicken stock, celery and cheese will enhance the flavor of the soup).

you can either use olive oil or unsalted butter whichever you prefer.

1. Heat the pan and melted the butter. Saute the sliced celery till mild brown.
2. Pour in the chicken stocks and mashed potato. Let it boiled.
3. Transfer the soup into the blender and blended well.
4. Pour the mixture back into the pan, filter it to get the fine texture.
Stir the soup.
5. Lastly, put in the grated cheese and let the cheese melted before its ready for serving

Senang kan? :)

note: since the texture is so fine, you can even introduced this recipe for babies as early as 9 months (when you had started to introduce protein to your child)

Happy trying pada siapa yang sudi!! :)


dyana "his other half" said...

sedapnyaaa...surely i'll try :)...both for us and hadif :)...

thanks nadia. letak la lagi recipes banyak2 :).

neena_kechik said...

cam nk try jer!!! nampak menyelerakan!!! yummmy!!! tp maner nk dpt stok ayam tu? x reti nk wat lah...=( sy bdk br belajar memasak...=(salah silap tolong tunjukkan.hehehe

Nadine said...

Lady D,

Its my pleasure..nanti Nadia share lagi. mmg plan nak share more. Kalau Cee D ade new recipe nnti pun share tau :)


Tryla Neena, Potato soup tu slain jadi appetizer buat minum petang pun best.

Senang je nak buat stock. kalau utk baby, usually rebus je ayam and tulang2 ayam ngan celery and carrot.

tp kalau dewasa mcm neena kan, just boil dlm 3-4 jam ayam ngan tulang ayam dalam air, masukkan crushed garlic, and ginger sket, celery ngan parsley kalau suka utk add flavour.

happy trying neena! :)


Saaangat sudi!!! :)
Bagusla mommy Faaz ni tau.
Share banyak2 lagi k Nadine.
Nuurill yang ade beli buku pun x apply banyak lagi. Hehe.
Buat masa ni Oman suka sangat waffle. Tapi momma dia x pernah buat lagi. Asyik beli je. hehe :)

Nadine said...


Nanti you share jugak resepi2 menarik dr ur book eh. I nie resepi free je, dulu masa preggy wyeth mama ade bagi calendar recipe utk toddler. Calendar tu la I ngadap cari resepi br utk Faaz...hihi.

Oman suka waffle eh..geng aunty Nadia la Oman nie ;)Nampaknye you kena beli waffle maker soon lah since Oman loves it :)

Hmm, come to think of it, I tak pernah bagi Faaz makan waffle lagi. Menarik.. pasni nak bawak Faaz mammam waffle lah..hihi.

Nurra Din said...

Wowie, cedapnya resepi. Pdnla badan n pipi Faaz sama naik, Mommy dia pandai masak...untung Faaz! :)

Nadine said...

hahaha...ade2 je you ni Nurra. Sedap utk Faaz, utk org lain belum tentu lagi.

anyway thanks for d compliment dear :)

INDA said...

menu for foddler yang membuatkan bukan toddler meleleh air liur... hehehehe

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Hmm mmg nmpk sdp kedua2 resepi ni, am lurving it! nti nk try la potato n cheese soup tu!:)

tq for sharing it, Nadia..mmg nk msk utk baby ni kene creative kn..Izu ni dh la bkn org yg kreatif, salu kene surf tenet n then tiap2 mlm pening pk nk msk apa utk keesokan hari..hihi!

Nadine said...


hihi..Inda kan pandai masak. ape lagi, alter la the recipe jd lebih enak utk bkn toddler ;)


A'ah Izu...mmg pening nak variety kan menu utk anak2. lagi2 kalau diet dia limited kan. Izu dah ade 2 org anak, mesti lagi experienced. Kalau ade resepi menarik share2 jugak ye :)

YOI said...

patutla nampak familiar gambar dalam bowl biru itu. Sama macam dalam kalendar tu, Nurul pon ade satu. Tapi belum cuba untuk Dina, may be next time...hehehe..Rajin Nadia masak untuk Faaz. Mesti hari-hari Faaz makan best-best nih...

Nadine said...

Yup Nurul, Nadia tgh cuba resipi2 dari calendar Wyeth Mama, yang mana sesuai utk Faaz. Nampak menarik sgt...Faaz pun layaaaaan! :) Nurul lagi la boleh try suma since Dina dah introduce salt/sugar and makanan bergoreng utk Dina. Nadia masih filter2 selagi mampu.

Chicken Casserole tu Nadia xde own photo sbb masa prepare si kecik tu awake. Mmg takde chance la nak snap2 nie.

Hihi, kena merajinkan diri Nurul, since skang Faaz kurang makan nasi. Risau kalau badan dia susut banyak...


Nadine!! try waffle world for Faaz. Sedap x ingat. Sungguh sedap dimakan begitu saja - iklan gardenia jap. :). Lembut sangat. Tu yang Oman suka kot.

Nadine said...


My dating place tuh! Owh i loooove their belgian choc waffle with nuts tu *drooling*

thanks! mmg harus bawak faaz bila dia sihat nnti. pyramid branch here we coooome! hihi :)

RuZaNNa said...

Thanks for sharing the menu nadine!
Imran now suka chewing2 ayam and ikan.. tp veggies kena lembut, kalau tak die malas nak telan, so i blend only the veggies and just carik2 for the ayam and ikan..

Will definitely try the recipes.. eventho i ada buka annabel cam nuurill, kekadang i buat recipe sendiri aje.. hehehe

Nadine said...

no worries Anne, sharing is caring ;)

Ic..lebih kurang sama la our sons yer. wah ade resipi sendiri. share la with us, mesti cedap! :)

:: NieSha :: said...

Wah..rajinnya nadia letak resepi for toddler ni..best2..letak byk2 tau..leh wani copy..hihii...
(hmm...dh lama wani xde masa nk share sesi masak-memasak...skrg masak main campak2 je..huhuu)

Nadine said...

haritu cuti lama, in laws pun pegi holiday so sempatla jugak nk conquer dapur tu..hihi..working days mmg x sempatla nak snap2 photo sambil masak. Rushing nk buat bekal hubby lg, faaz lg :)

takpe, wani tere masak..campak2 pun sodap ;)


hi Nadine..salam kenal..
I bloghopped from others and finally eyecaught with this entry..
I'm Nadia,n my toddler pun dah 16months..pening jgak nak pike nak masak ape..
the recipes look yumyum..shud try one day..
I nak tny..
I selalu masak make bekal for my tot to his nursry,any idea to make porridge more intresting?
I wonder boleh tak we used onions,sb selalu masak plain baby dah start boring..semua boiled aje..sumtime pike cm nak buat porridge ala2 kopitiam but suitable for todds..
thanks for ur time..

Nadine said...

Salam Nadia :)

Nama kita sama!! (Nadine is my nickname with close family). Hihi..
Thanks for dropping by.

I ni takla reti sgt dear since my baby pun br je 13 months :) But so far through my readings and tanya MIL (she used to be a nurse), by 16-18 months mmg dah boleh introduce onion to babies. Tp depend jugak dgn perut anak you. Onions takde high allergy risk, cuma maybe boleh trigger certain digestive issues for sensitive/delicate tummy.

So what you can do, maybe u can try sket dulu ke, testing :) Mcm I skang, instead guna onion I guna chives (daun bawang) utk rasa onion yg mild. :)

same here, my baby pun sudah kureng makan porridge. so skang ni i try chicken/fish meat tu, instead of boil together, I grilled atau bakar sket guna olive oil. pastu i cut into tiny pieces n then baru masukkan bila bubur dah siap together with chopped chives. bubur tu i cook with vege and ikan bilis je.

hope it can help u bit..

Mimy Hamid said...

amboi baby faaz nya food kemain...makin montel la ni

Nadine said...

hihi..montel kan sedap di hug..hihi


a' father's name pun Muhamad,cuma tkde Nor je at the back..:)

yelah,I should try to grill jgak lah..maybe onion tu time nak goreng je..then remove it mase nak serve kan,amik rase je hehe:)
sb kadang dlm recipes book,garlic pun ada letak kan..confused jadiknye..:)
I should try to adjust sket lah..

neway thanks for sharing..share more menu,I tk reti sgt masak..tu yg kurang idea sket..

hope u dont mind I include u in my blog roll..nexttime boley read more of ur entries about todd's food..

p/s: suka tgk ur baby, Faaz..cutess!!

Nadine said...

Owh ye ke..kita mmg sama. My son called me mommy too! :)

Haa, ckp pasal garlic kan, my chinese colleague ckp in their culture mmg introduce garlic awal2 kat baby diaorg..its good they said.

I pun tak reti sgt Nadia..cuma minat je. kadang jadi, kadang tak. hihi..

awwh so sweet of you. thanks! :)

sure, I'll link urs too k? mlm ni im sure gonna visit ur blog pulak. nak tgk ur baby mesti comel mcm mommy dia ;)

MOMMY NADIA said... u r mommynadia too la..hehe..:)
btw,my MIL also a chinese..I should asked her bout this too..
I dah pun go thru ur blog..wah u such a rajin mommy la..dah la pandai masak..hish sgt untung Faaz!

hehe..welcome to my blog too..:)..not as gud as urs,but still working to improve it..

Nadine said...

Owh ye ke..Pdnla Adam sgt handsome, mix blood rupanya dia :)

Nadia, I tak pandai masak, tapi bolehla takat yg simple2 sbb I love food, cooking is my hobby. Tak jadi pun kadang2 tp I belasah jerk :P

Awwwh..thanks sbb sudi go through mine. I have gone through yours too. Interesting esp the swimming n shopping sessions. :)Ish, janganla cakap camtu. I pun br je start kat blogspot ni. banyak benda lagi nak kena explore. before this I setia menulis blog kat friendster je sbb dah ade template siap2.. hihi.