Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Queen of My Heart

Today, 11th February 2010 is my beloved mom's birthday. Mak means the world to me. She is the source of my strength to face the challenges as a women. She inspired me to be the best wife and the best mother one could ever have. She's my everything.

As a person, Mak is a very warm-hearted, pleasant lady. She is friendly, and never fail to smile. She will make friends anywhere she goes. She posses all the quality of a true woman should have.
From my perspective, my mother is truly a superwoman, a survivor. Let me share with you why did I said this..

It's still fresh on my mind, the last time my late father was hospitalized. At that time, I was in my final year, studying. The Doctor informed Mak that Abah's condition was very critical and it was a real miracle that he had survived. He added that in near future, if the same scenario occurred again there will be a slim chances that he will survive.

If you put yourself into her shoes, how would you feel at that moment when you hear this?

As a wife, can you react normally in front of the man that you love, knowing that the time for both of you to be apart,forever is coming soon?

As a mother, how would you explain this the best way to your children ranging from a teenage to a young boy whom were still thirsting the love and care of a father?

I can't imagine myself being "that" woman...

But Mak is a very, very strong lady. She acted normally, positively towards this 'test' that Allah had given her. Never had I see her broke down to tears in front of us, neither she acted negatively. Since that day, she never fails to lift up Abah's spirit and continuously injected the positive vibes in the family. We were continuously praying for the best from The Almighty. It was then when my father left us that I came to know that since the day she came to know that, for more than 6 months my mother never slept well. She will be awake every hour just to check whether arwah Abah was still breathing...she wanted to be there if he ever go away. She kept all the worries all by herself. I burst into tears when I heard this...I blamed myself that was so busy with my final semester that I didn't noticed that everytime I came back home for the weekends. All I saw was a cheerful, energetic mother, as usual...feel so, so bad :(

We can only planned, but God will decide the best for us. Finally arwah abah left us forever..far, far away from Mak and all of us. He demised peacefully in Thailand, when he attended his last business trip. Although we knew he would left us, it was a total shocked especially since I was the last person whom Arwah called before he passed away. We were all heartbroken but my mom was strong as ever. She was so calmed although I can see tears running on her cheeks. She did not panicked, handled everything so well including the arrangement with Wisma Putra to bring back the jenazah. To tell you the truth, me and my siblings were really had a hard time. We were badly effected as we're so closed to our father. I felt part of me had gone together with him...I was totally weak.

But my spirits were uplifted when Mak whispered few words to my ears with her calmed voice. I still remembered every single words she spoke to me just before she and my uncles departed to Perlis to get the jenazah. It was her love that gave me spirit to arrange everything from home, consoling my siblings and ensure everything was ready when they arrived home..I knew I had to be strong for my siblings, for her, for arwah abah. I'm so thankful to Allah SWT that I still have mak to give me strength, love and hope. From that moment, I promised myself never ever to hurt her feelings anymore..and I wanted to be just like her when I got married and have my own family. Alhamdulillah, I am married now and I am a young mother. I'm still trying tho, and I hope someday, I will be someone Fadzil, Faaz and his future siblings will be proud of (insyaAllah), just like what I feel for my mother.

To the queen of my heart Puan Rabiah bt Ahmed, I wish you health, wonderful, blissful life. Words could not describe how truly I love u, mak. Can't wait to see you tomorrow night, insyaAllah...Faaz dah rindu kat Tok Mak!

Happy Birthday!

Fadzil, Faaz & Along :)


On the other note, today is also my gorgeous sister in-law's born day.


So glad to finally have a big sister who is cool, cheeky and fun like you. Wish u another year full of love, health and wealth. We love u, sis! :)

Fadzil, lil Faaz n Me :)



My full respect to your mother, Nadine. She's a truly queen. reading her stories, gimme the spirit of being a strong mother to Oman and my future kids. Sampaikan salam and Happy Birthday to her ye darling.
And u, dear. A sister and mother. You're strong too. I know. Al-Fatihah to you late father. He must be very proud of you.

:: NieSha :: said...

Entry nadia ni sungguh menyentuh hati dan berjaya buat wani menangis utk kesekian kalinya...kita sama2 kehilangan arwah ayah masa di universiti..owh..I really miss my arwah abah n also my mom...rasa cm nk balik KB sekarang jugak jumpa mama :'(

Mrs. Ishamizu said...

Sebaknya baca n3 ni Nadia..(sob2)..izu br thu kisah yg sbnr ni, tp masa final year tu izu ada dgr jgk sad news ni..but then masa tu kte xbrp knl sorry to hear abt this, dear.

Smg Nadia n family terus tabah n kuat menempuhi kehidupan n pls wish ur mom happy birthday for me yea..she's so strong..smg Allah mblsnya dgn pahala n kebaikan ats sgl pengorbanannya sbg isteri n ibu..(can't imagine too if i were in her shoes :()

Diyana Didie said...

sedih baca ur entry kali nie akak... moga arwah di kalangan org beriman. amin. ur mommy such a strong lady. happy birthday to her.

YOI said...

She's very strong...kem salam n wish happy birthday to mak nadia. Moga-moga kita pon diberikan kekuatan yang sama. Aminnnn....

dyana "his other half" said...

eventhough we were close bofore but i never know this story of ur mak. sanat menyentuh hati. she's a superwoman and supermom. i admit memang mak nadia suka senyum. tiap kali jumpa mesti dia senyum je selalu :).

insya allah, u'll be like her as well. ke mana tumpahnya kuah kan :).

happy birthday makcik.

my.mastura said...

ko ni saje je bg aku nangis pepagi ni :(

baca n3 ko ni, aku tingt masa aku kt rumah ko when we hrd the news..we can hardly see ur mak tears...n i can see how much u were crying :(

i bet if ur abah still alive, he's going to be proud to hv a daughter like u..such strong, genius girl he brought up to this world...

wish my happy besday to both ur mak n ur SIL eh..

neena_kechik said...

hmm bc post kak nadine rasa nk nanges jer =(.mujur neena kat lab.mmg sedih sgt bila hilang org yg kiter syg =( you lost your father n i`m lost my mother,it`s really2 sad =(.tp kiter kene tabah as kiter yg tua.
so,kak nadine jgn sedih2 tau!!! sedekahkan al-fatihah byk2 kat arwah.
n semua ni pasti ada hikmah...=)
selamat hari lahir utk mak kak nadine =)happy holidays!!!

Nadine said...


On behalf of my mom, I would like to express gratitude for the Birthday wishes..insyaAllah akan Nadia sampaikan.

Sorry entry kali ini agak emo sampai buat korang sedih...I missed my mom sebab dah 2 weeks tak jumpa dia (she went back to her hometown).

Thanks to the prayers as well..u guys are soooo sweet. xoxo! :)

Nadine said...


Kita senasib..but hey, we still have our mom! :)
I still remember dear when I heard the sad news...dr yati ke dila. Arwah abah Nadia pergi just after Nadia habis final semester. Masa tu tgh bz mencari first job...


Ic..maybe Fiza duk sampaikan kot. Nadia ingat lagi the next day masa tunggu jenazah tiba terkejut few guys dari batch korang datang rumah nadia...antaranya Shawal, Adie, Arzo. Kalau tak silap korang br start final sem.


Ko ingat time aku nangis??? huwaaaa..malunyer. anyway, mmg sgt hargai kedatangan korang...dahla kita semua jarang jumpa kan. thanks a lot dear!

Mmg aku agak emo waktu itu, sbb br je few hours before dia meninggal, arwah abah aku call, and from the voice, he seemed fine.. bgtau dia sempat belikan kuih fav aku, and dia dah nak balik, cuma nak belikan adik lelaki aku jersi.tiba2 few hours after mak dpt call kata dia dah takde...


Iye ke...I am so sorry to hear that dear. Kehilangan ibu tersayang lagilah berat utk diterima kan. Im sure Neena is one tough lady! Akak redha atas ketentuanNya, cuma bila time2 emo n terkenang tu...mmg sedih jugakla. Happy holiday to u too! Naik motor hati2 ok? :)

Ummu Umar said...

Entry yg amat menyentuh perasaan,teringat parents yg jauh disana sob..sob...
Bagi saya kehilangan parents perkara yg paling saya takut...tapi sesungguhnya setiap yg bernyawa pasti akan mati, cuma hari, tarikh,jam, minit dan saatnya kita taktau...soon will be our turn. Be brave n hepi besday to ur mom n sil.

Nadine said...

yup..betul tu. bila tiba masanya, nak tak nak mmg kita kena terima. yg penting hargai org yg kita sayang selagi dia dan kita masih bernafas. bila sudah tiada..hanya doa pengutus kasih sayang.

thanks Zah..

INDA said...

tiba2, teringat2 bihun goreng tomyam mak nadia.... tried few times tp x berapa jadi. post resepi boleh...

Nadine said...

hihi..mengidamkah? boleh2. Nadia pun slalu buat since Fadzil loves it. I'll post it here nanti :)

INDA said...

ok... post, jangan lupa ye... ha'ah, still remember bout day i went overnight at ur house, ur mom bekalkan fadzil bihun goreng tomyam tu ;)

Mimy Hamid said...

muda nya nenek faaz..hehe..really

Nadine said...

Mimy, sweet of u to say that. Mak you pun nampak muda walau dah ade boboy :)